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Happy Thanksgiving

I hope everyone enjoys a guilt free turkey and all the fixings on land their proud forefathers conquered and tamed!



    From those who enjoy free living,
    And no need to ask for forgiving,
    A good day to you,
    And your family too,
    Good cheer and Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Moe Gibbs

    One little, two little, three little persons of dubious indigenous heritage…

    Today we’re all 1/1024 Native American and 100% deplorable!

    Make it a festive one, Arthur and all my proud, White brothers and sisters.

  3. Anonymous

    As far as “stealing” their land, the story I heard was that the Indians did not have any concept of land “ownership”, and they believed that “selling” Manhattan island to the White devils was actually a swindle on their part. Those stupid palefaces did not know that you cannot “own” the land, or the sea, or the sky. Kind of a rude awakening, then, when the White man’s legal claims were enforced at the business end of a musket.

    My limited dealings with reservation niggas convinces me that they are nothing at all like the noble savages depicted in SJW revisionist history, who lived in harmony with the land while being environmentally conscious ages before such a thing was en vogue. I found them to be lazy, drunken ne’er-do-wells, only too happy to live off YT’s misplaced guilt. Unkempt, junk-strewn yards, rampant juvenile delinquency, alarmingly high dropout rate in schools, teen pregnancies to rival the homeboys. North American gypsies, nothing more.

      • Exile1981

        I livde near a rez, growing up every girl in my class who was native had been raped by a family member by age 12 and none made it past 15 without getting pregnant and that was 35 years ago.

    • Xzebek

      Anyone who thinks zinnias were noble stewards of the land should read up on Buffalo jumps where herds of bison were driven of cliffs en mass. Hardly sustenance hunting and hardly fair chase.

    • Big Ruckus D

      For a minute there, I thought I missed out on the rollout of a new ethnic slur. Zinnias is just strange and random enough, we could use it openly and get away with it for a while.

      Anyway, a belated Happy Thanksgiving to all here, most especially our host for keeping the lights on and the memes pithy. I had a self-imposed “no online time” for most of the day, but now I’m winding down for the evening, so catching up on posts made earlier.

  4. saoirse

    Happy belated Thanksgiving.
    The Miccosukee Casino and Resort in Miami reserved three floors just for their tribal deadbeats and ‘allies’. Rumors had it that they were such pigsties no one would clean them, not even the illegal latrinos and Haitians.
    The tribe that ‘owned’ the lands where I moved to in the midwest kept the cops, both theirs and white agencies, busy with dope, murder and burglary – mainly of their own people. They were however very aloof and hostile to whites.
    Red niggers all!

  5. TakeAHardLook

    Even Land O’ Lakes Corp. pulled their original logo from their boxes. Apparently the original Indian Maiden’s depiction was considered disrespectful, misogynist and racist–and hurt Native American’ feelings (the new logo has the lake and the land but no maiden).

    To my (admittedly warped) take on the matter, we White people got RID of the Indian but KEPT her LAND. Art imitates life!

    Sad to think that millions of boys and teens will never again experience the thrill of rearranging the original art work for a nefarious hoot: cutting equal rectangles out of the packaging (butter box above and knees below) then switching their locations. As I recall, the result is an Indian Maiden holding in her hands a bounteous set of mammaries above yet still advertising the butter below.

    Try it. Not my fault. Growing up, I had too much time on my hands…..

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