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The Cycle Continues

Well we are weeks into the Israeli assault on Gaza that continues to slaughter non-combatants, passing the ten thousand dead mark in retaliation for the Israeli’s killed. They are no longer pretending that this is about Hamas, Netanyahu just came out with this:

The Biden White House has lately floated a plan that would see international peacekeeping forces control the security situation in the Gaza Strip once the war is over, which is premised on the total demise of Hamas, proving no small task especially given the immense network of miles of tunnels the group can utilize.

The post-Hamas “day after” has also been subject of proposals out of some leading Congressmen. There was speculation at first that Israeli leadership might welcome this, but a new televised interview with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu which aired Monday night reveals different thinking in Tel Aviv. Netanyahu asserted it is Israel which will have “security responsibility” over the Gaza Strip for some ‘indefinite’ amount of time after the conflict is over.

“I think Israel will for an indefinite period have security responsibility,” Netanyahu told ABC News. “We’ve seen what happens when we don’t have that… security responsibility, what we have is the eruption of Hamas terror on a scale that we couldn’t imagine.”

Whether Mossad orchestrated this whole thing, or allowed it to happen or They are just taking advantage of the situation, it seems clear that the endgame for Gaza is the functional expulsion of the Palestinian people and the complete annexation of the area for Jewish settlers. Not a problem though, as one of the leaders in Israel (since sacked) said he knows the perfect place for the Palestinians!

Our Greatest Ally would probably be quite pleased to dump the millions of Palestinians in White nations and plenty of “conservatives” seem to think the U.S. should absorb an enormous number of them as well, no sacrifice is too great to Protect Israel.

Anyway, despite all of the bluster it doesn’t seem as of today that Hezbollah or Iran itself are going to really do much about the slaughter of Palestinians besides talking a big game. I suspect that is mostly because even Arabs don’t seem to really care about Palestinians and sure as shit aren’t lining up to give them a home.

This is the latest example of what looked like The Big One that blew over. Ammo became scarce again and 5.56 is back at over fiddy cent a round. I would bet that sales of freeze dried foods and toilet paper ticked up significantly.

We have been on a cycle of near-panic inducing news that blew over again and again for the last twenty years or so, starting with 9/11 and of course culminating in The Summer Of Love when St. George Floyd, the Patron Saint of Counterfeit Currency and Fentanyl, managed to die and kick off a totally organic backlash that combined with Covid caused many of us to think that we were about to see the balloon go up for real. But then Orange Man Bad was vanquished and antifa and bLM disappeared like a popcorn fart in a whirlwind. I’m starting to feel like Major Malcom Powers in Heartbreak Ridge:

It is tough mentally to be on the razor’s edge on and off, over and over again. It’s exhausting but with next year being an election year, and Orange Man Bad looks to be on the ballot, it is dangerous to check out. Yesterday in the Forward Observer’s Daily Sitrep email I read that the people working on Trump’s campaign are preparing to invoke the Insurrection Act if he wins and the Left flips out…..

(1) TRUMP CAMPAIGN PLANNING TO USE INSURRECTION ACT: According to people involved in the discussions, the 2024 Trump campaign and The Heritage Foundation’s Project 2025 group have drafted executive orders (EO) to deploy the U.S. military domestically under the Insurrection Act to deal with a popular revolution against Trump’s possible reelection.

  • According to the same people, Trump’s campaign is also drafting plans to send the Department of Justice (DOJ) after former allies turned critics.
  • “This is third-world-country stuff, ‘arrest your opponent,’” Trump said at a campaign stop last month, “and that means I can do that, too.”
  • Why It MattersThe Heritage Foundation Project 2025 group is recruiting and training pro-Trump lawyers to take over general counsel offices throughout the federal bureaucracy, and planning to bring federal agencies under White House control if Trump wins the election next year. Meanwhile, the Trump campaign is also planning for another attempted popular revolution, like the 2020 Summer of Love. Left wing activists and militant groups at the time planned to escalate nationwide protests and riots into an insurgency, as we documented at the time. A group called Shut Down D.C., for instance, held meetings on how to shut down the nation’s capital to prevent Trump’s re-inauguration. Other Far Left groups distributed pamphlets entitled “chokepoints in a fragile economy” with instructions on shutting down major ports and shipping facilities. One Far Left group planned to bomb the FedEx facility and airport in Memphis, Tennessee – the busiest cargo airport in the world at the time. Their overall plan specifically called for disrupting U.S. economic activity until Trump was removed from office. If any of this is news to you, it’s because virtually none of this was covered in the mainstream press. – M.S.

Even though Trump has been out of office for almost three years, the anger and hatred toward him and especially those who vote for him has not diminished in the slightest and in fact seems to be even more heated than 2016. The last line is especially pertinent:

If any of this is news to you, it’s because virtually none of this was covered in the mainstream press.

The media still dutifully runs stories about the danger of WHITE SUPREMACIST LITERAL NAZIS and ignores the stuff about the far Left groups. Did you hear about the planned bombing of the FedEx hub? I didn’t.

So my advice to myself and to any interested:

Focus on the basics instead of chasing the news cycle.

Keep working on physical fitness. I have been slacking for the last few weeks so I am really redoubling my efforts to make it to the gym every other day and to walk on off days as the weather is still very nice around here.

