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LaScholar McStabbyface And Other Scholarly Shenanigans

Oh those rascals, always providing light hearted fodder for Dissident Thoughts!

Shocking new footage shows the moment a mass brawl broke out at a North Carolina high school, leaving one student dead and another in hospital.

One child, in a gray hoodie with a black jacket, backs another student in a red hoodie into a corner and then punches him repeatedly.

The pair run into the school gymnasium, followed by dozens of whooping and cheering students filming on their phones.

A brawl ensues, with one student on the ground pulling out a knife and stabbing another in the leg and groin.

As the children fled, no one was on the ground. But one of the students was later pronounced dead, and the second hospitalized.

Two ambulances were seen leaving Southeast Raleigh Magnet High School, each trailed by a police vehicle, early Monday afternoon.

The school in question, Southeast Raleigh Magnet High School, has the predictable demographics:


The city of Raleigh is 50% White/28% black/13% mestizo so a “magnet school” that only has 7% White kids is a magnet for the type of scholars that stab other scholars.

Out in the desert the shenanigans continue….

On Friday, Nov. 3, officers with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department were called to the area of Kell Lane and Nellis Boulevard after several people reported there was a shooting on a public bus.

Surveillance video from the bus showed Tshaun Rucker, 16, boarding the bus at around 10:30 a.m. at Nellis Boulevard and Cheyenne Avenue, according to the report. Five minutes later, the victim, a man who is approximately 19, boarded at Lake Mead and Nellis boulevards.

The video shows Rucker and the victim talking before the victim sits down several rows in front of Rucker, police said. The two use their cellphones for a few minutes before they get into a “heated” conversation.

The video shows the victim standing and approaching Rucker, starting to punch him. Rucker moves toward the back of the bus while the victim punches him, according to the report.

Rucker then allegedly pulls out a gun and shoots at the victim three times. The victim then runs toward the front of the bus to leave as Rucker followed him out, the report stated.

Tshaun was getting his ass kicked so of course he pulls a gun and shoots the other guy. Tshaun flees and being a scholarly genius dumps the gun….in the playground of a daycare center…

Surveillance video shows Rucker dropping the loaded firearm before jumping back over the wall and leaving, moments before a group of nine children and a preschool teacher entered the playground, according to police.

As the children began to play, a 2-year-old named Ava, identified by a family friend, and her twin brother, went to the corner of the playground where Rucker dropped the gun. Moments later, the video shows smoke in the air after Ava picked up the gun and shot herself in the chest, according to the report.

It sounds like the child will survive although she is listed in “extremely critical condition”.

Back to the stabbing theme…..

Florida authorities have successfully apprehended Jean Pierre Ojeda Salazar, a double murder suspect from Maryland, in connection to the tragic fatal stabbings of a woman and a teenage girl. This significant development in the case has brought a palpable sense of relief to a community that has been grappling with shock and concern….

…The victims, identified as a 14-year-old girl and a 35-year-old woman, were discovered with multiple stab wounds. The suspect, 25-year-old Salazar, reportedly stabbed both victims after engaging in an argument with the woman. Following the gruesome act, Salazar swiftly fled the scene in a sedan which was later found deserted.

That is quite the name. It is also perfectly reasonable that because you argued with a woman that you would of course then stab her and a 14 year old girl to death. Shooting someone is one thing but stabbing someone to death? That is a lot more in your face and personal. It helps to have no impulse control.

How about one more?

One of the two teenage murder suspects who broke out of a Louisiana jail Saturday night escaped from the juvenile detention facility two weeks earlier.

David Atkins, 17, who was being held by the Baton Rouge Police Department on a first-degree murder charge, slipped out of the jail with Willie Jackson, 17, who was being held on a murder charge by the sheriff’s office.

Atkins and another teenager broke out of the East Baton Rouge Parish jail on Nov. 14, but law enforcement ultimately recaptured them a little more than 24 hours later.

Now, Atkins is on the loose again, along with Jackson, as the search continued Monday morning. 

Not one but two escaped murderers from a juvie detention center? That is some solid prison work right there. Also Baton Rouge must be lit to have a multitude of murderous scholars in juvie. Why aren’t 17 year old murder suspects being held in the big boy jail? Here is Escapey McEscapepants aka David Atkins and his equally vacant-gazed, dead-eyed partner in high spirited teenage hijinks Willie Jackson.

There is never a slow news day at Dissident Thoughts thanks to the endless scholarly adventures of America’s swarthy skinned yoofs!


  1. Harbinger

    Necks tats and Medusa hair.

