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I was really busy last week and then I was out of town for the weekend, took my laptop but wasn’t able to log into my wordpress account for some reason. Just got home and need to eat and decompress. My apologies.


  1. Mike_C

    IRL life comes first, no worries.
    While you’re recharging I’m going to sneak up to the mic and drop some repurposed lyrics. Iffn y’all don’t know the time you have a cultural blind spot. Ennywayz…

    “V’lodo and Bibi”

    Fighting all their wars my friend
    Was gonna keep us free and clean
    But now inflation’s through the roof
    And no one can afford kerosene

    V’lodo was a bandit boy
    His grift was smooth as polished steel
    And true to type he guilt tripped us
    For all the Western world to feel

    V’lodo met his match you know
    After Hamas attacked old Israel
    Ukraine is now yesterday’s news
    Ah but that’s the way it goes

    All the neocon liars say
    Russia’ll collapse any day
    And Putin’s invasion, like always,
    Was for no reason at all

    Bibi he’s singing the blues
    Twenty-four seven the way they do
    The cash that V’lodo plan’d to rake
    Is now part of Bibi’s take

    The day they dropped V’lodo’s ass
    Bibi vowed to kill Hamas
    Where he got the bread for war
    Any fool clearly knows

    Evangelicals say
    Support Israel every way
    Forget USS Liberty
    Ignore the Lavon Affair

    News don’t tell of V’lodo’s fate
    And Bibi’s fraud trial has gone away
    Though Gaza burns, hearts are cold
    They’re all subhuman scum we’re told

    Evangelicals say
    Support Israel every way
    Pollard was a patriot true
    A real hero, I suppose

    • Mike_C

      I guess it’s old country? JJ has it right with the tune from “Pancho and Lefty”.

      Emmylou Harris can’t be beat. Another great cover of a Townes Van Zandt song is her duet with Don Williams on “If I Needed You”.

  2. Bombs Dropping To Hell

    It only gets worse so enjoy what you can while you can.
    At least the tweets aren’t mean.
    The Eagles have the song on Long Road Out of Eden about rah rah chickenhawks who never have any skin or kin in the game and the delusional HS football clique mentality of the Kwanstain or FUSA.

  3. Bobsuruncle

    My pastor just went full-Jew-tard yesterday he’s been dancing the line for over a year on being a Zionist-Christian. He pretty much said if you don’t support Israel….and left out the cursed part. Ezekiel 38 and Psalm 83 came up, makes sense. It’s another holy war and not my fucking problem. Apparently the entire Jew history is a “holy” war, since the New Testament not my problem been there done that for 20+ years. Then he said ALL the land is theirs (greater Israel) and anyone saying Israel’s formation not being biblically founded according to God’s word is wrong. He then said all the dna is Jew we all come from Jews just less related. Ashkenazi aren’t studies show they’re not Semitic but he says it’s ok they run everything. He left that open to you and I and we should quit fighting about it. He Intimated that the Jews are still chosen to be kings and king makers and we should support them also basically said there is no new covenant and they don’t need Jesus, that’s only for us Goy. This is when I lost my collective shit. There is one Book, one law, one way or there’s not. I may be done with all this bs. I’ve consulted a few Christians. No answer yet but fuck the shitites sodomites cainonites, fuckites All this ancient tribal bullshit needs to end.

    • Anon

      Essentially, christians are supposed to be slaves to jews so stop questioning the holy kings and die for israel you fucking goyim.

      What an appealing spiritual message, really makes me want to convert.

      • Captain Coleman

        They just need to go over to Palestine and show those dummies that here- RIGHT HERE- in their bibles, it shows that the land these people have been on for time immemorial belongs to these people who came from Poland and the Ukraine in the 20th century and call themselves Jews. Pastor Hagee will tell ya. Jews love him and they love Jesus ’cause of him.

        Once you explain this to the Palestinian moms who have had their sons and daughters beaten and shot by the IDF, I’m sure they’ll understand.

        “The more you know”

    • Captain Coleman

      For every 20 Palestinian kids the IDF kills, the Rapture will come one year earlier.

      Izz-reel is the land of Jesus. They LOVE Jesus there.

      Tell Pastor Jewtard to go talk about Jesus over in Israel sometime. He’ll have a fucking ball.

      I guarantee it.

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