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My weekend trip took me across the Mackinac Bridge connecting the Upper and Lower Peninsulas of Michigan. I spent a couple of nights in St. Ignace, the first town on the north side, opposite the far more touristy Mackinaw City. St. Ignace is mostly White but also is about a quarter American Indian with only around 1% blacks and another 1% mestizo. We used to live near there, in the northern end of the Lower Peninsula, and there were lots of Indians there as well and most lived pretty poorly despite getting a huge lump sum of cash from the government when they became adults that most promptly spent on stupid crap. A story for a different day.

My hotel room sat right on the water looking out at Mackinac Island, this is the sunrise Sunday morning (10/23/2023) from my room coming up over the island….

With lots of time to kill and no one with me for most of the weekend, I pondered some stuff.

If you have never been on the Mackinac Bridge, it is quite an engineering marvel. At the highest point it is 200 feet above the water and it runs for 8 miles with a main span of 3,799 feet, somewhat shorter than the Golden Gate Bridge (4,199 feet) and the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge in New York (4,258 feet), the only two suspension bridges to surpass the Mackinac Bridge in North America. There are a bunch of longer suspension bridges in the world but most are far more recently built than the Mackinac Bridge (opened in 1957). The Mackinac Bridge viewed from the north shore, Bridge View Park in St. Ignace….

….and from the south shore, viewed from Mackinac City and the underside of the bridge, same beach (you can tell it was a nicer day on Sunday than Friday when I took the above picture, rained all day off and on).

It is really an amazing structure. The building materials are hard to imagine…..

466,300 cubic yards of concrete? A concrete truck will hold up to 10 cubic yards so the bridge is made up of the equivalent of 46,630 concrete trucks (I assume they made the concrete on-site instead of trucking it in). 71,300 tons of steel in the superstructure is also hard to fathom. The Mighty Mac as the bridge is sometimes called is one of those feats of engineering that we just take for granted in America.

Most modern suspension bridges are being built in China now but they still use the same basic structure perfected by Europeans and Americans nearly a century ago. There are some significant bridges in Africa and South America, another sign of how terrible colonialism was, and those that are there were designed and built with the aid (and probably money) of Whites.

On Saturday morning I decided to go for a walk so I did a little searching and found a short trail nearby. The fall colors were near their peak in Michigan and the walk was just beautiful.

It is a nice little paved path with frequent drinking fountains and benches. There are thousands of little paths like this all around the country, made by and for people who like to get outside and enjoy the beauty of nature. For people of European descent, nature is both something to be explored and conquered but also something to enjoy and protect. Conservation groups like the Sierra Club and Ducks Unlimited were founded by White people and are still mostly supported by Whites.

Not as much today but Whites were the people who were bird watchers, nature enthusiasts, hunters and fisherman. It was thanks to the work of Whites that we have magnificent national parks and little walking trails like the one above.

Big and small, Whites are builders. People who built stuff. People that looked at the miles that separate the Lower and Upper Peninsulas of Michigan and think to themselves “We should build a bridge connecting the two”. They also looked at little wooded areas like the one I walked and said “This would be a nice place for people to walk, we should built a path”. From massive skyscrapers and suspension bridges to playgrounds and parks in small towns, White people are problem-solvers, builders and people who make and do stuff just for the sheer pleasure and utility it will bring not just them or their families but to people not yet born.

In stark contrast to what we are told over and over, the world is a richer, more pleasant and enjoyable place because of Whites. As other races seek dominance over the world, it will be poor and uglier for everyone. That is what we fight against, and a future of mighty bridges and quiet walking paths is what we are fighting for.


  1. Bean Dip Tray

    You were behind CPUSA (D) enemy lines with some good recon.
    Comradette Nessel will be rounding up deplorables while Hillary sports the Pol Pot jumpsuit, no soup for you kulak. (/s)
    I haven’t been since 2020 when gas was $2 and always honked at the Trump sign on I-69.
    Did you hear about the CPUSA (D) comradette who was killed by a peaceful religionist who got knifey with it and she was small hat?
    It happened in the CPUSA (D) crown jewel workers utopia Detoilet.

      • SIze 23 Clown Shoes

        The pot dispensaries are becoming as ubiquitous as dollar stores. It seems like half the populace is using Marijuana in some form or another (perhaps you can do a post on this topic).

        I work construction, and half the crew (the younger guys at least) were talking about getting high. My wife works in a medical office and most of her younger coworkers also partake, during working hours.

        Soon, no one will be able to function without pot. Just another tool in the commies’ arsenal to destroy the FUSA.

  2. Barefoot Peckerwood

    True words in the closing 2 paragraphs.

    Where is that trail? I’m up in St Ignace every quarter doing a pipeline inspection across the straits. Thanks.

  3. Moe Gibbs

    The Jones Beach boardwalk on the south shore of Long Island includes photo displays along its length depicting the boardwalk in times gone by. Mostly B&W, literally every photograph of the outdoor facilities and activities, including concerts at the bandshell, roller skating, ballroom dancing, swimming in the huge saltwater pool, showed White people from the idyllic 40s, 50s and 60s enjoying themselves in complete safety.

