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Three Videos To Share

For your viewing pleasure.

First Ramzpaul talking about the false morality that demands we feel deep sorrow over the death of Ryan Carson, a far left activist-poet stabbed to death on the streets of Brooklyn. Paul isn’t helped by the high def video but what he is saying is the way.

Mirrored on Rumble in case Youtube nukes this one.

Then Mark Dice on the Wicked Witch of Arkansas, Never-President Hillary Clinton, talking about formal deprogramming of the 75 million people that voted for Trump.

It is a pretty short walk from “formal deprogramming” to “one way trip to the gulag”. It is not a coincidence that this comes out right on the heels of the Newsweek-by-FBI report labelling “MAGA” followers a dangerous army of extremists.

The dial keeps turning up.

One more from Dave Cullen on the need for physical media.

I have most of my ebooks directly downloaded so Amazon can’t decide to modify those books or just delete them, same with movies. If you don’t have it in your possession, it isn’t really yours.


  1. Ohio Copperhead

    What we really need is our own internet-based archival system with screenshots or whatever we can legally use to chronicle the old versions and the changes: a way to stop Minitruth on the Potomic’s attempt to rewrite the past and brand us as crazy for remembering the truth.

    • Never Forget

      In Australia & NZ our politicians are now trying to claim that no one FORCED Australians to take the medical experiment.

      Technically they are correct – no one forcibly held anyone down and injected anyone.

      However they just made it impossible to keep our jobs (or professions) to pay our insanely high mortgages if we didn’t take it. Extreme coercion is not “forced” according to these c-nut politicians. I don’t know about the Kiwis, but the Aussie C-nut politicians were ACTUALLY EXEMPT from being compelled to take it. Some Animals are more equal than others dont-cha-know !

      Pretty much the only people who were able to escape the treatment were the dumb shit dole bludgers who own absolutely nothing and didn’t care, and the boomers / most fortunate section of Gen-X, who had already paid off their homes. Virtually everyone else HAD to take it. Or ELSE.

      If it had gone on much longer, they were on the verge of forcing dole bludgers to take it to receive their dole payment.

      But our glorious leaders want everyone to forget all that.

  2. realwesterner

    We frequently reformat articles (remove photos/comments) and screenprint them and put them in a 3 ring binder which has tabs for topics. These are mostly how-to’s, or medical and first aid info. A spiral with subject tabs works for doc’s that can be easily transcribed by hand without wasting printer cartridges and computer paper. Ink and paper are more cumbersome than dvd’s, but they are less electricity dependent. i surmise that “grid down” will be a highly localized event based on a person’s social credit, rather than a wide-spread event that could cause significant upheaval. Just a guess.

  3. Filthie

    Well thanks for that, Arthur. I’ve seen others refer to RamZpaul and I never put the time in to check him out. I saw a few ho-hum vids and just kinda left him on the shelf. But he is bang on with this, as is the Hildabeest. We are at war now. We are the only ones that don’t know it yet.

    I’d go further than he does: if you are within a pistol shot of niggers and you don’t know them personally, you are way too close and you need to be somewhere else. Even if you are a full blown Dissident… anyone who is not race aware at this point is almost criminally negligent. If you are rubbing shoulders with their enablers… again, you need distance. Keep these guys out of your airspace and business, no good can come from tolerating them anymore.

    Something is going to give, soon. Don’t be in stupid places with stupid people.

  4. saoirse

    They’re all still on JewTube, does that tell you enough?
    Paul is a wuss. Talked a lot of empty comedial ‘alt right’ (alt light is more apropos) crap until the planned debacle in Charlottesville. He divorced himself from anything he considered ‘radical’ because there were Natzees giving the Heil salute.
    Dice is a stone Trump Chump, with a battalion of followers (i.e. sheep). If Trumpenstein let him he’d blow him.
    The paddy sticks mostly to civnat/populist commenting on mainstream pulp. I’ll pass.

  5. Cavetoad

    Thank you Arthur, I don’t remember which blog I found you from but I always enjoy your insight and every post.

    These videos are absolutely relevant and I agree, the time may be running short. But, I agree with some, if they are still on Jewtube, there is a problem, look how hard they push to shut down Alex Jones, and after asshat getting kicked from speaker he had on MGT and a Levin guy raving about that grifter Joo.

    Either way, not my point. So again I got reminded of this video and went back to watch it tonight. It’s free, it’s independent, and I think Every Single Red Blooded American needs to watch it, in whole, and consider just what is being said… it’s that important.

    If you haven’t heard of it, it’s about an hour and a half of your time. if you’re not ready to kick in a door by the end, you’re not a Patriot IMO.


  6. Gryphon

    All good Vids – should be interesting when/if that one of the Klinton Kunt gets Removed – it’s in line with the Meme “Da Goyim Know! Shut it Down”. I think we are seeing more of them “Saying the Quiet Part out Loud” simply because the commies believe that they have enough “Control” that there won’t be significant “Pushback”, and/or their thugpigs can ‘take care of it’
    before the Deplorables put the Noose on their Necks…

    And it Cannot be over-emphasized, the Importance of HARD COPY Data Storage. Printing important Technical Info taken from the Internet, as well as Books (older ones) to prevent the Loss of Information WHEN, not ‘If’ the Grid goes Down. IMO, if you do use “Electronic Media” for Data Storage, the Optical (CD) Media is the best – Totally Proof against Electromagnetic/R.F. Attack and Disruption – Buuut… you need Hardened Devices to Use them. I’ve used the Panasonic CF-29 series Laptops for over 12 Years now, for ready Use of several dozens of “Maintenance Manuals” for Aircraft, Helicopters, and Vehicles. These things meet the Mil-Specs (810/F and TEMPEST) for Shielding against EMI/RFI (Electromagnetic) attack.

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