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Weird Times A’Brewin’

I am pretty glad that back in September I jumped on the Winchester 5.56 rebate and picked up 1000 rounds at what will work out to 30 cents a round (Ammo Deal Alert). That was a tiny window and things have gotten ugly since the Hamas-Israel-Gaza thing kicked off. Today it is getting hard to find 5.56 for less than $.45/round and that doesn’t include shipping. My wholesale distributors are mostly out of 55 grain and the prices I would pay are creeping up to more than what people were paying retail just a few weeks ago. Then there is this and like Mike I don’t know if this is real but it certainly sounds like something They would do:

I assume most of you are already stacked deep but many others will not be and the panic buying will push prices ever higher.

Something else I find interesting. In 2020 when ammo went the way of toilet paper and became impossible to find, it was kind of across the board. Today, rifle ammo (at least 5.56/.223./.308) is very difficult to find and prices have shot up but 9mm? Easy to find, still very cheap. One of my wholesalers sent out a deal for $10 off/box on 9mm Federal Premium HST Tactical. It certainly seems that people are drifting more toward rifles, suggesting perhaps people thinking a kinetic situation might call for more than a 9mm in the nightstand.

Pedo Joe Biden is going to Israel on Wednesday and that has my spidey sense tingling. They want him out of the way and They want us in a war with Iran. You do the math. Probably not but I suspect They offed one American President already, so why not two? With carrier strike groups and amphib outfits already in place…..yikes.

Check your readiness level boys. I am not happy with where I am, and am taking steps to rectify that. You ought to be doing a self-eval too, because if it comes to it, you won’t have time to figure your shit out while bullets are flying.

** Edit **

No surprise but others are wondering about the whole Pedo Joe to an active war zone thing, especially announcing it well ahead of time.


  1. 3g4me

    I was literally just stopping by to thank you for the heads up on that Winchester 5.56 (we got 1000 rounds like you). I finally got the original UPCs (had to drive 45 minutes to get them because we had it delivered to our son’s house) and got the rebate mailed and postmarked yesterday afternoon – just squeaked inside the deadline.

    I’ve seen lots of people online warning about prices and availability since the latest Levant kerfuffle. My son said from what he can gather the Lake City thing is a bit of an exaggeration based on a single canceled order. Either way, it’s all going up in price and down in availability, so thank you so much for posting about the deal.

  2. Bean Dip Tray

    Welly welly well. Yarblokos of ammo for the coming Jihad times and permanent revolution and purge of all deplorable kulak untermenschen by the comrades.
    You have chosen wisely.
    Burning it all down? They’ll be using it on more than just ammo plants and food distribution centers.
    O’Brandon appeared on the Communist Bolshevik Soviet (CBS) and said that the KWA or FUSA is obligated to get involved in foreign wars, kommassarina Yellen says absolutely we can afford more wars as she lovingly stroked the printing press.
    Plan accordingly regarding gasoline, grocery, and other prices.
    Ammo is back down in price after the big “historic” closing all lead smelters scare under Chimpy the Kenyan and the muh supply chain LARP.

  3. RegretLeft

    “One president” ? – You barely need to get half way into the rabbit hole to find speculation about the 3 others. Rothschilds unhappy with Lincoln’s finance decisions as the war wound down, etc etc. And they took shots at Ford and Reagan in quick succession; there are those who claim the latter was on his best behavior after they took the bullet out of his lung. Still, Reagan was 40+ years ago – and kinetic seems to be out of favor – I was sure Trump picking Pence was equivalent to his wearing an “Aim Here” shirt 24 x 7 – but I was wrong. Trump probably knew something I didn’t — duh!

  4. Xzebek

    I am very glad as well. Haven’t received the rebate yet, but should be soon. I’ve made some other purchases from SG and Lucky Gunner as well, Good prices at both places that I don’t expect to last.
    The only thing I couldn’t get a good price on was 5.7X28, but i’m used to that.

  5. Gryphon

    I believe that the biggest Factor in Ammo Price/Availability has always been the “Toilet Paper Effect”, where small changes in actual availability, as well as political ‘Rumint’ events create a Surge in Demand that does Drive Up the Price. Best Time to Buy is when Nobody is talking about “Ammo Shortages”.

  6. Filthie

    Get a reloader and learn how to use it. You will not regret it. Back in the day it would literally triple the bang for your buck. Ten years ago I started buying powder by the 8 lb. keg, primers in lots of 5000, and picking up and sorting range brass. I just wretch when I see the prices nowadays. It’s so bad now that you can’t save money reloading for some calibres like 9mm or 223 anymore.

    • Gryphon

      Figure in your Time, Glen, and it doesn’t look as good of a ‘Bargain’. I used to Reload, but even at today’s prices, I’m better off Turning Wrench and Spending Cash for it. Sold the Reloading Set to someone who loads Odd Calibers and High-Accuracy stuff. Spent the Money on Ammo.

      • Filthie

        Yep if you make enough money and you’re not picky about accuracy, factory ammo is the way to go. I do have weird calibres and have to form my own brass plus I have calibres where I can cast my own boolits too. And I enjoy buggering around on the bench too so it’s all cheap entertainment.

        • Gryphon

          I wasn’t being Derogatory there, just commenting that it’s a Narrow part of Gunning that’s more effective for certain uses than Stacking Ammo… I stick with Mil-Spec stuff, knowing that my Shooting Ability isn’t much better than what the Standard Ammo will do.

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