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The Great Surrender

For a kid growing up in the 70s and 80s under the daily threat of nuclear annihilation in a bi-polar world of the good guys, the U.S. and our vassal states in Western Europe versus the bad guys, the Soviet Union, China and the Warsaw Pact, the collapse of the Soviet Union and the fall of the Berlin Wall was surreal. The entire framework of how we understood the world radically changed. While World War II lasted only six years (and one day), the Cold War lasted for around 44 years and was the foundation of our worldview both at home and abroad.

The fall of the Soviet Union should have been the moment of absolute triumph, the “end of history”. At that time China was still a mostly backward agrarian nation and the Soviet Union was now gone, marking the what many of us thought was the final end of the murderous regime started by the Bolsheviks decades earlier.

Instead the winners of the Great Struggle of the 20th century appear on the brink of extinction.

The United Kingdom epitomizes this. The events in jolly old England since the Israeli-Hamas conflict are a great example of this. One news story in particular caught my attention. It had to do with the Prime Minister of the UK sacking/firing the Home Secretary, a high ranking position in British government once held by Winston Churchill. That in itself wouldn’t be all that interesting but the reason for the sacking and the parties involved speak volumes.

The Prime Minister that did the sacking is one Rishi Sunak. Mr. Sunak is of Indian ancestry, born to “…East African-born Hindu parents of Indian Punjabi descent, Yashvir and Usha Sunak.”. Here is Mr. Sunak and his family celebrating that traditional English holiday of Diwali.

What a little slice of Britannia right there! Mr. Sunak is the first non-English Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Sure he was born in England to citizens of the United Kingdom but he is certainly not English.

The Home Secretary he sacked is one Suella Braverman, shown below.

Wow. Even by the very low standards of beauty in England, she is homely. Her early life section tells us “She is the daughter of Uma (née Mootien-Pillay) and Christie Fernandes, both of Indian origin, who immigrated to Britain in the 1960s from Mauritius and Kenya respectively.”. Her mother is a Hindu Tamil and her father is a Goan Indian from Kenya. She is apparently a Buddhist and “She took her oath of allegiance as an MP on the Buddhist Dhammapada.”. The Dhammapada is apparently a collection of sayings from the Buddha. How jarring in a land that still has a King that is the head of the Church of England, although it can be argued that the CoE hasn’t been Christian in any sense for a long time.

Also of note, her marriage which will come into play shortly: “In 2018, she married Rael Braverman, a manager of the Mercedes-Benz Group, whom she described as a “very proud member of the Jewish community.” and furthermore “Suella Braverman told The Jewish Chronicle that she has “close family members who serve in the IDF””. Ah ha! We have a Buddhist Indiana married to a Jew serving as Home Secretary for the UK, at least she was. What happened?

Braverman made some comments that were deemed intemperate regarding the pro-Palestinian demonstrations in England, many numbering in the tens or even hundreds of thousands. She was fired for her comments, as it appears that the Israeli war on the civilians of Gaza is less popular in London than it is in the American media. That is what happens when the capital city of what was once the British empire is only about 1/3 British….

From 1948 onwards and especially since the Blair government in the late 1990s and 2000s, the population has diversified in international terms at an increased rate. In 2011, it was reported for the first time that White British people had become a minority within the city, establishing it was a majority-minority city within the country. In 2005, a survey of London’s ethnic and religious diversity claimed that there were more than 300 languages spoken and 50 non-indigenous communities with a population of more than 10,000 in London.

Over 50 non-British ethnic groups of at least 10,000 people. That is a recipe for ethnic strife. Meanwhile Scotland, home of William Wallace, has a First Minister named Humza Yousaf, “the son of first-generation Pakistani-Punjabi Muslim Rajput immigrants”. Apparently the British people cannot find any actual British leaders to elect.

What is truly bizarre about this whole situation of a Hindu Indian Prime Minister sacking a Buddhist Indian Home Secretary married to a Jew for speaking out against pro-Palestinian marches in London is how it came about.

Throughout human history, the story has been the same. Stronger people conquer weaker people. While the rhetoric claims that Whites “stole” North America from the Indians, the truth is far simpler: Whites were better organized and had better weapons and there were more of us. England once ruled a global empire based largely on the strength of the Royal Navy and most of the era that led up to the modern times was the struggle between European powers divvying up the world. One of the underlying issues that led to World War I was the desire by some of the European powers who missed out on the colonial land-grab wanting some colonies of their own. I have described most non-European/East Asian people of the world as passive observers of the great powers fighting over territory.

