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What Could Go Wrong?

While they might not get the individual multi-million dollar lump sums they have been told is their due, blacks have been getting “reparations” for decades and each day there seems to be a new way to siphon money from Whites that have never harmed a black person in their life, in order to bribe black voters and/or keep blacks from even more wholesale looting. With that in mind, allow me to introduce the “In Her Hands” fund in Georgia.

The “In Her Hands” fund is a trial run of a universal basic income, but of course it only is available to strong black women who don’t need no man but apparently do need free money that most likely comes from Whites. The program makes a big deal about it being “no strings attached”, although there is one string (being a black woman). The idea of “no strings attached” is a big deal as black women think it is an unreasonable burden to take a few minutes to prove that they are actually eligible for free money.

This fund it a scheme run by an outfit amusingly called the “Georgia Resilience & Opportunity Fund (GRO Fund)”. Their “Our Story” page is full of slogans about racial justice and wealth gaps but it also contained this seizure-inducing rape of the English language:


What in the hell is that supposed to mean? Be careful reading that gobbledygook as just reading it once can give you brain cancer if your IQ is north of 100. The GRO Fund is staffed by the typical goofballs, headed up by a chick named Hope Wollensack that brags about working on the Stacy Abrams for Governor campaign and looks to be a quadroon, but I had to share this one because it made me GOL (Guffaw Out Loud):

Let’s look past Eshe Shukura having a “job” title of “Narrative & Cultural Strategist”, whatever the hell that means, and focus on the fact that it’s main claim to fame is working for “Reproductive Justice”, a code phrase for “Abortion On Demand”. In my many decades of involvement in the abortion debate, it is a rock solid article of faith that the loudest voices for “abortion rights” are people no one would want to impregnate in the first place or in the case “Eshe” probably isn’t capable of getting pregnant at all. While I can’t be certain, I am thinking “Eshe” is an effeminate black dude that thinks he is a woman, depending on the day of the week as it goes by “they/them”. Anyway, I had to see that abomination and read stuff like “New to economic justice, Eshe is embracing their reality, learning new concepts and trusting the wisdom of their own economic experiences.” (in other words dey poor so dey understand being poor) and now you have to see it as well.

Something else fun, look at the “partners” listed on their website:

WTF is the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta “partnering” with an outfit that is paying out racially discriminatory payments?

Back to the In Her Hands program itself. According to the Georgia Resilience & Opportunity Fund, it turns out that black women are poor and often don’t have enough money to pay their bills. But be sure you understand this, helpfully spelled out in bold letters on the website for you racists in the back:

This isn’t the result of poor choices, it’s the result of pervasive economic insecurity that has the sharpest impact on women and communities of color and the people who live at the intersection of the two.

Nope, it is never, ever their fault. If black women are poor, it is racism. If black women are fat, it isn’t from eating three days worth of calories for dinner. Nope, it is racism and Donald Trump, basically the same thing. If you missed it, I wrote about it here: Trump Made Me Fat! Adventures In A Nation With No Accountability and here is the hilarious video…

Nothing can ever be their fault because black women are the strongest people, superheroes really, so anything bad must be blamed on others. The fund promises to give around 650 black wahmen in Georgia $850 per month for a couple of years:

Formed through direct community input, In Her Hands will provide an average of $850 per month for 24 months to 650 women in three communities in Georgia. This $13 million initiative, powered by a partnership with the GRO Fund and GiveDirectly is already one of the largest guaranteed income programs in the South, a region where women of color face significant structural barriers to economic security and wealth-building.

Again, no strings attached other than this I saw on a different website:

To qualify, you also must have been impacted by COVID-19 and make less than or equal to two times the federal poverty line. 

No strings attached probably means you don’t have to prove any of that. Fun fact, for a family of four 200% of the Federal poverty line is $60,000. Now sixty grand isn’t rich but you ought to be making ends meet. Add on the extra $850 per month and now you are at over $70,000. That was a nice salary pre-Joe Biden.

Basically if you are a black woman and claim to be “poor”, you get apply for a random lottery to be one of 650 black women to win the ghetto scratch-off lottery. Something else I found amusing from the immediately prior linked article:

Participants will be chosen from a randomized lottery from the pool of eligible applicants. Half of the recipients will receive $850 a month for 24 months. The other half will receive a first, lump sum up payment for $4,300 followed by 23 months of $700 payments. 

How fast do you think your average LaPhatassia will spend the $4,300 lump sum? Gonna be gold teef, tats and new rims for baby daddy all around, for about a week. As this is a program for free shit for blacks, of course they have to include a threat of violence….

