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Not Worth Saving

One of the blackest pills for people like me to swallow is the fact that America, and by America I mean the nation I grew up in, is gone and not coming back. We can’t vote harder or pray harder or think good thoughts harder and make it come back. It is gone and nothing is going to save it at this point.

What is even more difficult to swallow is that what remains of “America” simply isn’t worth saving.

While I personally have never, not even once, smoked pot and find it a repulsive habit a step down from smoking tobacco cigarettes, which I also find trashy, I am not all that concerned about people quietly toking up. For most of my life being a pot smoker was synonymous with being a loser and if you want to look and act like a loser, that is your business. But with Ohio just this week becoming the 24th state in the Union to legalize recreational marijuana, being a pothead is going mainstream. Our northern neighbor Michigan legalized recreational pot several years ago and now when you cross the border into Michigan you are greeted with endless billboards advertising pot shops. Outside of the Saginaw-Flint-Detroit corridor, Michigan is a mostly beautiful state with mostly decent people but it looks like it is nothing but a pot dispensary based on the billboards.

Of course we all know about the state of our cities. Mrgunsngear shared this video recently….

I especially liked the Scholar-American wearing his cap and gown while waving his stolen Glock around. When our cities aren’t filled with the sound of full auto Glocks spraying bullets around, they are hellscape scenes like this from San Francisco.

Delightful. San Fran has never done much for me but at least when I traveled there for business back in the early 2000s the city was mostly free from homeless encampments. Now it looks like somewhere unsafe to even walk around the block. That video was on TikTok but I refuse to embed a TikTok video on my site so I uploaded it to Rumble.

Don’t get me started on White women. While still the envy of other women and the best in class among all races, White women in the West are a hot mess. Younger White women are covered in tats and have been riding the cock carousel, wondering all the while why no one wants to settle down with them. Middle aged White women are mostly insufferable twats. White men on the other hand are mostly weak and meek, getting pushed around by White women. Both sexes vote against their self-interest every couple of years, even when voting for “conservatives” that turn around and welcome more “legal immigrants” while voting for endless money for Our Greatest Ally. It is scary to think that even as bad as Whites are in 2023, we still have our shit together more than anyone else.

What exactly is worth saving at the national level in the current year? There is plenty to appreciate at the local level, in small towns and communities, families and neighborhoods, but at the national level I can’t see any reason to hope for anything but a systemic crash. I also can’t see a realistic path that doesn’t end in calamity and/or a South African racial dystopia with half a billion guns.

It is not only not reasonable to think we can save America, it is equally true that America isn’t worth saving anymore. That is a pretty black pill for a Friday but as I like to tell myself, black pills can free you up to think about what can be done rather than obsessing over what cannot be done.

Let it burn to the ground but make sure you are in a position to survive the collapse and not end up in jail or a gulag.


    • Zorost

      The first playthrough didn’t end well. We did have it on ‘God-tier’ difficulty level though: small country surrounded by enemies, shitty allies, with all the superpowers aligned against us due to (((poor balancing))). Let’s try it EZ-mode difficulty level this time: largest super-power surrounded by weak nations and ocean, with the only other super powers likely to cheer us on even if it’s just to see the USA torn apart.

  1. Max Wiley

    Once I came to understand that history is cyclical and not linear, I started to study cycles.
    Anywhere in human history where we have enough written record to know the history, it shows nations, empires, cultures, whatever you want to call them having periods of expansion and consolidation, and then periods of collapse and fragmentation. Some of this is caught up in the Empire cycle but it is larger than that, there are also civilization level meta cycles running on millennial scales. The Middle East and southwest Asia during Biblical times, India, China, Europe – you can see these cycles running at both macro and micro scale across history.
    In my opinion, we are at a juncture of several levels of cycles all lining up in about a 20 year period. Generational cycle (4th Turning), reserve currency cycle, Empire cycle, and a larger civilizational cycle for Western European culture in general. Historically, the crossroads we are at has one of two paths: fragmentation or tyranny. The decline of Empire and Western European civilization is inevitable but the fragmentation phase (which leads to rebuilding) can be temporarily halted by tyrannical and oppressive leadership that attempts to hold things together for just a bit longer, which comes at a terrible cost as the delayed collapse is much worse.
    At a micro scale, divisions that lead to fragmentation are largely cultural and religious, which have much overlap but aren’t quite the same thing, as two groups of people with near identical cultural backgrounds can and have fragmented and warred on each other over mostly religious grounds. For the United States I point out that due to unchecked non European immigration and the rise of Progressivism as the dominant religion in many parts of the country, we no longer share the cultural or religious bonds between the five dominant regions of the country that are necessary to remain as a functioning state. The divorce is inevitable, the only question is when and how violent.
    Think carefully about what you want the next stage to be like and where you choose to give your support and energy.

    • Zorost

      Great post.

