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Another Day, Another Dead White: Louise Jean Wilson

Houston homicide Det. Caleb Bowling said (Louise Jean) Wilson was driving toward Galveston with two male friends from Whitney when she moved into the right lane and unintentionally cut off the suspect vehicle. The suspect driver, described as a Black male in his 20s driving a black sedan, allegedly accelerated and “overtook” Wilson’s vehicle on the driver’s side before he began firing.

Wilson was shot multiple times and died at the scene. One male witness was shot and transported to a hospital with injuries not considered life-threatening, while the second male witness was not injured. 

“Miss Wilson was able to brake her vehicle before coming to a complete stop. Louise’s last act was to safely pull over, most likely saving the lives of two males,” Bowling said.

Where have we heard this before? A black is upset or inconvenienced, conflates it into some sort of slight against the bizarre sense of “honor” and undeserved “respect” they all seem to have and decides to shoot into a car full of teens, killing a 17 year old White girl. In the depraved world occupied by most blacks, “respect” is something they demand as a condition for them not shooting you. It isn’t earned by any accomplishment, it is something self-declared and any failure to acknowledge their declared level of respect is met with a violent outburst.

The carnage continues unabated and even a cautious person will be hard pressed to avoid blacks in all circumstances. The best any of us can do is just be aware and never relax.


  1. Reader

    “The best any of us can do is just be aware and never relax.”

    If thats “The Best”, we might as well have one giant White Suicide festivus day. Say Christmas, how aprapro.

  2. Max Wiley

    At some point white people are going to have to wake up and understand that playing defense is a time strategy but offense is required for victory.
    Or go extinct.

  3. Dr. Hollowpoint

    When the Gibs run out a Bantu pacification project will be inevitable, with denegrification zones as a buffer between non-pacified regions and civilization. I’m sure we’ll have no shortage of volunteers to monitor the DNZ.

  4. TakeAHardLook

    I see that the ginger has not yet been apprehended. That will change when room temperature-IQ ginger hangs with his bros:
    “Yo, homies; check this shee-it out! Did I smoke that honkey beyotch oh wat? ‘Teach her to disrespe’ a brutha, knowwhaddi’msayin here?” [Burr-headed gletts all be a noddin’ they hayds].

    Some actual humans are keeping score…..

  5. Bean Dip Tray

    Situational Awareness at 11 all the time.
    Stay strapped or get clapped.
    Around replacements never relax.
    At least the tweets aren’t mean and a bag of groceries is $82 a pop.
    Some people fell for egalitarian equity utopia fairy tales and now all will be equal in poverty and crime.

  6. Harbinger

    I heard this story a day or two ago and wondered, how in hell does even a room temp IQ negro look over at a 17 year old blonde chick driving the car that allegedly cut him off and think, “This person needs killing.”

    Yes, I know, they don’t “think”. In the heat of the moment, or ever. But jeez, man, much as I loathe that demographic with every fiber of my being, I would not whip out a pistol, take aim at and kill a 17 year old black girl who made a stupid error and obviously is not out to deliberately harm me first. Young White women are as fragile as glass, and even a retarded dindu knows this. That animal needs to be made an example of. We put down rabid dogs who are, regrettably, irredeemable. Same principle should apply to two-legged savages that cannot be civilized. I’d pay for the privilege of watching this MF roast on a spit.

    • rto-jerry

      But you are a rational human being with a moral compass, these animals have no such control. Absolute cursed animals and enabled by radical white marxists.

    • Arthur Sido

      Same here, I see blacks doing stupid shit all the time and yet I don’t have the overwhelming urge to shoot them just because they annoy or inconvenience me. It gets back to the sociopathic lack of empathy.

  7. Bobsuruncle

    I keep a light, non-descript backpack with a 11×14 lvl 3 plate in it, on my passenger seat just for stuff like this. Had a similar situation a few months ago in a parking while i was getting out of my truck. Homie blew through the lot at about 40 mph, and almost hit me, needless to say i should him disrespect. So, homeboy pulled out his shit and started waving it around. I grabbed the bag reflexively and put it on my chest and went to low ready. He decided to disengage at that point. They’re out there, use better gear and better tactics, when they meet you, they deserve only the best.

  8. Debbie Johnson

    The problem is that most whites, especially women, think that blacks are just like us, with darker skin. Nothing could be further from the truth. I’ve tried with very little success to tell these women, they’re a completely different species. They do not believe in compromise.

    With blacks it’s a one way street. There is no reciprocity in a relationship with them, friends or lovers. They do all the taking and none of the giving. Recently, white women around me have been shilling for blacks in the big cities. They’re taking up time, money and clothing to give homeless people (poor blacks) in the larger cities new coats! They don’t need to travel to the cities, we have poor whites here! Several factories around me have closed or failed to pay their employees. I bet they could use a new coat.

    Does anyone care? Barely a mention in the news, if any.

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