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Well Of Course It Is

From “conservative” Fox News just this morning.

Quoting directly and without any pushback from a representative of a virulently anti-White, extreme leftist organization that has never seen a left-wing policy or degeneracy it didn’t embrace. Why does Fox platform them? You know why. With few “Holocaust survivors” left to trot out on command, and boy there seemed to be a lot of them suggesting the worst genocide ever, the Holocaust-Industrial Complex needs a new cause du jour to fleece the gullible Americans.

The news all over is full of unquestioned stories of piles of Jewish babies, kidnapped Americans, enormous body counts, rape and torture. Maybe it is all true, hell much of it probably is, but it is reported without even the pretense of journalistic examination. I can barely stomach to look at my Youtube feed.

As I cautioned, the propaganda is going to be out of control for weeks to come.


  1. saoirse

    Nothing like a kosher middle eastern scam to galvanize muh CON-serv-uh-tives. Trumpenstein high on his foreskin protein shake trying to out-bellow the likes of that cunt Nikky Haley and her fellow rancid prostitutes.
    Republicunts = christ insanity = staunch jew lovers. Easiest equation there is. A mathematical constant. “Gotta sacrifice muh culture, muh families, muh cuntry and myself for Isruhell cos the bibull says so”. A virulent strain of a ubiquitous Abrahamic mind virus. Makes the ‘muh democracee’ virus look tame in comparison. They all scream for desert rat funding and revenge like demented untermenschen whilst muds stream across our (and Europe’s) borders. The blatant contempt for their own citizenry is disgusting. The acquiescence of that citizenry us mind boggling!!

    • saoirse

      Since the original holohoax has been debunked and the truth is spreading rapidly, it’s time to create a new holohoax. Lots of high-tech flim-flam available now to get an instantaneous emotional reaction.

      • Gryphon

        If (((they))) succeed in dragging Iran into their little “War”, they may just Get the fabled ‘Six Gorillion’ Body Count… Even without Nukes (which they Don’t Have) the Persian Rocket Forces can put so many Heavy Rounds into occupied Palestine that ‘annudda shoah!’ will be quite likely.

        Then, of course, there’s the little ‘issue’ of how (((they))) have been trying to re-establish “greater Khazaria” in the Ukraine, and have not only Failed, but Greatly Annoyed the Bear.

        In a speech a number of Years ago, in Describing how ‘the West’ wanted to Take over Russia, Tsar Vladimir said, “It isn’t going to Happen. The Bear has Nuclear Weapons.” Open War with Iran by the zionists might just get them a Visit from “Mr. Sarmat”, and it’s Over.

        • saoirse

          That would thankfully wipe the zio-motherland off the map for good. Then the chosen and their lackeys in the west commit themselves to an all out war (queue in “Fools Rush In”) and get wiped out in turn. Sounds like a plan!

  2. Anonymous

    I’m watching the number of Israelis killed rising with each shrill news report. 300, then 600, then “over 900” dead. Getting an awful sense of deja vu here. Do I hear six million?

  3. LGC

    I dunno, on a work related forum I”m on (basic tradesmen, mostly zoomers and millenials, I”m by far the oldest person (GenX)) that still isn’t really believing that covid was a hoax (maybe 50/50 at this point, down from like 90/10 is very much against “our greatest ally”. Very much believing it’s a false flag, let’s go to war for israel, boomers are stupid and the meme’s have been brutal (in our favor). Very much throwing Ukraine over for oh let’s send money to Israel.

    So maybe, despite all the propaganda it’s not having any effect. Or maybe there’s just too much noticing going on

  4. Big Ruckus D

    Hoh man, the propaganda is running hot and fast on this shit. I don’t watch tv anymore (and especially news), at all. But I work in a trade that has me in people’s homes doing repair and remodel work, so I (unfortunately) witness and overhear the rancid bullshit that is put on TV with some regularity, despite my own eschewing of it.

    Customer earlier today has “sux jews” on their boob tube, and my God, the overly dramatic narrative (peppered so excessively with $10 words synonymous with horror and outrage, to crank up the blatant manipulativeness of it all) was breathtaking.

    But the part that really made me gag was a presumably brand new commercial imploring – no – begging us goyim for our charity, to assist “poor helpless jews” (with their limbs blown off and their genitalia butchered, I’m sure). I could see the screen from where I was working, and they liberally sprinkled the spot with video of rockets in the night sky, and buildings BTFU taken from yesterday’s video feeds of festivities in the sandbox. Must have spent all night in the editing bag to get that shit on the air today. You want to talk about emotionally manipulative and exploitative pukeworthy propaganda, this was taken to a level that defies description. It was so over the top, I had to restrain myself from laughing at the absurdity of it all. Even had a QR code on the screen to make it so much easier for us to contribute. As if.

    The entire thing has the look and feel of a tactless, bald faced hustle, and only made me hate everyone involved in this “current thing” even more than I already did 24 hours ago. I wasn’t sure that was even possible, until it happened.

  5. Big Ruckus D

    I’m not trying to edge in on Jenkemview Cancer’s gig here (all proper respect for his prose), but I’ll just leave this here:

    Oy fuckin’ vey
    You goyim must pay
    To attone for the horrors
    That we’ve suffered this day

    Our babies are dead
    Our women forced to give head
    And our streets are stained vermillion
    Because you didn’t sanctify the 6 million.

    So here is the deal
    We consider you all schlemiel
    But we figure we can guilt you
    Right in the goyim feels.

  6. Bobsuruncle

    Still waiting on the CGI, green screen or deepfake, beheaded babies proof finally, ala ISIS/CIA hasan chop clips.

    I love not having a dog in this. Its like watching a circus/football game where you pay your admission by support for Israel, saying “by any means necessary” then don’t define that price.

    Just waiting for consequence free time tickets to the JewSA shit show to be on sale. Looks like next year or so.

  7. Filthie

    While the magician entertains you with the left hand…the trick is in the right.

    Wonder what’s going on with the Kraine right now?

  8. Captain Coleman

    All the usual chest thumping freedom fighter types around here are getting ready to deal with them Muslim sleeper cells here in the US of A.

    You know- like the guy at the 7-11 in the Simpsons.

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