      I’ve also been thinking a lot of historical cycles the last few years, for obvious reasons. It’s difficult, because there are no pure analogies with the current situation, especially due to technology. Tech gives the ability to kick the can even further down the road, which as you pointed out will only make the fall at the end that much deeper. It also makes it easier to literally travel down a road, meaning a large enough disruption won’t be contained like a medieval famine.

      I recently came across the last piece of the puzzle of how our ‘masters’ are organized (Managerialism), which unexpectedly relates to cyclical crashes as explained by Tainter’s “Collapse of Complex Societies.” The bad news is that I would predict what is needed for our system to continue nearly indefinitely would be an outside threat that could be used to force through needed change even if it disadvantages existing elites, as the threat would be so obvious that even sociopaths would see that they needed to “take one for the team” and at least somewhat reduce their power.

      Cue cold war with China…

  2. 3g4me

    Arthur – I thought to find a place to put this link over at Zman, and still may, but you definitely need to read this. It is long, and erudite, with the biblical allusions and foreign language references typical of the educated of the time (written in 1936). Found it linked in a comment at one of the excellent “Don’t fight for the regime” posts linked over at western rifle shooters.

    Anyhow, gist of it is: It’s been proven by scripture and history that it’s a waste of time to appeal to the masses, or to expect any great virtue or awareness from them. Nicely shoots down the “tone down your rhetoric and watch your optics so as not to scare off normie” we see all too often from too many.

    Essentially, the only ones worth appealing to are the ‘remnant.’ You won’t know exactly who or how many they are. You probably won’t get credited with reaching any of them. But they are the only ones receptive to the truth, and will turn away if insulted by pablum and dumbing down and lies. And, most importantly, they are the only ones who are capable of surviving the coming cataclysm and rebuilding.

    • Zorost

      I came to a similar conclusion awhile ago, although I disagree with the part about only a remnant being saved. Who will be saved are the remnant (red-pilled?) along with the normies they organize to be stronger than the individuals apart.

      Normies can be brought to our side, but not with reason or morality or forward thinking. One must hit them in the feels, and in their immediate day to day desires, as our politicians have been doing so effectively for so long. A common part of this is what Levi-Strausse called a ‘floating signifier.’ Basically, it’s a phrase that has no explicit meaning, but which people will define in a way that makes it a positive for them. For example, “Hope and Change.” “Make America Great Again.” “Tippecanoe and Tyler too!” “A New Deal.” “A Square Deal.” etc. etc.

      As Uncle Adolf once said, “I use emotion for the many and reserve reason for the few.”

      Then once you gain influence/ power, you do what you intended to do secretly. I vaguely remember Bill Clinton being interviewed shortly after he was out of office, and the interviewer asked him about all the promises he didn’t keep. He grinned at the camera and said, “we kept all the promises we intended to keep!”

      Then do enough stuff done for the normies to keep them happy or at least quiescent. Apparently it doesn’t take much; just keep the sports ball broadcasting. What are they going to do, vote harder?

      A lot of people in our thing get the nazi analogy wrong. During the rise of the nazi party, the party were the normies. The ones using simplistic slogans and promising basic needs and wants to get regular people on their side. The red-pilled ones, or the ‘remnant’ as you call them, was the Thule Society which disguised itself as a wacky esoteric club. In today’s world, we need a normie party like the nazi party but as distanced as possible from it, but with an analog of the Thule Society for those of us who can see the long term and who the good guys were in WW2.

  3. saoirse

    I moved from a once ‘white city’, now predominantly latrino shithole (heavily sprinkled with nigs and jews), to a much less populated area in the midwest that’s predominantly white. Full circle? Not really. You are correct when saying: “we still have our shit together more than anyone else”, but from someone that has had the ‘benefit’ of living amongst both muds and whites…… it truly, as you say, is scary. Said whites have steadily devolved, mainly into wiggers or Eloi with the remaining boomers and older X’ers abandoning all responsibility to prep for their moronic afterlife rewards.
    Move away from the cities to get away from people in general. As said previously, 90+% of whites can no longer be trusted. Building a network of like-minded Whites is as far as we can go. The numbers of adherents will indeed grow as the situation disintegrates further but creating a resurgence will take a long long time!

  4. Bean Dip Tray

    Uncanny. I was just thinking about this last night and hoping the legacy Americans would realize it is never coming back.
    Once you come to the realization that FUSA AINO is a sodomite sewer pipe abomination with pink hammer and sickle, burning it all down isn’t so bad.
    BTW-What do the muzz in MI think about muh weed?
    Yankees are up in arms about CCP grow operations in Maine and NY state when they have already taken over Oklahoma pot greenhouses, this was supposed to be one of the last places to legalize.
    Be of good cheer IN will never go legal due to being owned by Big Pharmakeia.
    Maybe something will rise out of the ashes of the bathhouse Barry CPUSA fundamentally transformed FUSA.
    Fun Trivia-Four SARMATS could blast FUSA off the face of the earth but our external enemies are paper tigers like the Grand Old Politburo.


