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We Wuz Scholarz And Sheeeit!

Those whacky teen scholars!

Footage shows two teen girls yelling at each other in a classroom with the teacher in the middle, appearing to try to de-escalate the situation as curse words fly. One of the girls, identified by local ABC 12 as being 15 years old, picks up a chair and hurls it, smacking the unsuspecting teacher’s head.

Silly teacher getting between some squabbling feral scholars!

The best part was the statement from the school….

Flint Community Schools reacted to the now-viral video on Thursday, saying the incident “occurred at Southwestern Classical Academy concerning a physical altercation between two scholars. This unfortunate incident resulted in a staff member sustaining an injury.”

When you watch the video, of course the first word that comes to mind is “scholar”. I doubt the feral that threw the chair could spell scholar if you spotted her every letter but the “s”. It is the latest gimmick from schools to try to deflect attention from the fact that public schools in urban areas are little more than pre-penitentiaries, a sort of early minimum security prison. The feral that threw the chair was about five seconds away from jumping on a chair and tossing her poo at the other “scholar”.

Although I already knew the answer I went to Great Schools to check the demographics of Southwestern Academy in Flint and of course the “school” is 82% black and only 11% White but this was startling even to me….

Half of the students at the school have been suspended? Holy shit! I also loved the “Very Concerning” warning. I wonder if Great Schools considers that perhaps black kids are suspended at such high rates (although even White kids are suspended at a crazy percentage) for actual reasons, such as throwing chairs at teachers? I would love to call up the school and ask why black kids are suspended “disproportionately”.

Calling a “feral” inmate student a “scholar” is just silly. It is the sort of empty gesture that some education “expert” thought up and published a paper about that does nothing to address the core issue, an issue that is driven by biology rather than terminology. The squabbling ferals are said to be 15 years old and it boggles the mind to think what they will be like as adults but you can be certain that one thing they won’t be are “scholars”. On the bright side, we only have millions of ferals in our public schools just like that “scholar” and they all get the same vote that you get. How can things not get better in America!


  1. Mike_C

    “millions of ferals […] and they all get the same vote that you get.”

    Now THAT is a goddamned lie, Arthur, and you know it. The votes are not the same. The votes of the ferals will be counted. Ours will not be counted.

  2. Moe Gibbs

    Incidents “occurring” at a Classical Academy.

    Scholars “engaging” in pitched battles using furniture as weapons.

    Teachers “sustaining” injury when caught in the crossfire.

    Sounds like a real “happening” place. What is clearly not happening, of course, is any recognizable “learning”. Couple that with the lack of “maturing” and you have the Heart of Darkness that is inner-city AINO circa 2023.

  3. Hiding Out

    Call your school full of ferals a “Classical Academy” and refer to those ferals as “scholars”, and it will all manifest, magically. It’ll be just like England of a century+ ago!

    It’s all very cargo-cult-like.

  4. Yankee Terrier

    My son was in middle school in a suburb of Seattle,( mis mother chose to stay there not I) and he was still small not yet pubescing. The white suspension rate was fairly high. The black rate effectively zero. My son watched a friend get attacked and beaten up by a black scholar, the white kid ( half the assailant s size) was suspended. The convoluted logic was that it was always a “fight” even if you don’t fight back. And zero tolerance applies. Only the black kids were not suspended since the school district was avoiding ” systemic racism” . So the defacto status was that if you get attacked by a black you will be punished for it not him. I pulled my son out of there and brought him to a rural area, ex wife not happy but didn’t resist.

    • Arthur Sido

      That is the new plan, just stop suspending black kids so your required reports look better. Sure “scholars” and the handful of actual students plus teachers and staff will be injured or killed but that is a small price to pay to not look racist.

  5. Harbinger

    Scholars?!? Scholars?!?

    ‘Students’ is quite a stretch when referring to these feral beasts, but scholars? How humorous.
    They only show up for the 3 free meals and to eek and ook at one another between hair-weave trashing brawls. Nothing at all scholarly taking place there, you may be certain.

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