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Lest We Forget The Ladies In The Chimp Olympics

More Hoosier state monkeyshines, this time featuring the women(?) and this one has all of the marks of a potential gold medal performance.

Allow me to set the scene. We find ourselves at the infamous Club Kalakutah in Indianapolis. It apparently has closed after it failed to renew their license on time but then reopened with a new name and now goes by “Infinity Place” although the website is still “”. It bills itself as an “African Night Club”:

…and features photos like this:

Yikes. It is going to get worse, if you have recently eaten you might want to come back after your stomach settles. The club is in a neighborhood featuring other businesses like Fatim’s African Hair Braiding & Boutique, Barry’s African Restaurant and Kaura International Food Market, an “African goods store”. Shockingly the area seems to be a magnet for shootings.

Club Kalakutah was featured earlier in the year in an Indianapolis Star article that highlighted a handful of clubs that seem to attract illegal activity

49 killed, 154 shot or stabbed: How Indiana law protects bad bars

Joseph Ajiboye went to Club Kalakutah for a fun night out. He left in an ambulance with a bullet hole in his leg.

The shooting, on May 23, 2021, marked the fifth time in just over a year that gunfire was reported at the Lafayette Square-area club.

The first involved the club’s owner, Olusola Akinbolawa, who told police he fired a handgun at a patron who drove a vehicle at him.

This time, it was one of the club’s unlicensed and heavily armed security guards, according to police. The guard fled and when officers arrived the club locked the doors and refused to cooperate, police said.

Sounds like a lovely place to spend an evening with your pals to unwind after a hard day of smacking hos and slinging crack. It also certainly appears as if the Indiana Alcohol & Tobacco Commission looks the other way at these clubs, even when they are frequently the scene of shootings or are busted with illegally imported liquor from Nigeria. Seriously. I assume you see the big picture of Club Kalakutah/Infinity Place. Now we hop in the Way Back Machine to February 25th of 2022. I am hoping I have the timeline correct here.

A local rapper is performing his signature mix of grunting and capering at Club Kalakutah. A crazy former girlfriend of the rapper was in attendance, 29 year old Ebonie Parks. This is the crazy ex-girlfriend in question.


Crazy ex-girlfriend Ebonie apparently was angry that the rapper was being nice to a different strong black woman, named Secoya Williams. Ms. Williams was a childhood friend of the rapper. Here she is, prior to the shooting of course.

I believe that is what kids today are calling “thicc”. Varying reports say that Ebonie Parks was upset and called her sister to the club and of course to bring a gun.

Williams’ childhood friend told police that Williams was trying to be friendly with everyone at the club on the night she was killed, according to a probable cause affidavit for Smith’s arrest. The friend is identified by only his initials in court records. He told police that Parks, his ex-girlfriend, was upset Williams was there for his performance.

As he was about to start his show, the man saw Smith take off her shoes as though she were preparing for a fight.  Smith grabbed a drink and threw it at Williams before trying to punch her. Smith was kicked out of the club by security, the man told police in the probable cause affidavit.

Aw hell no, when a black chick takes off her shoes, she is fixin’ to squabble apparently. After throwing a drink in Williams’ face Smith was kicked out of the club, including one report suggesting that the security guard literally carried the sister/sistah of Ebonie Parks out to the parking lot. Her sister, of course with a different last name, is one Arieal Smith. Brace yourself, dis be Arieal Smith…

Must have made her remove her weave for her mugshot

If that isn’t a picture that makes your wang shrivel and your testicles ascend back into your abdomen, I am not sure what would. That is felonious ugliness. That bitch fell out of the ugly tree, hit every branch on the way down and then climbed back up and did it again. Anyway, back to the story. Smith has been kicked out of the club and Secoya Williams of course just let it go and enjoyed the show. Just kidding! Nope, she chased her out into the parking lot. According to the New York Post article….

Williams approached the vehicle and started hitting the passenger side window, according to a security guard who witnessed the altercation.

Smith then opened the door and shot Williams in the stomach.

Parks’ ex tried to help Williams, but was deterred when Smith turned the firearm on him.

