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Gold Medal Contender In The Chimp Olympics

Sent by a reader. No one should have to live like this:

As is typically the case, the much larger scholar is beating up a pair of small girls, and once the first girl is down and helpless he continues to hit her as his tiny brain and room temperature IQ doesn’t allow him to stop when he gets enraged. This is true for most scholar-Americans.

Notice also that no one does anything, the one White guy that looks like a security guard walks up and films it but does not interfere. Of course if he had, the odds of him being assaulted by all three blacks is pretty high as are the odds that he would have been arrested for a hate crime of some sort or even for assaulting the Scholar-Americans (see: Daniel Penny). That is just life in a big city, although not being conditioned to stand by and watch a black guy pummeling two White girls I certainly hope I would have intervened had I been present.

We don’t see what led to the assault, only what happened once it started taking place, but it looks like perhaps the main scholar antagonist knew the White woman and based on how she was dressed, I also have to wonder if this wasn’t a couples squabble that in that combination so often turns into a beating. Regardless, no one should beat the shit out of a woman and in saner times no one would have stood by while it was happening. Sadly we don’t live in sane times, not anymore.

This is why we need to avoid cities wherever possible and avoid contact with blacks. Nothing good can come of it and even attempting to defend ourselves or vulnerable people is fraught with peril. I sure as hell don’t want to be in front of a cosmopolitan urbanite judge named Goldstein and a jury of people with IQs half of mine that have no business being considered my peers, trying to explain why I defended someone else and interfered with the absolute right of blacks to be violent menaces to our society. It isn’t right but that doesn’t make it less true


  1. WDS

    The melanin enhanced citizens possibly conceptualized they heard the magic “N” word which automatically triggers them. As far as this could’ve been a couples quarrel, it’s highly possible, judging by they way the girls withstood the assault, one or more of them could in fact be coal burners and have been down this road before.

  2. saoirse

    “Regardless, no one should beat the shit out of a woman”
    Wrong! Now that women are ’empowered’ – way beyond their natural limits – they get equal treatment. When some stupid cunt breaks up a family and gets custody no matter how much of a shit bag she is; when some stupid cunt gets in your face for shitlib causes and vaccines; when some stupid cunt sluts herself to niggers, which is most likely the case here….. beat the living shit out of her!! Good job Leroy. ‘Bout time you did something productive!

    If whites stood up for themselves as a race (not as chrischuns and conservatives and capitalists) when this shit was starting to develop there would be none of this vermin, especially the Goldsteins, around.

    • Zorost

      Wow, that’s pretty cold. Let’s say you saw a woman with 2 black eyes. What would you say to her?
      Nothing! Bitch didn’t listen the first 2 times, what makes you think she’d listen now?

  3. Sumguy

    Hi. I’m 10000000% certain that this white chick was his ho, and every indication was that her behavior aligns precisely with how a ghetto ratchet negress would have behaved in the same scenario.

    I’m also 100000000% certain that any white man who has ever said anything “untoward” in regards to her interracial relationship has been met with the same kind of unladylike behavior.

    This is not at all a defense of the chimpout behavior by the teen scholars and future astronauts in the clip, but in my opinion, the only form of life lower than cigarillo smoking ghetto gangsta trash is these white women who reject normal white relationships to pursue them.

  4. Bean Dip Tray

    CCP/PLA management will supply a rude shock for the indispensable ones.
    The land of Sun Tzu has already won without firing a shot.
    Courtesy of fellow travelers the CPUSA (D) and other quisling traitors in the UNI.
    Saw another video in a school where cucks stand around with a thumb up their ass as a woman teacher gets pummeled by Rastus.
    I think it was Florida.
    Saw an interesting LMFAO meme about Right Wing Death Squads are coming.

  5. foot in the forest

    In the context of what is shown, I would not have intervened. Nothing you can do will be seen positively by any of the combatants. WALK AWAY Second, stay the fuck out of hives.

  6. Moe Gibbs

    This feed should be posted as a PSA, video and audio, in the hopes that it might just wake up a few “woke” types to the inherent dangers of miscegenation. Not that those who swing that way will ever learn, but it gives the rest of us the right to say, “We told you so”.

  7. Xzebek

    When it comes to feral, sub-human behavior, the chimps never disappoint.
    We really shouldn’t be surprised by this anymore, especially since it seems all societal restraints on such behavior have been removed.
    With the possible exception of White women who will whore themselves for black NFLers or NBAers, and the short term benefits they might derive, I can see no possible rationale to become sexually or socially involved with chimps. Nobody should want to get back at daddy that badly.

  8. Skeptic

    Looking at the way they are dressed, I’d almost guarantee that they are mudsharks. And if so, that is EXACTLY the way they deserve to live. Every fucking day.

  9. Scot Irish

    I strongly suspect these tramps are mud sharks.
    So now they have the required black eyes, busted lips, etc.
    Worst than that, they probably have a niglet or three.

    If a regular White dude had intervened he would have been attacked by that entire zoo.

  10. Mike_C

    “a cosmopolitan urbanite judge named Goldstein”

    How about we ALL change our names to Goldstein (or similar), then accuse violent negroes of calling us the K-word? Even better, Mike Goldstein. Always begin the interaction with “Hey, I’m Mike” then if Jontavious calls you Mike, start screaming “Did you use the K-word? Did you!!!”

    Clown world requires clown solutions.

  11. Warren e shafer

    I have had mixed experiences with blacks. Some I would fought to the death to protect and defend. Mainly a couple of older women. One who like a 2nd Mother to me. Allot of them I would not pee on if they were rolling around, on fire in front of me.

  12. Bobsuruncle

    burn the coal, pay the toll, zero fucks to give. You want a hero, act right and earn one. The rest is the monkeys nature, no surprise there.

  13. Filthie


    The survivor today does not take chances with blacks. In the wild, they are stupid, violent, and unpredictable. At this point in the world, it should be obvious that you keep as much distance from them as you can.

    I once made the mistake of doing volunteer work at a local homeless shelter. What I saw there convinced me that most women need to be slapped when they get crazy, and that 99.9% of all domestic abuse is a case of two idiots fighting, and the smaller, weaker idiot losing.

    We can no longer assume anything. All I know is that this neoliberal regime has to die. The way to kill it is to let these little dramas play out, and to let the players and audience get to find out after they’ve effed around. If you intervene, you will only be punished. The world has changed. Tactical survival skills will protect you and yours. Chivalry will get you killed.

  14. dave in pa.

    yeah, used to see shit like this back in philly before I left there. happens all the time. stupid girls get caught up with the whole hood image. really stupid too. most come out of it with wounds from their “boy friends” or kids that no one wants. and if you are dumb enough to step in, you will find the girls will turn on you too. plus all of the hood rats in the area will come out to defend the asshole who started it all. best thing to do is leave as soon as you can.
    if you step in, you get fucked by all there. and in some blue shithole like philly, the cops will haul your ass to jail.
    where you meet more hood rats. if you have to fight, use a blade if you know how to do so. quicker and quiet.
    and then WALK away like nothing happen. before I got my CCW, I carried a 4 inch blade, double edge, spear point. a 22 wheel gun would be handy in that too. press it tight against the asshole and put 3-4 holes in them.
    again, then walk away from it all. the Ruger LCR in 22 looks to be a handy little item for things like that.

  15. Ghettomedic

    When will the time come? How much worse does it have to get. Raping in broad daylight, wait, never mind. Already happened. Killing in broad da……wait, crap. It’s time for knight rides. Plain and simple. Strike hard and fast and extricate. Jungle warfare in the cities.

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