For the last 20 plus years, the West has been slowly conquered but not by superior people or by strength of arms. Instead the West is losing by surrender, apathy and civilizational suicide. One of my favorite quotes on this comes from a book I reviewed and recommended in 2018, Douglas Murray’s The Strange Death of Europe.

Europe today has little desire to reproduce itself, fight for itself or even take its own side in an argument. 

That captures the spirit of most of Western Europe and increasingly North America. Having won the war of culture and race, the West seems disinclined to do much to maintain their victory and slowly the conquered people in places like South Asia, Africa, the Middle East and South/Central America are taking over the West while the people in those nations mutely and passively sit back and watch. Brief spasms of protest like Trump and Brexit have done little to slow the pace of decline.

We are in the end stages of the Great Surrender that is leading to the great collapse of Western civilization. As the great men of Western civilization fade into obscurity or have their legacy trashed by lesser people that delight in ritualistic humiliation of their long-dead betters, our nations are being ruled by black and brown people acting in pantomime, affecting the dress, speech and manners of Whites like small children wearing their parent’s clothing and playing house. Someone like Rishi Sunak might be able to keep the trains running in the society built by Whites for a time but a nation full of people like Rishi Sunak will not be able to maintain British society indefinitely absent actual British people. Despite the limitations of being a rainy little island, the British built an empire because the British empire was made up of British people. An island like Madagascar is four times the size of England and has a much warmer climate but has never amounted to much because Madagascar is full of the Malagasy people while England was full of Englishmen.

There is no precedence I can think of where a stronger people have been conquered by weaker people because the stronger people just simply gave up.

Western civilization is on the way out with a whimper, rather that a bang, as the strongest people group in the world surrender the civilization we built to people incapable of forming even the most rudimentary societies. It is a shameful end to a proud history and everyone will suffer as a result.


  1. Mike_C

    The people from the subcontinent, particularly Indians, have nearly all of the vices, but few of the virtues, of Jews. Rule-by-Indians will be even shittier than our current fallen world.

    • Clowney

      jewish virtues! what the f*** are you talking about? name a couple unless you’re referring to lying cheating and stealing and then avarice collaboration back-stabbing blackmail extortion… I could go on – subcontinent Indians are nothing but a poor man’s jew – they’re nothing but Street shitters

    • Mike_C

      That (virtues) was mostly a rhetorical device, a sort of figure of speech, but okay, here are some virtues:

      1. While they cheerfully stab each other in the back, 95% will close ranks against us subhuman goyim, no matter the actual rights or wrongs. (It’s bullshit behavior, but it’s effective— at least short and medium term — in advancing Jewish interests. Long term it leads to 110 and never again. But for now maybe, just maybe, whites need a little more of this behavior. Ya think?)

      2. Some/many are actually sincere about their causes and beliefs. The fact that those beliefs are mostly bullshit (and anti white to boot) doesn’t mean the sincerity (itself, decoupled from the particular cause) isn’t admirable. More importantly, a true believer is a more dangerous and determined enemy than a grifter or someone who’s doing it for “likes” on social media. It’s important to know your enemy, and would be stupid to underestimate how dangerous he is.

      3. Sense of irony and humor about the stupidity of life. This doesn’t make their depredations any better, but occasionally funny assholes are better than 100% not funny assholes.

  2. saoirse

    Good times create weak people. The West has reveled in materialistic and cultural excess since 1945. We were warned repeatedly but chose convenient lies instead of hard truths. Now the tables are turning. Bad times will create strong people but only after a massive culling of the herd!

  3. Prionyx

    >Europe today has little desire to reproduce itself, fight for itself or even take its own side in an argument.

    Europe in this case is King Théoden, under the influence of Gríma Wormtongue.

    We all know who Gríma represents.
    Remove the word-spell casting wormtongues and Europe will ride to it’s own rescue, if it’s not too late already.

  4. 3g4me

    Bitterly sad but true. How Whites worldwide just stopped reproducing, discarded all traditions and morality and even minimal self defense is a mystery pondered by many. Yes, we know who has constantly pushed poison on us for decades, but even that would have been insufficient if Whites retained even minimal self-respect. All that I love, all that makes life worth living is dying. Even the schadenfreude of knowing what sort of world will remain after the usual suspects and non-Whites have achieved their goals is insufficient. This civilizational suicide is unnatural and unprecedented and just plain wrong.

