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Well Isn’t That Convenient

The war in Ukraine is winding down and you know this because the appetite from Congress for more Ukraine funding is fading and the Usual Suspects like Li’l Lindsey “Definitely Not A Faggot” Graham are screeching for more money. That is bad news for the bottom line of defense contractors that have been getting rich(er) from that sweet, sweet aid money. We can’t have that of course so along comes this:


Just like that, a new war for us to spend money on.

Now that Israel is under attack, in a totally organic move, no one gives a shit about Ukraine all of a sudden.

The U.S. government is tripping over itself to promise anything the Israelis want.

Billions every year in direct aid and who knows how many billions in material aid but we are going to give them whatever they need. The big difference is that when Israel is under any threat, almost no one in the Republican party will dare ask any questions. Here is governor of Florida Ron DeSantis who takes a back seat to no one when it comes to sucking up to Our Greatest Ally.

Watch for a bunch of cash and gear to head over to Israel in short order, and not leftovers and cast-offs like we were sending to Ukraine but primo top-of-the-line stuff.

It is all so dreadfully transparent and predictable.



    DeSantis was here in Tejas fundraising with POS Speaker of da House Drunk Dade Phelan (still a YouTube treat). Glad we know he’s a Bushie, too.

    As for AIDS for Israel, let Unca Sambo recruit some Emmas at lesbian weddings to fight Hamas. Christian YT dissident need not apply.

  2. Plague Monk

    I have to agree with Vox Day, when he asks why now, and what is this supposed to accomplish:
    Clock stopped, etc.

    I pointed out on some other web sites that the US has no problem attacking civilians, Isntreal positively delights in murdering innocents, so how can we object to the Palestinians killing their occupiers?

    I can hope that Iran will open a half dozen or so containers of canned sunshine in Occupied Palestine, but I’m just a misty eyed dreamer…

  3. Big Ruckus D

    Ha, that tweet from DeSantis. What a shill. Hey Ron, it doesn’t matter how hard you suck, the foreskin ain’t growing back.

    Anyway, this is just great. We have now surpassed “shit show” and blown right by “Tijuana donkey show” status, too. We aren’t going to make it, are we?

    • Big Ruckus D

      Yeah, most likely. With significant consulting work done by the cocaine import agency, I’m sure. Just another giant oy vey in the making for US debt. There’s no screw job like a kosher screw job, right?

  4. saoirse

    Never underestimate the pompous ignorance of the Murkan electorate and their penchant for self-flagellation.
    There’s ample evidence both to hang everyone of our ‘leaders’ for treason and to nuke Israhell but the dumb fucks just keep electing the shit from the same corrupt two-party system.
    But… but… but Trump will right the ship and make Murka great again this time around…… Sure he will asswipe.

  5. George True

    Two main questions occur to me immediately. First, who benefits? Second, why now?

    One thing I can say unequivocally, and that is nothing about this is as it appears to be.

    It would not surprise me if the Israelis themselves or their Globalist overlords were behind this. It would not be the first time that Jewish elites have sacrificed their own commoners in pursuit of their ultimate aims.

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