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Diversity In Action

Ah for the days when the biggest problems in our high schools was note passin’, gum chewin’ and hallway runnin’.

The high school in question is Rancho High School in Las Vegas, Nevada but according to Great Schools the demographics look more like a high school in Juarez, Mexico…

100% of the students are from low-income families and 85% of students are either mestizo or black.

Reports seem to indicate that Jonathan Lewis Jr. tried to help a smaller classmate and was set upon by a mob. You can watch the grainy video here, Father of beaten Las Vegas high school student on life support speaks out on ‘absurd madness’ of situation, I assume they degraded the video so it is harder to tell the particulars but it certainly looks like over a dozen mestizos ganging up and beating a White teen to death. The father of the murdered teen, Jonathan Lewis, had this bullshit to say about those that murdered his son.

Empathy and love are great strength and cowardly violence is pathetic. A true warrior would never cowardly beat one person just because the two or three members of the group couldn’t beat the one warrior, a true warrior would let the others learn and grow.

He added that the family denounces violence “as a means to sociological conflict,” saying instead that they “believe being living, caring, respectful, kind, compassion, and caring are the great strength of community and emphasize that those are the values that the warriors of our family teach.”

Wow, I am sure Pedro and Juan are very impressed and chagrined to know your family denounces violence as a means to sociological conflict. As it turns out, the families of the mestizos that beat your son to death very much embrace violence as a means to sociological conflict.

In the end Jonathan Lewis Jr. is just another White victim of not just diversity but pathological altruism and bullshit rhetoric.


    • saoirse

      I concur! It always seems like it’s the kids with gutless shitlib parents who are the victims of these types of murders. Niggers and muds can smell the pacifism of coddled white kids and pounce on them with glee. The eunuch father has the temerity to define what a warrior is. Let him be the next casualty.

  1. Scot Irish

    What kind mealy mouth bullshit is that?
    Your son has just been beaten to death. Obviously, violence was the answer.

    Now this a teachable moment.

    You should have moved a long time ago.

    Have that talk with your kids. Derbyshire got fired for it.

    Good Ol’Remus says it best! Everyone should read him.

    Platitudes won’t bring bring back your child. Sorry.

  2. Stilicho

    Five bucks says the father of the murdered kid said/wrote no such thing. It may have been ghost written or simply fabricated. The father of a lower class family that was too poor to escape that shit hole simply does not express himself that way. A woke shitlib with a journalism degree of however, does.

    • Scot Irish

      It does read like that. Journalists freedoms. Ha!
      I won’t take your bet but I’m going to listen some Charlie Daniel’s. Ha!

    • RegretLeft

      FedGov DOJ has a team that travels to “counsel” (white) families in these situations. They probably, in some way, produced this statement.

      • Mike_C

        Why do I have the impression that the correct punctuation for COUNSEL is not quotation marks but rather multiple parentheses. That was rhetorical.

        OT: I’m at a major midwestern airport waiting for my flight back to Massholia. By sheer happenstance an older white couple was right behind me at the TSA festivities. Husband was in a wheelchair. Wife was trying to wrangle hubby-in-chair, two roller bags and two “personal item” bags. It was obvious they don’t fly often because they didn’t understand the screening process. The negro TSA guy was actually fairly helpful, but the poor wife was overwhelmed. She said plaintively, “we called ahead to get help and they said someone would meet us to help, but no one came.”

        They made hubby stand up for the Rapeyscan. While we were divesting hubby of his wallet and pen, I said to the wife, “I know we’re not supposed to stereotype, but I’m pretty sure you two are not terrorists.” She rolled her eyes, “This is awful.” They we’re going to make hubby take off his shoes until it was established he was over 75. He made it okay into the scam booth, but when he tottered out of the booth he nearly fell over. Then there only escalators to the main terminal area. You had to go down several passages to find an elevator.

