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Don’t Cry for Me Argentina

With a few notable exceptions, especially Ron and Rand Paul, Thomas Massie and Justin Amash, libertarianism has been almost entirely a political philosophy relegated to theory. It shows no sign of ever advancing beyond theory and the occasional libertarian-leaning Republican. With the national Libertarian Party descending deeper into parody and Monty Python levels of silliness with each passing election cycle, the philosophy has languished in the political wilderness for decades, with their only “accomplishment” being the occasional role as spoiler to tip an election in favor of the Democrats, the party that is most diametrically opposed to everything actual libertarians care about. I think subconsciously a lot of libertarians prefer it that way, theory is easy to argue, neat and tidy but governing in the real world is messy and often ugly. So it is better to drink your craft beer and wax poetic about the virtues of the non-aggression principle than it is to try to govern a nation that is coming apart at the seams.

That has been the status quo for a while but suddenly from the south came a seismic wave, at least for libertarians. Down in Argentina of all places, a guy who is described as a hard-core libertarian named Javier Milei was recently the winner of their Presidential election and will take office in early December. His wikipedia page is full of references to the Austrian school of economics (throw another shrimp on the barbie!), minarchism and anarcho-capitalism. He is also anti-abortion while not caring much about same-sex “marriage”.

Argentina is a mess, like most of Latin America. It sounds like they are just fed up and willing to try about anything rather than the population suddenly starting to read Ludwig von Mises.

American libertarians are all gaga for this guy and many people describe him as based. Again, to paraphrase Lee Corso, not so fast my frens.

The last article is the most hilarious. More from Haaretz.

Raised Catholic, Milei developed a keen interest in Judaism and often studies Jewish texts with his friend Rabbi Shimon Axel Wahnish, the head of a small Argentine-Moroccan Jewish community based in Buenos Aires. In an interview with the Spanish newspaper El Pais this summer, the flamboyant politician – often compared to former U.S. President Donald Trump and the Marvel comic-book character Wolverine – revealed that he had considered converting to Judaism, but understood that it would not be practical were he to be elected because he would be unable to observe Shabbat.

Milei has made a habit of blowing a shofar – the ram’s horn used at Jewish rituals – at political events.

Argentina’s new president is known to have close ties to the local Chabad emissaries and recently visited the gravesite of the Lubavitcher Rebbe in New York. He has said that among the first places he plans to visit after his inauguration is the Rebbe’s grave at Springfield Gardens, Queens, once again, along with Israel.

He didn’t convert to Judaism because it would be inconvenient. That seems reasonable.

So we have a flamboyant, kinda goofy populist type with a Jew fetish. He really is the South American Trump, although to be fair Milei seems to be a deeper thinker than Trump, but that is like saying you have better bowel control than Joe Biden.

He is an interesting figure, especially as a semitic fanboy in a country with so many “definitely not Nazi descendent” Germans, but those who think he heralds a libertarian wave in other nations are being foolish. Even in 2016 with two wildly unpopular choices at the top of the ballot, Libertarian Gary Johnson barley eked out a bit over 3% of the vote (with the aid of yours truly, we almost hit 5% in Indiana).

No, the future is not red-pilled libertarianism. If there is to be a future for Whites it will be based in ethnic solidarity and biological realism. Javier Milei is an amusing sideshow and a force for disruption but he is not going to save Argentina and certainly does not indicate a plausible path forward for Whites in America.


  1. LGC

    If voting could change things, they wouldn’t let you do it.

    Javier Milei is clearly a WEF boy and has already said he’s not interested in BRICS. Another fake and gay pretender, just like the Italian woman who ran on reducing immigration and proceeds to instead increase it.

    The final proof of this will be what happens with Geert Wilder (sp?) who won the Dutch election. As he has been a real guy so far and when nothing happens there. it should be obvious at that point that it’s going to take doing things more like the Irish.

  2. saoirse

    He’s blowing his jew handlers harder than his shofar. Just another kike muppet. The Argentines can now look forward to being locked up for questioning the holohoax and all the other scams that “the chosen” have in store. Let’s see who gets to that point first, them or us.

    • Big Ruckus D

      Heh. As I’m keen on saying “blowing the joos so hard the foreskin grows back”. Although that remark is usually made in reference to “American” political whores.