Get your guns out and keep them in peak working order and shoot the damn things so you can put a round where it needs to go when it needs to go there. Make sure you have the right tools for whatever job you need. I am doing some swapping on my end to get my gear lined up with what is practical.

Maintain your preps and tweak where necessary.

Build your in-person local network, study your area of operation, become an expert on the threats in your AO.

Bottom line, if you are doing what you should be doing anyway, then it doesn’t matter as much what is happening in the news cycle.

That is not to say you shouldn’t be paying attention. Seeing the shit in the air before it hits the fan will give you a critical head start and could be the difference between surviving and dying on a highway full of stalled vehicles. I am just telling myself and you that it’s a lot healthier to be doing what needs to be done every day than to run to the end of your chain like a junkyard dog every time something happens on the news. Make no mistake, much of this is orchestrated to wear you out mentally and to lull you into complacency.

Don’t play Their game by Their rules.


  1. Max M Wiley

    Excellent advice. I have been personally noting crisis fatigue setting in and it is very demoralizing.
    More stoicism, less knee jerk is what is needed.
    At least I haven’t been ignoring my beans, bullets, and bandaids projects. That continues regardless, but mental health is if anything more important.

  2. Hiding Out

    The Heritage Foundation. Hmmm. These folks are part of The Swamp. Time will tell, but I can’t believe he’s doing it again; going to the Establishment types for his support staff, etc.

    I think it’s likely they’re just managing Trump and his support base. There’s going to be lot of big talk that gets both sides fired up, but they will be there to get him to backpedal on all these radical plans and keep things between the acceptable lines.

    • Zorost

      About my read as well.
      I’ll take a Trump to Caesar transformation when I see something like, “Trump hires recently doxxed hate-monger who called for total global jew genocide as his chief of staff.”

      I think this is a slightly more complex case of “the Left accuses it’s enemies of doing what they are already doing.”

  3. Gryphon

    “TRUMP CAMPAIGN PLANNING TO USE INSURRECTION ACT: According to people involved in the discussions,…” Ha.Ha.Ha. More of the “Q”-tard Fantasy bullshit of ‘white hats in the military’ taking control from the (((commies))). Just another Disinfo/Distraction Op by the (((swamp))). Stuff like this is part and parcel of keeping people Distracted, just like how the (((media))) keeps constantly shifting attention to “The Next Big Thing”. The Meme of the ‘NPC’ having the Chip in its Brain being swapped out is so Accurate.

    The Fact that the Gaza Genocide is in its second Week, and none of the Major Players who could respond effectively against it have done so (I’m talking Hezbollah, Iran, Turkey) just shows that nobody really Gives a F. about “the Palestinians” and so the judeo-satanists of the Khazar ‘tribe’ will continue to Mass-Murder the “human Animals” that are in the way of “Eretz Israel” and the Second Coming of their ‘messiah’.

    I’m not suffering ‘crisis fatigue’, I’m suffering crisis Boredom….

    • Zorost

      It’s to be expected that desert people don’t care about other desert people. What is telling is none of them care to take advantage of the excuse this creates. If any of them were serious about “Islam > (((globalist))) money” this would be the time to act.

      The entire West is running out of ammo due to UKR. Sympathy in the West for Palestinians is huge enough that many would want to sit out an escalation by outsiders. Most importantly, it is a unifying event that could be used to force a unified response even by “moderate” muslims.

      Shit could still happen, maybe the dune coons are plotting some insidious backstabbing, who nose?

  4. saoirse

    Turn off the Electric Jew (TV). Stop reading the newspaper. Stop relying on corporate, gubment and party partisan websites. Leave the cities. Ninety-plus percent of people are toxic, including the white ones. Divorce yourself from modern culture and from all institutions. Last but not least, jettison idiotic morality and inculcate a controlled anger and hate. Self-preservation and independence don’t come easy and never did.

  5. Phil B

    “deploy the U.S. military domestically under the Insurrection Act ”

    Good luck with that. The US Military has been hollowed out and DIE appointees and promotions of the grossly unqualified based on skin colour and plumbing have turned it into a force with as much ability to fight and, more importantly, obey non politically correct orders as a bowl of alphabet spaghetti (plenty of QWERTY types in that too).

    The military is more likely to turn around and ally themselves with ANTIFA, BLM and whatever other left wing/communist organisations form to oppose the result of Trumps election.

  6. Bean Dip Tray

    What a golden time of revealing and sorting.
    Everyone already awake knew that the Kwan FUSA was just a rump vassal of the Red Shield noses, now maybe a tiny percentage of NPC will figure it out? (s/)
    The tormentor cries out as he strikes you, the world needs Tikkun Olam repair and Fundamental Transformation that no one was asking for.
    All the morbid genocidal dreams of the heeb are out in the open now for any to see.
    BTW-Has anyone made a melted R.E. Lee I don’t appreciate them meme?

  7. Boba O'Really

    “Focus on the basics instead of chasing the news cycle.”

    Golden advice.
    No one is coming to save you, NO ONE.
    I see all the Trump flags, bumper stickers..etc.. and I want to tell all those folks that the Donald is not going to be the savior of the nation, he is not the easy button that will transport the country back 30, 40, even 70 years if elected.
    It would be fantastic if that was the case, but the cold, hard reality of it all is that it starts with the person you see in the mirror every morning.
    Control the things you can, and go from there.

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