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Things That Make You Go Hmmm

Presented without comment, the entire Twitter thread is worth reading.


  1. Jeffrey Zoar

    He didn’t really answer the original question, just went on to talk about jews in the porn business in general. Which we already knew.

    But it ought to open people’s eyes when it’s a rabbi. If they hear about it.

    Of course for everyone millenial and younger, porn is as normalized and mainstream as Happy Days or Star Wars. So to them, it probably makes perfect sense that a rabbi or any other kind of minister would want to “clean up” pornhub by owning it.

  2. realwesterner

    These talmudian kyksters love satanic rituals, human sacrifice, rape, sex with the underaged, orgies, homosexuality, witchcraft, spells, divination and all manner of perversions. The six pointed star has zero historical connection with King David. The six pointed star is the “star of Chiun” which God hates and decries point blank in Hosea I believe. The six pointed star became the symbol of the khazarian chooz back in the 1600’s. The symbol is often used in various satanic rituals like sex orgies and ritual sex abuse of children. in The Revelation of Jesus Christ we are warned in 2:9 and 3:9 of the blasphemers who say they are jews and are not but do lie but are of the synagogue of satan. It makes me wonder if all the so-called Christians who whore themselves after the juice are the same ones that eventually whore themselves out to the antichrist. Even freemasons like the founding fathers warned us of the shooz and the harm they can do to a nation.

  3. Bobsuruncle

    Lol, I sent this out like a month ago and all my “Christian” family and friends were radio silent. “What da Jews”? you damn antisemite, I cant communicate with you.

    Hollywood is hollly wood used in magician wands, who founded helllywood? Who are magicians and warlocks? Who were Magi…not zoroastrians. Jews. Jews. Jews. Most Christians i know are dispensationalist, pre-trib rapture zionist apologists.

    So I started sending them quotes from the Talmud. Then I realized after reading many things one being from a PHD scholar one of only a few to study the dead sea scrolls, and talk about what they dont say about the dead sea scrolls, he became an alcoholic. There are two known copies of the DSS. the jews wrote the old testament for themselves, about themselves a blessed lie that gives them ultimate power, control and ownership, when its all pre-Sumer, Sumer, Babylonian bullshit, dare i say even much of the New Testament. Ill reign in on that after i study some more, jury is still out on how bad the catholic church and the Jesuits masonics f’d that up.

    Schofield, Darby, Samuel Untmyer. Islam was created in what 530 ish, while from on high in a cave. Same time relatively the jews created their books, from a cave. All the while Mohammaed had a ROMAN CATHOLIC wife and the church used her to create Islam as a foil to christians and jews, by the roman, jewish controlled leaders. Jesus was real, his message was real. 12 apostles, 12 seasons, funny. , jews have their spring thing of rebirth so do catholics and christians….. The rest is fake and gay jewerery. For a short course what Im saying just look up vids by Jordan Maxwell.

    And, finally, we are all corporate stock dividends, in case you were wondering. Hound doggie son

    • Umglick Goyim

      I have already done the research on the so called new testament of the catholics… Matthew, from the original Aramaic (NOT greek) is completely legitimate and the core, along with Revelation. All saul’s letters are satanic in nature, as saul is the false apostle and liar of Rev 2:2. He was confronted by lucifer on his way to Damascus, who possessed him so thoroughly that he went into hiding for three days and nights without the ability to eat, drink, or see, EXACTLY like the shedding of a serpents skin. Every single time Y’shua (“ok google, what is jesus’ real name?”) healed it was immediate and complete with no scales like a snake falling from the eyes. I have 50 pages of research on the subject available to anyone who can open a word document and will ask. YHWH is Elohim, Y’shua is Messiah, and all 34,000 denominations (demons in nations) are from lucifer. Peace.

    • Zorost

      Check out the Elephantine Scrolls. Pretty much every scholar admits to their authenticity, they just ignore them due to the implications. They are from 200 years before the OT was written to about 100 years before the OT was written. They paint a picture of jewish life and faith completely at odds with that in the OT. For example, in spite of many detailed letters on how to keep Passover, there is no mention of anyone named Moses, Aaron, or any Exodus. No mention of a Promised Land. Yahweh is sometimes portrayed as kinda femmy, other times as having a wife who is a goddess. So much for inventing monotheism.

      My theory is that cultural judaism as we know it today was created in the Babylonian Captivity. Jews that had stayed home, and jews previous to that, were just another desert tribe with nothing special. Then the returning jews mind-fucked a bunch of jews into believing the jewish supremacy/ promised land nonsense. To put it another way, the first people the jews did their “that’s not who we are” psyop on was themselves.

  4. Mike_C

    A Jew named Solomon Friedman, who is both an attorney and a rabbi, owns PornHub?

    This is obviously a prank. What’s next? A Chinaman named Wun Hung Lo who owns both a cat shelter and the next-door Chinese takeout restaurant?

    • Exile1981

      He’s 34, father of 3 and lives in Ottawa which is our Canadian vs of DC. A cesspool…..

      His law firm has done some high profile defense work on some very unpleasent people. I read an article the otherday on him in the ottawa paper.

      • Mike_C

        Oh, I don’t doubt he exists. I was being sarcastic about the convergence of so many negative stereotypes. It’s like Yuval Noah Harari: a narrow-faced, pencil necked, homosexual, vegetarian Jew who talks about “hacking humans”.

        If you made him up, you’d be accused of the worst stereotyping. Yet there he is.

  5. Bean Dip Tray

    What a cohen-cidence.
    They will go after Elon for noticing but porno king is what, free speech, art?
    It tells you all that you need to know.
    People should look into the books that were burned by the NSDAP and yes I know all about Julius Streicher of Der Sturmer who cried out…Purimfest on the gallows at Nuremberg.

    • Gryphon

      Yeah, I like telling people about that one – joos caption pictures of NSDAP burning jew/faggot pornography as “Ebil Nah-Zees Burning Books!!!” as if they had just sacked a Library. One picture I’ve seen was a pile of Film Reels from the jew porn ‘theaters’.

      A ‘rabbi’ owns Pornhub? What part of ESFT do most people not get?

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