      This guy is a just another mildly entertaining side show, and is (momentarily) causing shit leftists (as he calls them, hat tip for that at least) to have brain aneurysms from paroxysms of outrage, to my admitted enjoyment. Ultimately though, his tenure as El Presidente will amount to diddly shit, just as with Trump, BoJo and Bolsonaro. There is no panacea or savior to be found through politics as we have practiced for the last couple of centuries.

      Once again, violence will be the only solution that may potentially yield an actual improvement in our lot. Consider that the FUSA was founded out of violence that threw of the last regime of tyrants that operated on these shores. The same, but at a much larger and nastier scale, will again be required to clean out the chaff.

  3. Stilicho

    The interesting part about the elections of Milie and Wilders in two generally leftist countries is not what they will or will not do, it is that voters elected them because of the right wing positions they took as candidates. White people are moving further right and increasing their political solidarity. I see this increasing and hope it speeds up.

  4. 3g4me

    It doesn’t matter the country or language or putative political affiliation – fools keep pinning their hopes on this or that politician to save them. They think voting matters. They think official statements by any politician matter. Now they’re all agog about Geert Wilders. Yes, he’s been officially ‘anti-immigrant’ for years. Yes, he’s had police protection for years. Funny how so many other anti-immigrant politicians have been beaten or stabbed or suffered ‘accidental’ deaths, yet Wilders is still around. Funny how Wilders has pledged support to Israel for years. Funny how just the other day the BBC was trumpeting a Turkish Kurdish woman pretending to be Dutch who leads the “People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy.” Funny how Wilders is going to have to form a coalition government.

    Anyone who holds his breath waiting to see anything substantive change because of Geert Wilders deserves to turn blue and pass out.

    No one in any public position in any Western country is ‘our’ guy. No politician. No MP. No one. No one is coming to save you. No one represents you. No one will ‘speak’ for you.

    Either White people start taking their own side and speaking for themselves, or they vanish.

    • saoirse

      Correct! Wilders is an amenable dime-a-dozen heeb-hugger. All contenders to the throne in white (or even off-white) countries are crypto jews, no matter how pretty their veil is.

    • Mike_C

      Regardless of whether Wilders enjoys the taste of circumcised sausage, it’s an old, old trick to discredit your political enemies in the eyes of those who should be their allies by simply not harming them.

      They are masters of all sorts of underhanded psychological tricks (q.v. Bernays), and it wouldn’t surprise me at all that They’ve got Wilders in their crosshairs.

      Somewhat OT: I was in Canada recently. Several young Canucks spontaneously told me how much they hate Trudeau. I taught those persons the term “Fidelito”. But the hopeful part? One was going about “I don’t trust them at all any more.”
      “Who’s ‘them’?” I asked.
      “The Government,” said my youthful interlocutor.
      “The government might be the public face of it, but Those Who Cannot Be Named are behind the bullshit,” quoth I.
      My new friend said, “To change the subject: Did I mention that I finally listened to the Kanye West interview? He makes a lot of sense.” This was a young woman (a nurse) who was all “I don’t believe in racial discrimination” and similar shitheadedness, and even she was Noticing.

      Tick tock, you assholes.


  5. Jeffrey Zoar

    For a long time I have figured that the GAE’s solution to the inevitable inflation of the US dollar would be getting other countries to adopt the USD as their currency, thereby increasing demand for dollars. And then along comes Milei campaigning on switching Argentina, population 46 million, from the Argentine peso to the USD. I believe this is just the beginning. I believe I will live to see the EU switch from the Euro to the USD.

    • JerseyJeffersonian

      Yes, Jeff, moving Europe from not only the EuroDollar, but the Euro, too, to the real (fake) Dollar, solidifying the hold of the GAE seems to be in the cards. Also, likely leaving the comprador EU unelected governance structure in place. The Argentine (not very) crypto-Jew is in the same playbook. South America’s version of Meloni.

  6. Zorost

    Libertarianism is an ideology that assumes everyone can get along with each other, that is only believed by people who can’t even get along with other libertarians.


    I’d feel bad, except I doubt he’d have felt bad crushing White dissent. Laughable how the “Blue Brotherhood” didn’t have a problem with one of their own getting sacrificed on the alter of diversity.

  7. Anon

    jews have faked conversions before to hide among catholics and came out later as jews further down their bloodline. This may be that, conversios, or one of the few goyim they ‘accept’ (though still not like a jew by blood).
    So, either he is a jew or a traitor to his blood and either way he is not one of us.

    What is happening in Dublin is far more interesting.

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