    Tell me you’re a dead-end loser on a short horizon without telling me you’re a dead-end loser on a short horizon.

  2. backisland

    The small percentage of White kids stuck in those schools is a tragedy. I’m sure many have crossed over to the wigger side out of weakness / self preservation, but I suspect that many are just trying to navigate moment by moment.
    Weak parents sacrificing their kids to Mammon. Tragic.

    • Arthur Sido

      What is interesting, but not unexpected, is while the black and mestizo kids are floundering, the small White percentage appears to be scoring very well on the standardized tests so they can get decent jobs and move away from diversity when they get older.

  3. Mel Foxicha

    Gotta feel for that 7% in all that “positive culture.” And who ever said magnets don’t attract sh!t! Laws of physics be damned!

  4. Exile1981

    Since these people are according to the media bringing benefits to ourcountry lets solve 2 isdues at the same time. We should start shipping them in lieu of foreign aid to various middle eastern nations. Each one sent reduces our crime level, benefits the middle east and reduces foreign aid dollars.

  5. Bean Dip Tray

    We need a knife free zone sign and a new school anthem…gettin’ stabby with it!
    How about that anarcho-tyranny fundamental transformation in to South Africa.
    Si se puede!
    The real reason for the OOC out of control crime? To go cashless CBDC.

  6. TakeAHardLook

    Low IQs. Zero impulse control. Inability to process actions:consequences. No empathy. No respect. Prone to extreme violence with minimal provocation.
    And that’s just the females! The males are incrementally worse. We do not have a race problem; we have a problem race.
    Low-tech farm equipment should never have been imported.

  7. Gryphon

    Speaking of Stabbings by feral… creatures, Look at what is going on in Ireland after another one of them happened in Dublin. Whites actually went out Rioting, and a “Migrant Housing Center” was Burned. Now, Conner MacGregor, the noted Irish MMA Fighter, is calling out the po-Lice and political scum for allowing this to Happen. He has Declared that if the (zionist occupation) government doesn’t take Action against the Invaders, “I’ll do it Myself”. Now he is being “investigated for Hate Speech” and I HOPE that if He is Arrested, that He calls for another Rebellion. He has the Popularity and ‘name recognition’ to do that, and maybe Trigger (pun intended) the Kinetic Action that is necessary for Whites to take back their Nations from the (((parasites))).

  8. Stealth Spaniel

    Black? Every.Single.Time. I work in a BigBox and believe me; Parents, Children,Grandma, and Grandpa are always trouble. Stealing- or not clicking the UPC code at self check, is huge. Outright thievery happens when the alarmed doors go off as they run away. Breaking into boxes, then pulling the sides together so no one notices it’s empty. It’s insanity on steroids. I want the 1930’s back-Al Capone was at least an honest thief!! We are being destroyed from the inside out when it comes to retail. I try to stay as far away as possible from this problem group.

    • SIze 23 Clown Shoes

      Shoplifting is a major problem in the feral cities. Muh diversity robs supermarkets and convenience stores blind, then when they inevitably are forced to close due to unprofitability, bleeding hearts decry that the shitties are now a ‘food desert’ .

  9. anon2

    Slightly off-topic:
    I view the stabbing scene of Ryan T Carson in Brooklyn often.
    At the end, his White-appearance-appropriating, ACAB (All Cops Are Bastards) shorty tee
    wearing Marxist, BLM supporting girlfriend Claudia Morales tells her thrice-stabbed boyfriend Ryan,
    “I’m gonna call NYPD.”
    As he lost consciousness, I wonder if he appreciated the irony of it all?
    I sure as hell did.

  10. Bobsuruncle

    This is Why Im paying for my grandson in NC to go to, le sigh, jesuit private school. I grew up in gladiator academy with these fucking orcs, at a time w/o social media, and was able to live a lot of F’d things down and still make something of myself before being vilified or put in jail. No more. I will not put my kids or grand kids in these marxist madrassa, fight clubs, controlled by marxists and let loose with shit skins. Thank goodness, the kids are grown now.

    Amazing the jew media all the sudden notices skin color again.

    Same as ESFT, i am adding everyday in every way EiE. And fuck you for not noticing. Ireland is yet a symptom for a cold we will all catch here soon. “When Ireland sneezes, the world catches cold…” fuck the French and stupid whypeepo, participating in their own demise.


    Not racist

  11. anonymous

    Hey Arthur,

    We’d appreciate it if you’d put links to these news articles that you cite in your post.

    It’d help. Thanks in advance.

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