  5. Jeffrey Zoar

    You can’t reach the peak without some rot setting in. That’s just the nature of things. Material comfort saps the creative fire.

    But I think that’s a separate question from the racial suicide. For which I don’t have as ready of an answer. Sometimes I think it’s almost as simple as Mustache Man Bad, hence we can’t give way to anything that might be thought of as pro white lest we become Mustache Man and start shoving people into ovens. But it can’t really be that simple, can it?

    • saoirse

      Yes, it can. Substitute Morbarks (and other means) for ovens, which were myths and inefficient regardless.
      We must jettison all of the greed and stupid morality that has made us weak or we will surely perish. If White people cannot muster the hate required to exterminate the vermin that are exterminating us we loose, end of story, and race.

  6. Bean Dip Tray

    Just read that fourth branch linked up at WRSA.
    Internal quisling traitors are out for revenge after orange man bad vote and to cover their own tracks.
    A certain bathhouse queer has fundamentally transformed the FUSA into Zimbabwe.
    And that is always a feature to them.
    We are West South Africa now, head on a swivel, safety off.
    Destroyers can only destroy and comrade Karl wanted a world lit only by fire.

  7. Danny

    Surrender … I could see where that would be a conclusion. Maybe it’s an illusion. It is definitely collusion.

    There better not be any tactical teams coming into this neighborhood.

  8. Bobsuruncle

    Crown Corp London proper synagogue of satan run Rothschilds they own 90% of the world, china, russia, Chi, Putin, the US, SERCO, defense, pharma, blackrock, etc…they own it all. Until these mfers faces are plastered globally on “wanted” or “Bounty” signs nothing will change, stay in the tribal culture war, the war you should be waging is against the satanic cabal. It is all one sick joke. We are all being used like a free rubber in a whore house.

  9. Anon

    The Camp of the Saints was written in the 70s. Mosley was demonized in the UK. GLR was assassinated. People tried to warn normalfags repeatedly in different Western nations and tried to do what they could to change the course.
    Things can still be changed but it will be bloody and still destroy the countries, though the nationalities that were their origins could still survive it.
    We could use the deep cleanse, destroying the parasites rather than the usual in the wars of the last century where the best were sacrificed by politicians.

    • Zorost

      Demographics are simply too far against us to think we can somehow take back and control our entire country. Retrenchment, then Reconquista.

      Retrenchment: local and state power, political and otherwise. None of this “I’m going to hide in the woods till this all blows over” bullshit so prevalent on the Right. It’s never blowing over. Eventually they’ll come for all of us.

  10. mrapp

    I am not going to make you suffer through the crap I experienced today but ….I can sum it up quite succinctly by saying …”can you imagine how bad that street shitter smells on her way out the door”……that is all carry on.

  11. Rogue Michaels

    We were destroyed from within and without. Traitorous politicians enacted policies under direction from Jew outside influencer Globalist elitists. These policies slowly weakened every aspect of western society slowly over many decades up until this nexus point and the coming imminent collapse.

    Oh fear not, remnants of white civilization will survive in small pockets. We have the best chance here in the US because of a warrior culture that still exists and lots of guns. Europe and the other former British subjects will disappear from the earth.

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  13. Joe Blow

    I still hold faith.
    I may be a small minority nationally, but here in Appalachia, we are the majority.
    This current thing, it will pass. We will still be here. The cities may not be. In fact, it might be us that cuts off the water, electric, and food, and shoots anything that tries to leave! We’re all quite proficient out to 300 yards with those evil black rifles you keep trying to ban. The old guys with bolt action winmag’s take it out to 1 km just for bragging rights, dontchaknow?

    It took me a while, but what happens out there in the rest of the world doesn’t affect us all that much. We don’t need you as much as you don’t need us, so it all works.

  14. Max Wiley

    I think there are sufficient examples in history for what is happening to Western civilization.
    The late Roman Empire was multi polar by necessity and was increasingly run by its native populations while the bureaucracy played political and power games.
    Western civilization is also multi polar and the various power centers are at different stages of decline.
    The violence that creates “defining moments” in history don’t happen in a vacuum, but despite years and years of required history classes in education curricula the causality is mostly glossed over with the focus on wars and battles.
    We are just witnessing the decline, our defining moment is still incoming.

  15. Alex Lund

    Long ago I came across a newsletter from the “wrong” side e.g. what the press describes as Nazi.
    In it a man described meeting one of the architects of Allied Victory in WWII (but never mentioned his name) and this man supposedly said: “WWII was a battle between life and death. And death won.”

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