    Today the bandshell is silent, the pool long gone. There hasn’t been concerts or ballroom dancing at the boardwalk since I was a child. Nearly all the facilities from those bygone days are no longer there, the cost of maintaining and especially securing them against theft and vandalism having proved too dear. The beach is still beautiful and wildly popular. But in summer, we, like any White Long Islanders, know enough to get there early and bail by noon, for that is when they show up.

    Blacks, bussed in from the city, Brooklyn and Queens. Blacks, from the few highly segregated majority-minority communities on the island where no White person dares to tread. They swarm in like locusts, with their profanity-laced shouting, their stink, their incessant disruption. Undisciplined and unsupervised “youths” steal anything they can get their hands on. They litter the beach with their garbage and drive all the nice, White families straight off the sand as soon as they arrive.

    They harass the White girls, ignore the lifeguards, make a mess of the concession stands and bully the White children, turning a fun day at the beach into a nightmare for those who do not know enough to leave before mid-day. I’ve witnessed it endlessly, starting during my childhood in the 70s – large groups of blacks begin appearing at noon and one beach umbrella after another is quickly closed as White families pack up and beat a hasty retreat. It is actually comical to see the groups headed opposite to one another across the dunes.

    After Labor Day the beaches revert back once again to exquisite Whiteopias, the boardwalks safe from dawn til dusk. Once it is too chilly to enter the water, blacks have no use for the shoreline. They do not seem to appreciate anything in nature, be it walking along the crashing surf or stopping to photograph a beautiful sunset over the water. In fact, I can’t even imagine such a thing happening. Nature is just not their world.

  4. D

    What a great post, Art!! I have come here for sanity for awhile now. I have a cabin in the U.P. and I always make a point to drive thru St. Ignace off 75 when I cross the Mac. Shit seems to change once you get to West Branch…the North Woods starts there. The U.P. is a whole different animal than the lower. Ever been to Paradise? Was there a few years back and the place was crawling with ragheads. I never found out why, but my guess is they were from Dearborn or Hamtramck.

    • Arthur Sido

      Lots of foreigners in Mackinaw City but on the other side it was almost all White except for one restaurant where almost all of the waitstaff was black, they sounded Jamaican. I really loved it up there, but it does have it’s problems as most of the smarter people move away and the ones that are left tend to be less than exemplars of the White race. Try getting a contractor to do any work up there, good luck.

    • Gryphon

      I can’t recall the Title, but once read a Book about the Brooklyn Bridge, built by Washington Roebling. It was the first Suspension Bridge (or any Bridge) where the Tower Foundations were constructed using Pressurized Caissons – giant, Steel-Edged Timber Boxes that were Pushed into the Riverbed by the Weight of the Stones comprising the Towers, as the Engineers and Workers Dug Out beneath them. The Caissons were continually Pressurized with Air to keep the Water Out – Air Pressure that had to be Increased for every Foot they went down – Hundreds of Workers were Injured, dozens Killed from Nitrogen Narcosis, or “Diver’s Bends”. This experience led to today’s Medical Understanding of the Condition.

      Once the Caissons reached Bedrock, they were filled with Concrete – but the Bridge Towers still rest on the Timber Roof of the Caissons – and the slow Crushing of them is a Calculated ‘Movement’ that the Bridge is designed to accommodate. The Towers are also Taller below the Waterline than Above it. All of this Design, Engineering, and Construction was done by White Men, without ‘computers’ or even Electricity – all work done by Steam-Powered Machines or Hand Labor.

  5. Anon

    Whites need to become Destroyers once more.
    It’s not enough to build something, that just produces more to be stolen, desecrated, and ruined.
    Whites need to destroy all that threatens what they build. This includes even the structures too infested to cleanse. Literally and metaphorically.

    I was hoping this ME war got a lot hotter as the more the us gets entangled and wastes what strength it has left, the more chaos can occur and opportunities along with it. As things remain stable, that means the status quo of having a govt that hates us and is removing and replaces us. But there is time for things to get worse.

  6. Tractorguy

    It has been said, “Give a group of whites a pile of bricks and they will turn it into a city. Give a group of blacks a city and they will turn it into a pile of bricks.”

  7. Danny

    The Sunshine Skyway Bridge is interesting. It is not a suspension bridge – it’s cable-stayed. The total length is 4.14 miles. The original beam bridge was rammed by a vessel and collapsed in 1980.

  8. Boba O'Really

    I cross that magnificent structure whenever I am in the area, whether I need to go to the U.P. or not.
    For less than 5 bucks, I get to stand on the shoulders of giants…twice

  9. Stealth Spaniel

    Beautiful pictures, and an excellent post. My family is from Ohio and Kentucky, but as a young child I stayed in Michigan. It had gorgeous farms, the people were very friendly, and there was no fear of anything. But-we were a white country then. Thanks to the 1965 immigration debacle, places of solitude, peace, and beauty have been destroyed by fire, pestilence, garbage, and race.

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