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No single factor confuses the Middle East issue more than the overwhelming and unthinking support of American Christians who mostly side with “Israel” out of a misplaced sense of obligation to support “The Chosen People”. In most conflicts we are given a “choice” between the Good Guys and the Bad Guys. Ukraine is a perfect example. Despite Ukraine being a cesspool of human trafficking and corruption, They did an amazing job of convincing Americans that have no idea where Ukraine is on a map that Zelenskyy was the greatest military leader in modern human history (just check out his collection of olive green tacticool sweaters and t-shirts!) and that the Ukrainian forces were fighting for democracy itself against the unwashed Russian hordes. It helped that Russia was already a convenient bad guy, having been totally responsible for Orange Man Bad winning in 2016.

When it comes to Israel (assume quotes around the word going forward), it is far worse because They have convinced the already gullible Americans that if you aren’t on the side of Israel, you are literally on the opposite side of God. Say anything even mildly critical of Israel on social media and you will get Normiecons quoting stuff like this to you:

On that day the LORD made a covenant with Abram, saying, “To your offspring I give this land, from the river of Egypt to the great river, the river Euphrates, the land of the Kenites, the Kenizzites, the Kadmonites, the Hittites, the Perizzites, the Rephaim, the Amorites, the Canaanites, the Girgashites and the Jebusites.” — Genesis 15:18–21

According to an awful lot of “conservatives”, based on a few passages like this in a book more than 2000 years old, the modern secular state of Israel is justified in doing literally whatever it wants. Trying to point out that the New Testament describes the older land covenant promises as obsolete and that the New Covenant in Christ is far better and you get either glazed expressions or anger, usually accompanied by being called a liberal, in response.

The “logic” behind their claim to the Levant is pretty handy, for the Jews anyway.

  • Jews: “We have a divine right to this land”
  • Goyim: “Says who?”
  • J: “God said so, he promised us this land for all generations”
  • G: “Where did he say that?”
  • J: “Right here in the Torah”
  • G: “Wait, who wrote the Torah?”
  • J: “Well we did of course, we are his chosen people”
  • G: “Why do you think you are his chosen people”
  • J: “Because God said so”
  • G: “Where did he say that”

And on and on it goes. According to the Jews they are God’s chosen covenant people and have an eternal claim to what we know as Israel, all based on a book that Jews wrote.

That is understandable for Jews to say, of course They would make those claims but for Christians? The secular state of Israel, formed after World War II as a homeland for Jews almost 1900 years after the temple was destroyed, is almost entirely populated by people that reject Jesus and are covenant-breakers. Again, try to explain this to most Christians and you will get a combination of confusion and anger.

It sure is convenient that God gave Jews a divine blank check in a book that the Jews wrote.


  1. Ohio Copperhead

    Claimed to have written. Spiritually they formed a separate line apart from the original Hebrews after the return from Babylon (with the split codified in the writing of the Talmud a few hundred years after Christ); genetically they formed one after the dispersal following Rome’s destruction of the second temple, when the intermixed with Khazars (I know Khazar theory isn’t 100% correct, but it’s not 100% wrong either) and God knows what else, the kind of race-mixing which according to OT law would invalidate any claims to that land even if the Old Covenant hadn’t been replaced–which it had. Not that it will be likely to change much but Dissident Right writers could at least try to perpetuate the Jews’ lies by refering to the OT/non-Talmudist line as Hebrew and the Talmudist line as Jews. Even if we can’t get the normies and the more rabid atheists to think clearly we can at least demonstrate that WE can.

    • Zorost

      Great point, I never thought of it that way. The Babylonian Talmud was a split with what hebrews had been like. The story of the Good Samaritan actually references this: Sams were one of the tribes that hadn’t gone off to jew the babylonians, and so weren’t seen as having as high of an in-group preference of the returned jews. The meaning of the story was that maybe the neo-jews could recruit from the tribes that stayed home.

      Therefore, any deals Big G made previous to that Talmud only applied to the jews that didn’t split off into that new “faith.”

      Especially since that deal didn’t seem to exist until the Talmud made it up… Check out the Elephentine Scrolls some time, they are illuminating. Basically, they are a bunch of scrolls found in a garrison of jews in southern Egypt, dating from 200-100 years before the Talmud. It is a huge trove of documents that very few experts deny is legit, but virtually all experts ignore them anyway. They are quite problematic for jews…

      For one thing, in spite of several scrolls that discuss in detail how to keep Passover, there is no mention of anyone named Moses. Or any sort of Exodus event, or a Promised Land. Also apparently yahweh is a bit femmy, and sometimes is married to a goddess…

    • Zorost

      Our answers were far greater assholes and far greater practitioners of genocide 😉

      Perhaps those aren’t necessarily bad things for a people to be.

      • Mike_C

        G-d damn autocorrect! Ancestors, I assume. (And the G dash D thing is mockery. So dumb.) Anyway:

        It’s not even the genocidal tendencies that most annoy me. It’s the hypocrisy, the lugubrious self-pity, the psychological projection, the sanctimonious condescension, and the utter lack of a capacity for true self-reflection that I find intolerable. THAT (or THOSE) are what make Them the biggest assholes.

      • Anon

        >greater practitioners of genocide
        Then why do we still have so many niggers, featherniggers, spics, jeets, chinks, gooks, kikes, etc still running about?
        Hell, just the featherniggers have lands and gibs and more while still whining and whining and whining.
        A bunch of jobs left unfinished and White lands filled with invaders.

