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Be Careful What You Wish For

For decades the abortion issue has been the main issue energizing Republican voters. It was the carrot dangling from the stick that was used by GOP political figures to get their most reliable voting block to the polls. That meant that Roe v Wade, the Supreme Court decision that created a “right” to abortion out of thin air was the dragon, always to be slain but seemingly just out of reach. Then a most unlikely champion rode in on an orange horse, Donald J. Trump, a multiple divorced crass womanizing scoundrel. Trump won an astounding victory and then found himself with the opportunity to fill three Supreme Court openings, selecting Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh and finally Amy Coney Barrett. Kavanaugh and Barrett replaced two liberal, pro-abortion justices (Anthony Kennedy and Ruth Bader Ginsburg respectively).

Then the unthinkable happened.

In June of 2022, the SCOTUS handed down the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization decision that overturned Roe v Wade and correctly declared that there was no Constitutional right to terminate a pregnancy. That threw the issue back to the states and abortion became illegal in many states, including my state of Indiana which was the first to pass a highly restrictive law post-Dobbs despite efforts from The Usual Suspects to block the law.

What is happening now is not what the evangelical/conservative Catholic voters expected. Having vanquished the abortion dragon in Roe, abortion did not become illegal in the U.S. Instead it is a patchwork of laws, with some states like mine banning it in almost all cases while others have made it legal essentially up to the moment of birth.

Yesterday, in an off year election, the abortion issue was on the ballot in Ohio as Issue 1 and abortion “rights” passed by a huge margin….

3,775,181 votes were cast and abortion on demand until “fetal viability” won by nearly half a million votes. Compare that to the 2020 Presidential election results in Ohio…

Over 5.8 million votes cast, with Trump winning by a similar margin to Issue 1. Trump won nearly as many votes in 2020 as were cast in total in the race yesterday.

It was clever to have Issue 1 on the ballot this year instead of next during the Presidential election. With Trump on the ballot, it is likely the issue would have failed. Also aiding the baby killer bill was another state-wide initiative, Issue 2 that would make Ohio the latest state to legalize recreational marijuana and you can see the results indicate that the same people voting for infanticide also wanted to get high.

I would imagine that many Republican leaders in Ohio are privately happy about this as it gives the GOP their favorite carrot to dangle again and they are already pledging to do just that….

Huffman echoed that sentiment, suggesting voters could see abortion issues on the ballot again in the future.

“Life is worth fighting for. As a grandparent of eight, the life of a baby is always worth the fight,” Huffman said. “The national abortion industry funded by wealthy out-of-state special interests spent millions to pass this radical language that goes far past abortion on demand. This isn’t the end. It is really just the beginning of a revolving door of ballot campaigns to repeal or replace Issue 1.”

This is election gold for Republicans and also might help Trump in 2024.

The broader issue to consider: abortion is no longer the top issue for Republican voters. It is for many, just as gun rights are for many others, but in 2016 Trump didn’t win primarily as a pro-life candidate. His platform included pledges about the sanctity of life but what really drove his election was working class Whites who may or may not care much about abortion but do care about The Great Replacement and the open border, who do care about jobs and the economy, and who do care about not sending their kids to die in meaningless wars. Trump forgot about that in 2020.

Two million fewer voters showed up to vote yesterday in Ohio versus 2020, suggesting that abortion isn’t the draw that it used to be or that many thought it was. That doesn’t mean that abortion isn’t a major issue, just that it is not the single issue that can sway elections.

Of course having said all that, all “elections” are fake and gay and have been for some time. I am quite certain most Republican leaders don’t really give a crap about abortion but they talk as if they do to pander to pro-life evangelicals and Catholics. They don’t care about gun rights and they clearly don’t care about the border. It is all theater to keep the normies distracted and more importantly to keep the politician’s heads from being on spikes. But having “won” the victory over Roe v Wade, pro-life conservatives are finding that their victory might be very fleeting indeed.


  1. Jeffrey Zoar

    Back when abortion was first “legalized” by Roe, I have little doubt that it would have failed on the ballot most anywhere. Maybe a few leftist enclaves like Vermont would have passed it? Maybe not. Certainly none did at the time.

    But after half a century of “normal” and legal abortion, what changed were the people themselves. It corrupted them.

    Those supreme court justice names were handed to Trump by McConnell after being vetted by the Federalist Society. I believe we’d have gotten the same justices with any republican president, it just happened to be the Orange Man.

    Regardless of our opinions about this or that and the degeneration of the moral fabric of the country, at least now we can say the law has been followed, which for half a century it wasn’t. But you can see a template here for how to change the law when the political will to do so doesn’t exist. Just have the court lead the way, then maintain the new normal long enough to where it’s unthinkable to go back.