“When that stimulus check hit for people, it was like the Earth was singing. There was no angry vibe in the ear — it used to be so tense you could cut the air with a knife. That’s because when people are broke and you need to eat or pay a bill and you don’t have it, some people are ready to do desperate things.” – Mary Deloise Raven, Old Fourth Ward

That is a pretty thinly veiled threat indeed. Money in her hands or looting in yo’ streets. What’s it gonna be cracker?

When this program fails to move the needle because the “winners” will just blow the extra money on stupid crap and be as poor as they were before, victims of their own biology and their hard-wired lack of impulse control (see: Impulse Control, Generational Wealth And Poverty), you can be sure that the excuses will all focus on “systemic racism” and result not in a reevaluation of the entire concept but rather a demand for mo’ money. We have already been assured that black women not having enough money to pay their bills is your fault, and NOT the result of poor choices.

We need more truth-tellers to say what everyone already knows: blacks aren’t poor because of Whitey keepin’ dem down but because black’s time preference and lack of impulse control makes wealth creation impossible for the vast majority of blacks. Throwing money at a randomly selected group of poor black women isn’t going to accomplish anything other than making some Whites feel good about themselves and paying the salary of people like “Eshe Shukura” to be a “Narrative & Cultural Strategist”. Like the bottomless pit of funding for urban public schools, the failure of additional funds to make a difference will always result in a demand for more money despite all of the evidence showing that more money can’t overcome biology.


  1. Daniel K Day

    The brutalized English in your first graphic sounds to me like slam poetry. If you haven’t heard of “slam poetry”, type it into Youtube. I’ll leave it to a better writer to describe the un-poetic woke whining you’ll find.

  2. Zorost

    Even more than truth-telling we need White communities to break away from this shit and say, “not here. Don’t care.”

    I never knew that diets be rayciss.
    “we strugglin’ tah make ends meet, while strugglin’ to not eat 10k calories/day.” That’s not struggling to make ends meet, that’s spending money on stupid shit that makes you more likely to stay poor.

  3. Moe Gibbs

    How on earth is gifting a few lucky slugs with free money going to do anything but make all the rest of them resentful? Imagine a group of 6 year olds of whom just 2 or 3 are randomly given a bag of candy. How are the others going to react?

    If you’re handing out bananas, better hand them out to all the chimps. Otherwise, it’s poo-flingin’ time.

  4. Gryphon

    Chances are pretty good that more than half of those ‘partnership’ groups trace right back to (((grygori schwartz))) or some other (((tribe)))- run organization that gets at least a part of its Funding from ‘government grants’ of some sort.

  5. Xzebek

    They scream out that they are stupid pieces of shit. They belong in 3rd world shitholes and will never assimilate.
    Think how much better our society would be if people like this weren’t here.

  6. oldcrankyguy

    “This isn’t the result of poor choices,”

    Right there is why you will NEVER improve the lot of these people. Don’t even waste your time trying. We’ve spent (wasted) more than enough.

  7. Jeffrey Zoar

    I’m not sure why it never occurred to me to pursue a “career” in “working” for NGOs that live entirely off of the largesse of wealthy shitlibs with more money than sense. I suppose when I was younger I never really imagined such a thing. Being a pragmatist is kind of a handicap in that sense. Of course there’s also the aspect of being able to live with yourself. Let alone being able to stand your co-“workers.”

  8. Plague Monk

    This is a major reason why I strongly disagree with the gun rights people about dindus owning guns. I don’t think ANY dindu should own firearms, and I would really like to see them all exported to Africa where they can build their dindu paradise, free of us crackers.

    Failing exile, I’m looking forward to the super chimp out, when the dindus and their (((masters))) decide to try to disarm us. They say that there won’t be any BS “Rules of Engagement”, and that’s fine with me. No quarter will be asked, no quarter will be given.

  9. TakeAHardLook

    These ~81 IQ Gifts from God truly have almost “room temperature IQs (72).”

    The next time I see a White woman force-feeding pork rinds to compliant and unsuspecting black women–trying to make them fat–I hope that I will have the guts to step in to correct their despicable behavior.

    Or, at least to recommend the low-fat variety…….

    • Stilicho

      Hence the Great Society welfare programs and their progeny which account for roughly 2/3s of our national debt. Not to mention affirmative action and the toll it has taken on our nation. All for the purpose of looting and destroying the American nation while guaranteeing Democrat votes. It’s a self-reinforcing mechanism.

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