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Is There A Draft In Here?

Big Country Expat did some good work on the state of the draft, in the event we need conscription. Read it here:

Selective Service Saturday or Just How Screwed Are You?

There are some ominous signs, as Angry Cops explained….

Lots of Sergeants being reassigned to recruiting sounds like not a good thing. Of course most of you already are aware of the recent Army recruiting ad featuring zero purple haired M2F trannies in wheelchairs and instead featured lots of White guys jumping out of airplanes. Apparently the comments in reply on Twitter etc were absolutely scorching the dot mil folks for suddenly rediscovering their love of White cannon fodder.

Meanwhile the media is hyping “attacks” on American bases and forces in the Middle East where we shouldn’t be in the first place, making this whole situation seem like another opportunity for the U.S. to get into a war.

As a father of four draft aged sons, I will say this: my sons will be drafted to go fight a war for Israel, maybe coming home maimed, maybe coming home in a flag draped coffin, over my dead body. If They want to fight a war over some sandy shithole based on some bullshit religious pretext from one of three religions, let Them fight Their own fucking war. My boys aren’t fighting it for Them, and they aren’t fighting for a government that hates them, blames them because racial minorities are stupid fuck-ups that can’t function in a White society nor for a society has done everything in it’s power to try to neuter or kill them.

This whole thing reminded me of a line from HBO’s The Pacific when a Marine nicknamed Loudmouth was looking at the aftermath of a Jap suicide attack and declared that in the next war, there’s gonna be two men missing, him and the MP they send after him.

No self-respecting White man in 2023 should be going to fight in the next Middle East (or European or Asian….) war nor allow his sons to do so. Some things are worth dying for. Protecting Israel because some made-up religious tradition tells Them that They have a divine right to some land in the Levant isn’t one of them but keeping my sons from doing so? You’re fucking right that is worth dying for.


  1. Big Country Expat

    A-fucking-men Art.
    What kills me is these supposed “betters”, our Leadershit really think that people are going to “rally ’round the flag”
    They are is for such a rude awakening.
    Thanks for the repoast. People need to know the rules in order to break them
    Jes’ Sayin’

    • Berglander

      Look goy Our Greatest Ally needs our help killing those demonic sand people and also importing those nice muslims into White countries. If you’re against those things then I’m calling Jonathon Greenblatt!!!

    • Arthur Sido

      20 years of the Global War on Terror and the last half dozen years seems to have dampened the enthusiasm for dying for your country (or Israel). Thanks for the work you put in on that post.

      • Berglander

        When I joined up, the Desert Storm guys said “don’t do it, it’s all a sham.”
        “No this time is different.”
        “Yeah, that was what we thought too.

        They sell this idea of a comic-book “mad man” who is trying to “take over the world” and it’s “up to us to stop them.” Sadly, it works.

  2. saoirse

    Bravo, absolutely correct!
    In addition, I hope there’s a mass desertion of Whites already active.
    The only ‘good war’ right now is the one against this government, their shock troops, the two major parties that support them and the corporations and banks that enable them.

    • saoirse

      Also: If they can’t get enough cannon fodder you can bet that there will be a whopper of a false flag event to mind fuck kids and their parents into another nationalistic fervor – just like every other bullshit war we’ve been in.

    • Santas List grows

      “ The only ‘good war’ right now is the one against this government”.

      Ding ding ding WINNER! Spot On!

      Thata the only one that truely concerns us!

      I’m Stealing that sir.

  3. Bean Dip Tray

    Hulka says lighten up Francis of FUSA 2023, lighten on up to some hideout.
    No seat on the Rapture Express without dying for Israel? (derp)
    Will Rachel Corrie who was smashed flat as a pancake by an Israeli Killdozer have a seat?
    What a beautiful time of dispensationalist delusions going up in smoke.
    Only a rainbow bathhouse gloryhole server would fight for the sodomite sewer pipe abomination.

  4. Jim Wetzel

    Yeah, I’ve never quite understood this deal where the 80% atheist Jews who’ve set up shop on stolen land in Palestine are supposed to be Biblical Israel, God’s chosen people, the apple of His eye, but somehow still require American dollars by the bale, stolen fissionable material, and dying Americans to protect them from them-those Ay-rabs. If they think they have a Biblical title to that land, God’s quite capable of taking care of them. Why do they need us?

    Answer: they don’t really believe a word of it.

  5. Bobsuruncle

    My son in law is over there now, his deployment was set 5 months ago at least. He will likely be handling Palestinian refugees eventually coming to the US, Canada and the UK, in a middle-east country with “good relations with hamas”. Nope, they never plan shit like this aye?

    Choose bacon or Fuck You.


    Draft chimps and apes from the ghettos,
    Draft trannies in skirts and stilettos,
    If in a dilemma,
    Draft Keisha and Emma,
    Don’t tread on me, fuckin’ pedos.

  7. Maniac

    The Woke won’t sacrifice life and limb for a country they openly despise, and White men shouldn’t sacrifice life and limb for a country and culture that openly despises them.

    Gonna be a big boost in Mexican tourism if they bring back the Draft.

  8. Filthie

    Where is all this rampant antisemitism coming from???


    I’ll say this – when the rainbow army goes to war, the fragging will be EPIC.

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