  2. Pig Walrus

    There is going to be so much blood.
    Not because of the abortion issue per se.
    But, it is a barometer of the greater society.
    We are out numbered.

    • Zorost

      I’m not worried about numbers, I’m worried about our cohesiveness. If enough Whites in a large enough contiguous area get their shit together, I have no doubt about our future.

      The problem is that our Enemy knows this too, and so denies us the ability to organize. For example, red state governors are almost always part of the Borg, even though red state legislatures generally aren’t.

  3. TBC

    As important as the life of a child is, abortion is not the hill I would choose to die on. Eliminating easy abortion does very little for the future of this nation. The flood of illegal immigration absolutely swamps the number of lives that might be saved by restricting baby-killing. And since White peepo have all but quit on the quaint notions of marriage and family, from the Millennials forward, any fetuses spared by new restrictions are very likely to be non-White.

    Close the damned door first, conservatives. Then worry about saving those clumps of cells that the lefties dismiss as an inconvenient nuisance.

  4. saoirse

    Republicunts are against abortion because they need as many children to serve Israhell and pedo jews as possible. Ain’t it obvious by now???

    Democraps want abortion – so why the hell would any conscious White deny them the means to eliminate future liberals, trannies, fags, BLM, Antifas, feminists, nigs and latrinos???

  5. Pig Walrus

    I hear you and agree wholeheartedly.
    The people who are wont to kill their own children are the people who should.
    I can’t fathom a woman who wouldn’t die for her kids, let alone butcher them.
    World society is toast. The last greatest institution (motherhood) has inverted.
    I’m glad my mother wasn’t a whore or a psychopath.

  6. Bobsuruncle

    You gotta love conservatives, what are they conserving at this point? I guess support of Israel foremost. Dont get me started on the Libertarian fuckery, the live and let live attitude is a big part of what got us here. Conservatives act like being against even medical marijuana is saving the nation. Fucking retards. Yet, theyll gladly be all for big pharma, reduced drug prices, and expanded access, support for Fox and Jew max pharma money from commercials. medical marijuana isnt gonna sink the nation when used as an alternative to pharma poison, but dmn sure open borders, 35 trillion in debt, continuing resolutions, revolving door government and tolerating two tier justice system will. When Federally it should be delisted as a schedule one drug when prescribed. Nope, keep using it as a defacto back door against firearm ownership when 99% of the pharma they are prescribing is worse. I dont use it, but i do see the benefits out way the risks and the costs. We have veterans using it, getting medical cards, and it is really helping many of them, all the while putting their firearms ownership at risk and stupid counselors keep pushing it while Republicrats make it the hill to die on.

  7. Bean Dip Tray

    Done with the glorious people’s republic of Ohio anyway.
    (S) elections can’t be trusted and what happened in Virginia is even worse.
    The worthless feckless useless Grand Old Politburo Washington General fellow travelers are done.
    At least you know what you are getting with Bolshevik RAT POS (D) CPUSA.
    O/T-Just saw a large chemical fire in Texas for the latest enemy action report.

  8. Stilicho

    It allows unlimited abortion at any time as long as abortion provider says it is necessary for “health” of mother. It also allows abortion, transgender treatment, or anything else affecting “reproduction” to be provided to minors without parental notice or consent while also providing criminal and civil immunity to anyone who “assists” a minor in obtaining such “treatment”. This is written into the actual amendment by which passed, but was not included in the ballot language which voters saw yesterday.

  9. Plague Monk

    As a favor to my wife, who is pro-life and a christian, I didn’t vote yesterday in the Ohio election. I’m vigorously pro-abortion, and pro-eugenics, and I have told acquaintances that I have no problem with infanticide of the “unfit” or lesser races, such as dindus and latrinos. My cutoff would be when the “child” has demonstrated literacy, basic arithmetic skills, and is physically normal, with no major genetic physical or mental disorders.

    Most of the churches around Cincinnati didn’t take a stand on any of the issues, for fear of alienating their female members. Even in pentecostal churches, support for unrestricted abortion among female members is quite high.

    If not for abortion, I suspect that we would have at least another 50 million worthless creatures draining the life out of American society.

  10. Charlie Hargrave

    If we had passed the issue 1 vote in August, this one would not have made it through. The one that failed required 60% to get an amendment passed.

    Any population center in Ohio is both black and democrat. Double whammies for normal.

    Even my county, Ashland, which is over 90% white, 56 odd % voted for both abortion and pot.

    We are a red state with some bright blue cities.

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