    Bravo on the observation and comments. In connecting the dots here it’s easy to presume most of us are “preppers” to some degree.

    Black pills are a shit sandwich. But we’ve all been fed a shit sandwich and sometimes if you put a slice of tomato and lettuce on it and can a fancy shit sandwich.

    My final black pill was the bLM/Antifa chimp riots and color revolution. I have to say I grieved and bitched and wasn’t very good company.

    After the stolen s(election) and pedo thug Capitol Police flying around the fUSA to round up people who were just simply there, and not doing a thing to actual felons who destroyed people’s lives was the biggest, blackest pill I’ve ever swallowed. But it was my last.

    I know my former country is dead. And the corpse is starting to stink. People are still spraying Febreeze on it and acting like it’s alive.

    I’m ready for the next chapter. Whether it be a new Dixie (I much enjoy Identity Dixie) or some other fragmentation.

    But I’ve tried my utter best to prepare for everything and virtually every scenario. Being thumped my multiplied hurricanes and the lockdowns have a some great dress rehearsals.

    Moving forward, life is good, and the black pills gave me motivation and resolve. When it finally cooks off and dinner is served I have a simple “no” list. Zombies, gubbment flunkies, normies, drug trash and absolutely no chimpanzees.

    • Scot Irish

      I hear you. Some days I’m black pilled, others I’m not. Usually depends on what I’m doing.

      I obviously follow this blog and most of the other blogs listed here. I also like Identity Dixie. I found them all through Western Rifleshooters. These blogs help me with the decline.

    • Zorost

      America is a corpse. Liberals are cutting chunks off, while Conservatives are trying to resuscitate it.

      My black pill is that as things currently stand, there is little hope for anything we care about surviving. This is because there has never been a true mad max collapse* in recorded history. It has always been a splitting up into previously existing political structures. So post-break America will be ruled by those who are governors, generals commanding troops, and/or state party officials now. I see none of our kind in those positions. Virtually every governor is a cuck, as are the state party systems that select them.

      When we start getting non-cuck governors at a minimum, I’ll get some hope for the future. You might survive in your off-off-grid cabin for a couple decades, but eventually those with power when the music stopped will begin advancing that power outward.

      * MM defined as all existing government disappears, allowing for the rise of completely new governments like Bartertown, sovereign tribes and cycle gangs, etc.

  6. Vicious Sid

    After seven decades plus I have come to the conclusion that America is dead, will never be revived to anything it once was and is going to suffer much harder times very soon. The decline is a result of us being over-tolerant of unacceptable behavior for far too long. It’s been incremental but has accelerated to light speed since Biden was installed and the political class realized there’s nothing citizens could do to stop their corruption, perversity and theft. They no longer try and conceal their behavior and apparently aren’t concerned that their actions have destroyed this country. It’s a given that voting won’t help. The only thing left is total collapse or extreme measures. Neither is pleasant to think about. At least I enjoyed the Golden Age of America. It’s gone, never to return.

  7. Phil B

    John Bagot Glubb wrote an essay about the lifespan of empires and the stages they go through from beginning to end. He studied many empires throughout history and concluded that the lifespan of an empire is about 250 years.

    The stages that an empire goes through map exactly to the American history.

    The poineers – established a nation and were vigourous enough to move onto the next stage.

    Expansion – move away from the existing sttlements into new lands. The people are tough, resilient and used to fighting for what they need to live.

    Commercial expansion – utilising and exploiting the new resources found in the newly occupied lands. This lead to:

    Commerce – think of the Vanderbilts (railroads) and Rockerfellers (oil) and the efficient distribution of goods and raw materials (coal, oil, iron ore etc.) buikding up huge fortunes.

    Art and Luxury – with the wealth generated by commerce, there is enough money to indulge in non essentials – life is no longer a struggle and wealth can be spent on luxury, building universities, libraries etc.

    Age of affluence – the majoriy of peoole no longer work at manual jobs and primary production such as agriculture but become a bureaucracy.

    High noon – the peak of the civilisation and a feeling that this is normal, will continue indefinitely and everyone should aspire to earn their living by intellect alone. Manual labour is looked down upon. Welfare means that there is enough spare cash to pay people that do not want to work.

    Decadence – without struggle, then the pursuit of pleasure is the main objective. Civic life and duty are abandoned by the ruling class and their main objective is to live as luxuriously as possible.

    Seem familiar?

    Now, let me see 2023 minus 1776 is … 247 years. A strange coincidence, is it not?

  8. Clown car driver

    I’ll just add this short thought; the best prep there is, is accepting the fact that it can’t be saved, and it SHOULDN’T be saved. The most important tool in your prep box should be the WILL. That’s the tool that many will discover they don’t really have.

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