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Buckeye State Monkeyshines

Columbus, Ohio area Kroger stores are pretty dangerous places.

Three teenagers have been arrested for beating an Ohio father of three to death. 

Columbus police say the incident happened at 7 p.m. on Dec. 6. The three young men allegedly engaged the victim, 53-year-old Donnie Smith, inside a Kroger grocery store, WSXY-TV reported.

The suspects were asked to leave by security after getting into an altercation with patrons inside the store, and then the fight continued outside, police said. Smith was taken to a hospital in critical condition, where he later died. 

One of the friends who was with Smith at the time told WSXY the group was “trying to pick on whoever they could.”

Out looking for trouble, looking for a victim they could gang up on. Standard pack predator behavior. The predators in question: “18-year-old Dionta Hughes, 19-year-old Jamarion Evans-Bennett and 17-year-old Jayden Agee”. Vacant expressions in a mugshot incoming….

Even by the standard of stupid, dead-eyed, vacant expression niggers, those two are moronic. Their victim, a 53 year old White man and father of 3 named Donnie Smith.

He is about my age and looks like most of the White men that age in Ohio. From multiple news reports….

Charging documents obtained by the local ABC station say Smith was “unconscious and bleeding from the head due to the beating” and that the group was “laughing and enjoying themselves” while assaulting him.

Attacking someone that is helpless and dying is great fun for pavement apes. I am sure they were proud of their martial prowess in beating up someone they outnumbered 3 to 1 and was almost three times their age.

From the reports it sounds like there was a confrontation in the store, and I would bet everything I own that it was instigated by the scholars, when the scholars were told to leave and they then jumped Donnie Smith from behind as he was leaving. The three joggers were driven off when an armed civilian confronted them, but not in time to keep them from killing Smith.

Anywhere you go you might encounter basketball-Americans looking for a victim. Be aware of your surroundings and always be carrying, better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6.


  1. Hiding_Out

    Not knowing how it actually went down, of course, but damn he should have been more wary and alert when leaving the store. And of course carrying could have helped the situation a lot. But if you’re not on your toes a firearm isn’t going to help you much.

    And if “the fight continued outside” actually happened that way, well, he was a bit foolish about his ability to match up with 3 of these animals.

    There will be a lot more victims of this sort before our people fully wisen up. Alas.

    • Anon

      “fight continued outside”
      Sounds more like they suckerpunched him as he left. They’re fucking animals.
      They do this all the fucking time.

  2. Pig Walrus

    I’m sure more details will come out.
    Probably, the 3 scholars were at the wrong place/wrong time just dropping off their job applications.

  3. TakeAHardLook

    Fkn niggers. It’s always fkn niggers. The nigs get to live while a decent White man dies and his family is bereft.

    Then, in prison, these swaggering bucks will be all cool ‘n’ such, being the bad azz nigs that they be, getting special creds for killing a White.

    What they need (not prison) is summary execution–rope, gun, Ole Sparky–whatever, but they need to be off the planet, for chrissakes.

    • Hickocks Ghost

      what they need is a couple of hundred old bastards with nothing left to lose like myself to hunt them down like the scum that they are, and end them with extreme prejudice. When that scumbag nigger LeBron James said that white people were literally hunting them I could not find where to apply for a license.

  4. Harbinger

    Will they be ‘pardoned’ at some point by a bleeding-heart liberal White SJW governor, well before their sentences are served? Because of their ages, I can see this being categorized as a “youthful indiscretion” that need not tarnish their reputations and chances for success in adult life.

    This shit must end. One way or another, this shit must end. That poor family. This poor country.

  5. Big Country Expat

    The ONLY way to reverse this situation is to put the onus on the families. IE When some basketball-murican scholar like those above, who without a doubt are guilty as fuck, that their immediate Fambly pay in Full as Well, as in Mama gets kil’t right along side her Dindu Nuffin.

    Make it plainly apparent that the parent will pay the capital price right along side their feral spawn

    Oh and expedite the fuck out of the sentence… no more reviews, stretching it out, prison and the like… Fuck That. Nope, make it a Stalinist Style Judiciary… Once they get found “Guilty!” Dindu AND his Momma gets taken to the basement/courtyard, shot in the back of the head within 10 minutes of decision, and the remaining family charged $.75 for each round expended in ridding the world of them scum.

    Garon-damned-tee the nigger-self preservation will kick in, and we’ll see a metric fuckton fall-off in these sort of crimes.

    • Heath J

      Your lips to bejus’s ears dude.

      Since it’s never happening officially, it needs to start happening extracurricular. The .gov has flagrantly abdicated it’s responsibility to handle this.

  6. Open2

    You getting dropped like this is nothing but faling to understand the world, not being “racist”, not trainging “overwieght”, not carrying, zero skills. Wake up or die is what needs to be hammerd into men. This man took dead

  7. Plague Monk

    BCE, I don’t think even your proposed solution will work. Niggers are incapable of learning; I’ve come around to thinking that they are even dumber than flatworms, who will avoid painful stimuli in lab tests. TND, and TJD, baby!

    What also really annoys me are all the gun bloggers and organizations who support arming dindus; “everyone, no matter their race, needs to own guns…” I won’t name anyone, since I’m a guest here. I will say that I’ve dropped out of all but one of the gun groups I was a member of because of this attitude. The one that I remain in is because my wife spent several hundred dollars to get me a life membership some years back.

    • anonymous

      Sorry, people simply have the right to defend themselves, no matter what color their skin. It is a basic human right, and it only plays into the enemies’ hands to deny that.

      I am happy to see these creatures offed, whether via due process, or expediency.

      But go ahead and show me a single case of a gang banger, carjacker, rapist, flash-mobber, or home invader who used a legally obtained firearm in its crimes.

      I’m open to reconsidering my position if you can give me a good reason.

      There is really no serious likelihood of sending these folks back to Africa or whatever. The only way to fix this is to crush this misbehaviour so thoroughly that they become terrified of even playing their music loud or jay walking.

      I would never wish to disarm Clarence Thomas, Thomas Sowell, Ben Carson, or others of their caliber. Keep in mind that blacks are the most common and prominent victim class of blacks. Good and responsible blacks can carry the load in this turnaround, since they are the most exposed, and since they have the most to lose.

        • anonymous

          Damn. I listed three. Is your IQ lower than the average black? Or are you so inbred you haven’t enough fingers and toes to count upon?

          Folks say blacks have a problem with imagining conditional situations: “How would you feel if you did not eat today?” “But I did eat today.”

          You have the same problem. “Can there be black people who are neither violent, nor criminal?” “But they’re black..”

          It does not matter. If you want this issue resolved, you not only have to discourage the criminal behavior, but you also have to reward the positive behavior. And that might include redirecting the money that goes to subsidizing black dysfunction into programs that are strictly punish/reward for bad/good behavior.

          Either that, or hope that quips on the internet will eventually work out.

          • Anon

            Wow. Three.
            That totally makes up for the rest of them, all millions of them here and the billions swarming into the West.
            Your solution totally will work, just look at everything that’s been done since they were set free and not released back into Africa. Look at those Historical Black Universities, one of the many ways they tried to implement your solution.
            All those inventors! Rocket scientists! Engineers! Doctors! We absolutely need them and more!
            It does not matter if there’s one or two ‘good ones’ when as a whole they are a negative.
            That sort of individualistic thinking has killed this nation, blind to the whole while others grouped up tribally to stick daggers in our backs, and that’s not counting the active traitors working with them.
            Oh but there are three ancient nogs. That makes everything fine and fucking dandy.

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