  2. grumpy51

    Considering Israelites had to be able to trace their roots back to Abraham (which is why the Gospel of Matthew traces Jesus’ lineage), and considering Rome utterly destroyed Jerusalem in 70 AD….. NO Jew today can trace their lineage back to Abraham….. so they SAY they’re Jews, OK PROVE IT!!

  3. Stilicho

    You can have fun with Boomercons Zionists. Ask them two questions:
    1) what were the Israelites chosen for? (To fulfill God’s plan by bringing Jesus Christ into the world); and
    2) Can Jews go to heaven? (No, only Christians– No man comes to the Father except by Me ).

  4. Plague Monk

    I found this via the (((instapundit))) site, and thought it might be of interest to some of us in the realist community:

    I’ll note in passing that some bloggers, such as The Daley Gator and Instapundit itself, are having financial problems right now. I’ve commented under a different moniker that they should ask their master BeBe Not-A-Yahoo for a donation, especially Gator. Why he thinks that tattoos and dindu females are attractive escapes me…

  5. Gryphon

    I’ve come to the inevitable conclusion that ‘christianity’ (and probably islam too) is just a Scam by “god’s chosen people”(tm) to enslave the ‘other’. From that conclusion, it become Inarguable that ‘christianity’ must be Rejected by White Men, in its Entirety. Not our Race, Not our God. Not our Wars, either.

    Taking such a Position even seems to Offend those ‘christians’ who are Aware that the ‘jew’ is the source of (most of) the Evil in the World today…. but Logically, How can you Believe in a ‘religion’ whose ‘god’ tells his ‘chosen people’ that We are “… beasts in Human Form, created by yahweh to Serve the jew…” Believing in a ‘god’ who Hates You is just Irrational. And spare me all the jesus nonsense about how ‘god’ Loves Everyone, and the jews are just misunderstood.

  6. Bean Dip Tray

    Dispensationlist delusions of a rapture express that isn’t coming.
    Graham Combat Killhouse is the way in Anarcho-Tyranny.
    The term “judeo-christian” should cause great roaring gut busting laughter.
    Only the FUSA could fall for something so ludicrous.
    Conquered by internal parasites and way too many demographics in FUSA.
    All part of the burn it all down and bring back CCCP plan.
    Also the global soviet is nothing new, it is Nimrodism for the modern day.

  7. highdesert

    The Juice. 95% of The State of Israel are genetically the descendents of the khazars-a lawless and rogue and evil people who practiced ancient babylonian satanism and that populated roughly Turkey in the 9th century. They were so lawless, murderous, thieving and deceptive that the Russian king forced them to adopt Christianity, Judaism or Islam with the expectation that religion would straighten them out. True to their legendary chameleon-like ability to become whatever they believe that you want them to be, they converted to Judaism and glommed on to the highly satanic, babylonian Talmud and its horrific teachings like raping children, treating “goyim” like cattle (God clearly and repeatedly commands the Ancient Israelites in Numbers to not treat strangers badly “as you were once strangers in Egypt), and human sacrifices and human blood rituals, sex magick, money magick, spells and witchcraft. Oops. Esau’s seed messed that deal up and gave “jews” the segue to sidle up to unwitting Christians. The Book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ warns the early church in 2:9 and 3:9 about the “blasphemies of those who call themselves Jews but are not and do lie”. And refers to the blasphemous fake-jews’ temple as “the synagogue of satan”. The 5% of The State of Israel who are descendants of the tribe of Judah are referred to as Sephardim and are treated like second class citizens. Of course history and anthropology have worked tirelessly to obscure the fate of Isaac’s sons. The vast majority of them have no idea as to their true heritage, and to what they are heirs. There is a ton more to the story and the treachery and chicanery of the talmudic jews and their brothers the freemasons over the centuries. Soon enough these JINO’s will be exposed for who they really are, and who their father really is.

    • Gryphon

      Exactly. the Khazarians were the Vermin of Europe, and their adoption of the babaylonian ‘talmud’ (In itself a Vile collection of Perversions) allowed them to Parasite Off of the judeo-christian mythology in a way that has let them Completely Enslave most of the self-professed ‘christian’ Whites, who don’t know the Origins of the ‘jews’ they Worship. And thanks to the Roman Catholic Empire, and its Violent Purges of all vestiges of any original European Ethno-Religous beliefs, today, Whites are saddled with a Foreign ‘religion’ that uses them as a golem (Zombie) to carry out Genocides of all who oppose (((them))).

      Want an Easy way to Derail one of (((them))) who calls you an “antisemite”? Ask it if its Grandparents spoke ‘Yiddish’, an Eastern European Dialect. 95% of the Time, they will reply “Yes, we are jewish…” Jew-ish, as in jew-like. Semites are Arabs, and speak Arabic/Aramaic, a North African Language.

  8. Bobsuruncle

    I am so triggered, lol. You nailed it. Thanks Art, well written.Only two copies of the Dead Sea Scrolls exist, translated as far as i know from Ancient Hebe, not Aramaic, and by who? Same people who claim its authorship, ownership, rights and its privileges. Convenient, aye? Just like who writes the history books, those always comes out on top….Im not gonna wax religious or spiritual, we have to accept observable truth first, and here we are.

    Im glad someone with a platform called this out.

    • Gryphon

      Kikes. Don’t forget kikes.
      EVERY one of my Grandparents’ Generation that I remember as a little kid NEVER used the word ‘jew’. They always referred to “god’s chosen people” ™ as yids or kikes, as that was what Everyone in Europe knew them as.

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