That is pretty much exactly how you would expect it to go. Instead of letting it go, Secoya Williams went after the Arieal Smith and began beating on the window of her vehicle. That was when Secoya realize she done fucked up…

Williams and the man followed the sisters into the parking lot. Smith rolled down the window of the sisters’ vehicle and the man heard Williams yell that Smith had a gun. Williams was backing up with her hands in the air when Smith opened the passenger door of the vehicle and shot her, the man told police.

She figure out her mistake too late as the gunshot would would prove fatal. The two sisters were arrested, tried and found guilty. Arieal Smith for murder and her sister Ebonie Parks for assisting her sister. Arieal received a 48 year sentence yesterday and Ebonie gets her sentence this afternoon, but likely will only serve a year or two.

All of this over a rapper and it seems he wasn’t all that choosy about chicks. There was just a lot of impulse control missing here and now one woman is dead, one is heading to prison for 40+ years and a third is looking at a felony conviction.

That might be a tough one to beat for the gold medal but I wanted to also include an honorable mention to this Mother of the Year candidate.

A Washington, D.C., teenager accused of fatally shooting a 14-year-old boy earlier this month allegedly bragged on Instagram about the murder, which his mother watched, according to police.

FOX 5 in D.C. reported that 17-year-old Lorenzo Thompson was arrested by Metropolitan Police and charged with second-degree murder as an adult in the fatal Nov. 3 shooting of Niko Estep.

Court records state that Thompson was seen on a live stream on Instagram on Nov. 6, appearing to brag about killing the 14-year-old boy.

His proud mama is standing right there watching her son murder someone….

These are some of the proudest moments for a black mama, when her little baby boy finally grows up to become a murderer who then confesses to the crime on Instagram. Really warms your heart!



    I hope the male trans moon crickets don’t screw it up and try to compete as females. It wouldn’t be fair to the lady niggers.

  2. Pig Walrus

    From the beginning til the end of the article each personal name was progressively dumber than the one previous to it.
    I feel dumber for having read it.

      • anonymous

        That is no joke, even if you may have meant it that way.

        It has been shown that classical, and especially baroque music, calms the passions, releases stress, and helps to orient oneself productively and logically.

        Other “music” has the opposite effect; rap, hip-hop, and (truthfully) Rock n Roll.

  3. Bean Dip Tray

    That W 38th street area was awesome in the 1980s.
    Before the burbs got fundamentally transformed, it was the place to go.
    Then a bus stop went up out front and it became the stolen car capital.
    Even back then we would see hoopties (car) with bullet holes.
    Later a police station went inside the mall and ol YT never looked back.
    Now it looks like a warzone of the economic black hand.
    The mall sits vacant with no one interested in development, the feeder strip malls along 38th are wastelands as well.

  4. Xzebek

    Somewhere there is a lost and found box with generations of chimp “impulse control ” in it. Seems that it’s never claimed. Odd, that.

  5. Anonymous

    I do believe muh nigga Lorenzo in the final photo is actually holding his stolen Glock upright, possibly even with two hands(!) That is going to cost him ghetto cred, but it probably explains why he went 1-for-1 on the kill ratio. Mama done taught him well.

  6. Phil B

    “it seems he wasn’t all that choosy about chicks”.

    You mean that, based on the photographs of the “ladies” in question, he was as selective as measles.

    Me? I couldn’t raise the enthusiasm, if you follow my meaning.

  7. Mike_C

    Arieal Smith looks like a poster child for fetal alcohol syndrome: low bridge of the nose; almost no philtrum (vertical line between nose and mouth); thin (relatively speaking) upper lip, and micrognathia (small jaw bone/chin).

    What a mess.

  8. Zorost

    “Arieal Smith”

    I hope they have her on a no-bail hold, as she has relatives in Africa she can flee to:

    “She figure out her mistake too late as the gunshot would would prove fatal.”

    This proves this is all a government psyop. There is no way BigTree Williams could get taken out with 1 bullet, unless it was one of those heavy for caliber bullets the Swedes use for moose hunting.

    • Steady Steve

      St. Judes shouldn’t accept any blacks for treatment because of this. At least until the local community denounces this type of behavior.

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