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Sharks In Mud, Tolls Being Paid, Etc

More from the “They Never Learn” files.

The teenage daughter of former AFLAC cohort John Hawley has been identified as the victim of Tuesday’s domestic violence in Blacksburg, Virginia. Serenity Hawley passed away after she was shot by her ex-boyfriend. The deadly shooting incident happened at the 723 University City Blvd on Tuesday, Nov. 7, 2023, at approximately :45 P.M., according to law enforcement agencies.

The two individuals have been identified as students of Blacksburg High School. According to reports, Serenity Hawley and her ex-boyfriend identified locally as Croney Monk were found dead at a parking garage. law enforcement agencies determined that the Croney shot and killed Serenity before turning the weapon on himself. He died at the scene of the incident from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. The incident is now being investigated as a murder-suicide. Serenity Hawley was days away from her birthday. Croney was an athletic student of the high school.

You can guess where this is going.


High school romance is already fraught with unstable emotions and hormones in regular couples but when one half of the couple is genetically predisposed to a lack of impulse control and uncontrollable rage when “disrespected” that typically results in violence? It all too often ends in a single mother with a mixed race child or children, black eyes and bruises or death.

Serenity Hawley’s parents blamed the school, because of course they did.

Hawley’s mother, Heather Hawley Waldron, 42, of Radford, said Thursday that Hawley had sought a no-contact order through Blacksburg High School against her ex-boyfriend about a month before.

“I do believe that this could have been prevented. I don’t want to blame anybody, but people in positions of leadership knew that he has a history or a past, and I think that if that had been taken care of, we wouldn’t be here,” Waldron said. “I just hope that this is a wake-up call for others that could be in this situation. And I hope that this will prevent someone else, another parent, from living this nightmare.”

Her father said Serenity Hawley was being intimated by her ex-boyfriend.

“She was getting that full rainbow of experience. We didn’t know that. She didn’t tell us that. But we found out today that, yeah, in the hallways he would walk in front of her and make his presence known, and just do different things,” he said. “He was on social media constantly. He was blackmailing her, telling her he was going to show this and show that. Those are not they types of things that kids need to be doing.”

“Violence in any form, especially domestic violence, is serious. It is real. There’s a lot of stuff that we found out after the fact that we wish we would have known,” Hawley’s stepmother, Katherine Hawley, said. “Parents, if you think, just ask. Just ask. That’s all I’m asking.”

At the risk of being unkind, what seems to be missing here is some sort of self-examination. Apparently no one warned this girl of the danger of an unstable Scholar-American so she got into an intimate relationship with him and shockingly it blew up. Her father claims the jogger was blackmailing her, presumably with intimate photos of her, but he wouldn’t have those photos if she had been told of the statistics that show the increased danger of partner violence in interracial relationships. She was also killed at a parking garage near her place of work, not at school. The story says her parents sought a no-contact order through the school, that clearly wasn’t working, but no word of getting the police involved.

Nor what should have been obvious if some little punk bitch like Croney Monk, and what a stupid fucking name that is, was harassing your daughter: explain to him and to his family, assuming he has one, that he ought to stop and express it in no uncertain terms. In a saner times such a warning would be heeded and no one would question the right of the father to do so but in this clown world, the father would have likely been arrested rather than the dirtbag yoof that was harassing his daughter. It is a fair assumption based on what I am reading and pictures of the father that he lacked the testicular fortitude to even deliver a compelling warning anyway. That doesn’t mean he couldn’t have warned her.

17 year old girls are naive and mostly lacking in basic self-preservation instincts. It is up to parents to warn them when they are in danger, not the school. She wasn’t and Serenity Hawley becomes the latest White girl victimized by a black guy. She won’t be the last.


  1. Plague Monk

    The only “good” thing about this is that there is one less Scholar-American knuckledragging his way along the street.

    My wife and I used to really regret that we could never have kids, but by the time we reached our early forties in the late 1990s, we are glad that we didn’t. I wouldn’t have tolerated a daughter of mine dating/screwing a darky.

  2. Bean Dip Tray

    Mudsharking has consequences.
    Always wanted to make a shirt with Nicole B. Simpson and a once you go black you never come back caption.
    Scholars and aspiring rappers should be drafted first just to show everyone how badazz they are.
    Burning it all down is the only way.

  3. Vicious Sid

    A friend’s daughter was raped by a 15-year old Black boy she knew. She was 18. She wasn’t dating him, just knew him as a casual friend. Of course the law did nothing. Most likely he laughs about it because as a juvenile he escaped legal justice. Sad to say but one just can’t trust those folks under any circumstances. It’s a cultural thing you know.

    • Arthur Sido

      Cultural and deeply ingrained as a way of getting back at The Man for holding them down. I am confident most black men banging White chicks despise the girl. Then again, who the hell wants to have sex with a black chick much less have to put up with her bullshit?

    • HielChrist83

      she is lucky to be alive. you never let white women associate with blacks. unfortunately she is ruined, never will be a good pure wife. your friend made a huge mistake

  4. Santas List

    I remember the 70’s and 80’s dumbass white women were Middle East Mud Sharking (lota Iranian men marrying american women), and the goat humpers were taking off with the kids back to Iran.

    Teach your daughters, or prepare for there Deaths.

  5. Steve S6

    High school no contact order? WTF? Doesn’t sound like it would have legal standing or enforcement (not that those work if the restrained side doesn’t want to obey).

    Yeah, parental failure involved.

  6. saoirse

    Good riddance to both. Won’t hold my breath in anticipation of the girl’s family or friends becoming even mildly racially conscious. Mudsharks need harpooning not sympathy.

  7. Big Country Expat

    Toll Paid, in Full
    Had a lil Nigger here in my A.O. who was ‘freinds’ with my kids when they were waaay younger. Daughter (pre-insane version of her) was about 13/14. The nog -tried- to force a kiss on her. She at the time was a green belt in Kempo… at the dojo they literally nicknamed her “Killer” b/c of her aggressive nature in sparring…
    He lost a toofus.
    Teach ’em young
    “Mama don’t let your girls grow up to be mudsharks”

  8. Xzebek

    This is completely a parental fail. Girl comes from a broken family and is of an age where she is bombarded with media that says there is nothing better than being in a mixed race relationship. (That is if you can’t be a trans whatever, of course). The same media gives the impression that mixed race relationships are common. (They aren’t ). Her “family” seems never to have explained the real facts of racial life to her and seems to have done nothing to protect her from chimp predation. There is no indication that she was living on her own so a minor daughter, in the home, should not be able to keep a secret of having a chimp boyfriend. I may be wrong but I’d bet the family was welcoming or at least accepting of the relationship. The family set her up for failure and death and, based upon the excerpts, they are more concerned about “teachable moments ” than the fury that should be expected.

  9. Himself

    I had that conversation with both my daughters. I focused more on the culture than race which helped. I also told them if they do that, understand that you are a ‘prize’ to them, and not in a good way as well as telling them don’t imagine for a second they are exclusive. I reinforced that with telling them I’ve worked with many, many soul brothers over the years and I can count on my left hand the number that thought having a side chick was a bad thing.

    My oldest had a friend that got knocked up by a white kid (she’s 1/2 asian) who didn’t tell his parents. I told them what would happen to the boy if that would’ve happened to them. It involved a carpet knife and removal of some important bits of his anatomy.

    Date within your tribe. And faith is a big part of that.

    • Arthur Sido

      It was incredibly uncommon decades ago because parents let it be known that it was a) shameful and b) dangerous. Now, parents seems terrified to say the truth in front of their children.

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