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Whyte Peepo Don’t Wash Dey M4s

Having never served in the military, I nevertheless assume that even in 2023 they do not train soldiers to rinse their M4s with drinking water.

Spoiler alert, the “soldier” in question is a Laquishia….

Notice the hands and the dreads or whatever the hell dey call that Predator hair-do.

Maybe she wasn’t taught. Maybe she is being funny. Maybe she is just stupid. Regardless these are the sort of idiots we have in the military today. Good luck fighting the Russians and Chinese with these dimwits.


  1. saoirse

    She gonna shine dat gat up nice with some Afro Sheen after she gives it dat bath. Don’t forget, they’re fighting for our freedumbs!

  2. Hiding_Out

    Well they did used to piss in their muskets to clean them, back in the day. But somehow I don’t think that figures into her “thinking” on this.

  3. MN Steel

    Getting back from Field Training Exercises in Hawaii, it was customary to jump in the shower with shaving cream to get all the carbon from blanks gone quick, and shampoo would get most of the volcanic red dirt out of webbing, nylon and most fabrics. Heavy oiling of the weapons followed, stripped oils out almost as bad as a solvent tank.

    She looks like a Chemical Company negress that marks water trailers as “Portable Water Only”…

  4. Bean Dip Tray

    It looks like ol’ sarge don’t fedpoast!
    Note to draft age youngsters-read that anyone with racist views is considered a strategic liability.
    There is always a way around or you make your own.
    No one with an IQ above room temp should fight for the rainbow bathhouse Chimpy Kenyan W South Africa small hat gloryhole empire.
    Chrome lined barrels don’t need as much cleaning but don’t tell Latrina.

    “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”

    Barack H. Obama.

  5. Gryphon

    Never mind the ‘High-Tech’ stuff like the F-35 ‘Flying Turducken’, even simple Weapons like the M-4 Carbine require meticulous maintenance (and careful operation) and the ‘Woke Army’
    obviously isn’t going to be up to it, even in a non-combat environment. Russia has nothing to worry about, China either….

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