        I decided to adopt them. Gave the lighter roller to wifey, and pushed hubby, their other roller, and my own crap to their gate. At their gate we exchanged names. They were L and D from Indianapolis, headed for a midsize city on the east coast. “Thank you for all your help!”
        “You’re very welcome. Now I’m going to leave you with a piece of ‘hate think’.” L looked at me, puzzled. I said to her, “You know how they said they’d have someone meet you guys to help, but no one came?” L nodded. “You’re the wrong demographic. There is no official help for people like us. We have to look out for each other.” L nodded again, “I think you’re right.”

        Guerrilla ideological warfare, one person at a time.

        • RegretLeft

          When does “Guerrilla” transition to 5G Warfare -i.e. WWIII – ? scene from London on the weekend: dark hued protesters woppin’ a middle aged white guy who was voicing an alternative view – female cop rushes into the fray – woppin’ continues – deftly avoiding assault on the cop … then 3 or 4 other male police officers show up – roughly push the white guy back – dark hued guys shout their approval and remain un-confronted by officialdom.

  3. Jay Powell

    Hey Scot Irish – is there some webpage that allows access to the files of Old Remus? His work was classic and is sorely missed in this screwed up environment.

  4. Anonymous

    Now, now, now let’s not jump to conclusions here. For all we know, the kid may have uttered the ‘B’ word (‘beaner’) to incur the wrath of those sons of Juan Valdez. Perhaps he hinted that Selena was a talentless puta, or something equally unforgivable. There are many, many ways to disrespect a cholo and invite a beating. It is becoming nearly as easy as triggering a homeboy.

    But yeah, his father is a sackless cuck, if those are indeed his words. Whites have their backs to the wall in the country our forebears carved out of the wilderness. And our forebears didn’t “forgive” any atrocities perpetrated by the resident savages. They gave as good as they got, and then some. The time grows near when we must rein in our burgeoning brown population, too.

    Uppity pendejos.

  5. Jeffrey Zoar

    That family should have been willing to pay any price and bear any burden to get that kid to a better school. If they had any sense. Which doesn’t seem to be much in evidence.

  6. pyrrhus

    In our high school, the only “problem” was thought to be girls smoking in the bathroom…They had several meetings over that crisis….

  7. Bean Dip Tray

    Even then I carried brass knuckles and at the largest school in the state after moving ol’ Rico had a sawed off double barrel up his sleeve.
    The Robert Heinlein quote about the price of freedom is the willingness to do fierce reckless battle at any time comes to mind.
    Nothing will happen to these “youts” under Bolshevik Anarcho-Tyranny.

  8. Oldandtired

    The latest horrifying incident occurred in Las Vegas and saw a mob of approximately 15 black high school students beating a lone white high school boy. The victim, 17-year-old Jonathan Lewis, later died from his injuries. The crime is being investigated as murder.

  9. Peggy

    It sickens me that any kid has to spend a day at school with a ‘prison yard’ mindset, in order to stay alive and uninjured. That poor boy.

    As much as we might like it to be different, many people are unequipped to homeschool effectively—this boy’s father lives in Texas and it’s highly likely that his mother works in the casino or other service industry; many do. Not making excuses for either parent, but uninformed judgment doesn’t do much except make the person judging feel superior.

    Our parents had a reasonable minimum expectation that schools were a safe place for us; kids today deserve that much, too.

    But then, large groups of kids didn’t behave like savages back then, either, so it’s looking rather hopeless.

    I saw this quote from a local assemblywoman after this. She said: “We need to take care of the behavior issue. Find out why. What does that student need?
    How can we help, is it a family issue? Mental health, whatever. And at the same time, balance that with, how do you make sure the schools are safe. How do we deal with it when the students have the behavior issue? Support that student.’

    Unfortunately, ‘supporting that student’ translates into anything and everything _but_ keeping them away from their prey – the peaceful, civilized students.

  10. TheWatchman

    My friend’s wife was stabbed at the college here in town yesterday, along with several older ladies she teaches aerobics to. A random act of diversity. The student, a gentleman of color, learned that his girlfriend no longer wished to be with him, so doing what all rational people do, went out and stabbed the next people he saw. They all just happened to be white. She’s been stabbed multiple times and her face is cut up really bad. It’s going to be a long long road to get her back. She just had a baby. I could barely sleep last night I was so angry. Of course our local news leaves out most of the details.

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