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Mass shooting alert, in Maine of all places. 22 dead as of this morning in a state with only 29 homicides total in 2022.

Card appears to be a White guy and looks to be using an AR-15

According to reports, he was committed for mental illness over the summer but later released and he knows what he is doing with firearms.

While a suspect has not yet been named, the Lewiston Police Department identified 40-year-old Robert R. Card, of Bowdoin, Maine, as a person of interest Wednesday night. According to an internal Maine Information and Analysis Center bulletin obtained by Fox News, Card is a firearms instructor and has military experience.

He is believed to be in the Army Reserve stationed out of Saco, Maine, according to the bulletin.

That accounts for the high body count, unlike Da’swoosh firing his stolen Glock sideways, Card knows how to shoot.

No idea what set this guy off, I doubt he will be captured alive so like the Nashville transvestite shooter and the Las Vegas shooter, we likely won’t know his motivations unless he conveniently left a politically useful manifesto (or the Feds write one up for him).

The warning signs are evident: White guy in an overwhelmingly White, low crime state. Mental health issues. Using a scary looking AR. I am sure the calls will start right away for new “red flag laws” and other measures. It won’t get far in the House thankfully, at least I hope not, but they also haven’t caught him so who knows what else he might do. Some reports suggest he is monitoring the movements of the police, schools in the area are closed but this guy could be anywhere and clearly isn’t done shooting yet.

Hopefully the fuzz nabs this guy but this could get a lot worse before it gets better.


  1. Hedge

    People are saying the guy shown in the pics without the gun was known to be left handed. Even belonged to some left handed club thing that has now been scrubbed from the internet after the shooting. Shooter is right handed or shooting right handed. Who knows. Theory goes…. FBI has database of whackos, they offer up one by way of a patsy after a lookalike does the deed. Could be, again who knows. It stinks already tho.

  2. Anonymous

    White guy shoots up bowling alley…national manhunt.

    Black guy shoots up hookah lounge…just another day in the ‘hood.

    That’s some real White privilege there.

  3. 3g4me

    Who couldn’t he have shot the Somalis who’ve infested Maine and Lewiston? This is far too pat – trained firearms instructor, sudden mental health issues, etc. And yes, fwiw, the headlines at Daily Mail are all about the scary black gun, the “weapon of choice” by “America’s mass shooters.” When I spent a summer there decades ago, Lewiston was a perfectly nice White, working-class town outside the liberal mecca of Portland. That’s why it was targeted by immigration enthusiasts.

    • mike

      No information as of yet that the Somalis were a desired target. The bowling alley had a youth league match going on when he showed up there, so there could be significant children in the casualty totals. The Somalis would be less likely to be found congregating in a bar or a bowling alley and they tend to live in multi-family housing in the same section of town. A local targeting them would have known that and gone there. Frankly, targeting them would have been a more spectacular action if the motivation was “Hate crime” against moslems and migrants. No indication at all so far that this is the case here.

  4. SirLawrence

    I enjoy bowling but shudder to think my small-town alley doesn’t break over 50% carry. Nobody returned fire?

    Obviously too early to tell and the media/gov lies eclipse over the truth are in motion but these events, suspect as they are, remain to be extremely rare given just how many people are thoroughly cooked from the lifelong screen time, gynocracy ritual abuse, and ADHD-SSRI-XANX-ADDERAL roller coaster while enduring the total and complete mindf*ck of covid and the subsequent alt-reality being forced on us all.

  5. Greg

    I note a comment at BCE’s asking how the surveillance cam snapshots were released so soon. Too soon?
    And for conspiracy theories, I ask who swapped his meds for lookalike placebos? That’s how the windup toys are triggered after all. Everything we’ve heard so far just stinks.

  6. Former 13D

    Maine is a Constitutional Carry state. Unfortunately, that ends the moment you walk thru the doors of a gun free zone. Both the bar and bowling alley serve alcohol, so both – by law – are gun free zone. Hence, no one shot back at the shooter as they were unarmed.

  7. Bean Dip Tray

    The nose knows and there is a trail of death and destruction everywhere it goes.
    Wonder what was going on while this was happening?
    Calls for civilian Disarmament just as WWIII is starting?
    That’s how Bolsheviks roll.

    • Former 13D

      20 years Army Reserves as a fuel specialist. Yet, the local media is calling him a trained marksman. Which means not one of them has a military background (as you get that designation by hitting 31 out of 40 rounds in qualification on a range.).

  8. Xzebek

    He may have extra mags in the thigh pockets of his trousers but at most 2 or 3. The high kill count of course points to a white shooter. Unless he has access to other sources of ammo and mags he’s likely out considering how much he has shot so far byt he may have more in a vehicle etc. Does he wish to escape, which would be very interesting, or is he going to off himself or do suicide by cop?

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