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Couple Of Vids

Paul Joseph Watson calls out the oddly disparate treatment of London versus Our Greatest Ally when it comes to “migrants”

Bill Maher apparently thinks that White people that don’t like to see their once nice cities swarmed with sub 70 IQ Africans and goat-humpers ought to just move. Where could we move that They wouldn’t send these animals to follow us? When I suggest carving out a Whites-only homeland, I get called a racist so where would Bill suggest we go?

Then we have Jared Taylor talking about the hilarious effort by Africans living in England to pretend that Africans really are the ones that created the globe spanning empire.

Same people that couldn’t and still can’t figure out the wheel somehow were responsible for an Empire where the sun never set? Riiiiggghttt.

Jared also looks at the question of why trannie F->M White woman Audrey Hale would target White children.

Was her attack on this school because of Christianity or because of race? From what we have seen in her manifesto, it looks like race was the driving factor, meaning that a White woman was so radicalized against her own race that she set out to murder White children.

No wonder the media doesn’t want us to see the manifesto.


  1. JerseyJeffersonian

    This Hale creature did not want to be a woman, and did not want to be white. If it had just taken itself out, it would have been okay, but its spiritual sickness was amplified, I suspect by help either directly from the regime, or indirectly through one of the regime’s catspaws, and carnage ensued.

    And where is that video, the one it had on its “to do list” on Death Day? You know, the video that laid out the real manifesto?

  2. Zorost

    In SA Whites went way out in the desert to create a Whites-only town called Orania. Shitlibs flutter their hands about that place, suggesting it should be diversified post-haste. Luckily water and sewage being shut down in the black-run utopias has hampered such efforts at spreading the love.

  3. saoirse

    Finally, Watson (kind of) names the jews. Two wealthy kike celebrities kvetching and praising white genocide in their own countries – something their scumbag tribe has been spearheading for decades. Note to those that split hairs: Half-kikes almost always identify as jewish because they can get so much more attention, sympathy and of course financial gain from it. There’s another video of those two shits whining about jews being the most oppressed ever. Hopefully PJW can stay on a roll for a little while before his handlers rope him in.
    What’s it going to take for ol’ Country Club Taylor to start admitting that niggers and muds, in all white countries, are just the shock troops for the Great Kike Replacement?? They may look white to you Jared but they want to destroy us – and your head is still up your ass in denial!

  4. Bean Dip Tray

    Big Noses on comrade Maher and Ozzy’s wife who jacked the great Jake E. Lee out of songwriting money.
    To be fair he signed off after consulting with her but didn’t have any idea of the true value.
    Still laughing at a video where Jake said she wanted them to wear fruity glam rock outfits for the Ultimate Sin tour with Metallica, my first concert and still the best!
    The small hats are chock full of arrogance, appointing yourself as chosen will do that.
    They will be hoisted by their own shit golems who laugh at retarded Judeo-Christian concepts.
    Isn’t that odd how Israel is never mentioned as a place to go for the Replacements?
    Don’t they have Magic Soil there?

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