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This Is How It Starts

In the days following the 9/11 attacks, as a good red-blooded, patriotic normiecon, I was filled with righteous indignation and impotent fury. We knew who the mastermind behind the plot was and where bin Laden could be found. As the legend goes, the U.S. demanded Osama, was told to pound sand and the invasion of Afghanistan began.

That seemed pretty straightforward. The Taliban were Bad People and were harboring the current Worst Person Ever. No one apart from the planners of the war thought it would go on for over two decades only to end disastrously with the Taliban right back in power.

Then the propaganda began and I won’t rehash what most of you lived through but Iraq, a nation with no plausible ties to the 9/11 attacks (unlike Saudi Arabia or Our Greatest Ally), was suddenly included in the “Global War On Terror”. We were assured, again by Our Greatest Ally among others, that Iraq had “weapons of mass destruction” and if we didn’t strike, they would nuke Topeka. Hundreds of thousands of people dead and maimed and a couple decades later, Iraq is still pretty much a mess and most people are starting to figure out we got hoodwinked by the people pulling the strings of dimwit George W. Bush.

It works best when it happens incrementally. We went from special forces raids in Afghanistan to full on occupation and “nation building” in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is happening again. Yesterday we saw this report of additional troops headed to the Middle East…

That is in addition to thousands of Marines on amphibious assault ships and two carrier strike groups. Then this morning I read:

Now we are actively dropping bombs in a sovereign nation that we are not at war with, hitting “proxies” for a different foreign nation. All of this in a country, Syria, with a large Russian military presence.

As I have stated repeatedly, I am not a military strategist, but it seems to me that if you keep dropping bombs near Russian soldiers, the odds of “accidentally” killing some goes way up and the more troops and assets you have in a region experiencing a hot war, the better the chances some of our troops will get killed. According to Douglas McGregor, we already have lost some special ops guys:

It certainly seems like the pieces are in place for a false flag to give us the pretext to use those carriers and Marines to finally go after the neocon’s favorite wet dream of a war with Iran, perhaps Russia and China for the fun of it as well.

Things are pretty quiet right now on the homefront but if we get into a shooting war, as seems likely, watch for store shelves to empty out in a hurry. You should be sitting pretty already but if you aren’t, time is a wastin’ to get ready.


  1. Sirlawrence

    Brought to you by the same people who were agitating for a no fly zone in Syria way beck when that failed coup was crumbling. Which of course is either full retard or purposeful war agitation or both as enforcement would require shooting down Russian fighters and/or getting “our” tracking and AA installations cratered.

    So I have SF in my family and am eager to get the skinny on that “community”.

    Last I heard from the one who is actively looking into contracts mentioned training jobs are way down and most gigs are direct action (with other names of course) and a lot of “cyber” work.

    Which may suggest there is still mounting effort on both the anti-Iranian nuke sabotage as well as false flag and other wag the dog infrastructure threats on the domestic front.

    Mostly guessing here but if cyber is like threat finance there is a lot of funding for makework dotmil jobs that track “bad guys” but almost never result in follow-on action because it’s likely pointing to some other blue on blue project where those bad guys are “our” bad guys for the moment and some small cadre within dotmil are running the money and so nobody with an O rating wants to drone their cocktail party friends at state and the other three letters.

    The whole oil/energy market and movement of same is realigning as the GAE and the brics etc consolidate. But aside from that the one thing that would speed along the bug eating and domestic threats to our great democracy would be a few weeks of power down from Russian-Iranian-chiner “hackers” named Sumjara working outside Salt Lake City.

  2. Bean Dip Tray

    They (s)elect dimwits to get wars going?
    The last time congress actually declared war was the early 1940s.
    It’s been post constitution for a long time and comrade FDR was the original fundamental transformer.
    Don’t be fooled by the Potemkin front Smith-Mundt Kabuki sets, we are full CCCP now and this is fine for the UNI blob and at least fifty percent of the population.
    Just like in Gaza, we cannot coexist in the same land mass, no matter how big it is.

  3. saoirse

    Time to start selling “support the troops” trinkets to all the brain-dead idiots while insisting that everyone grovel before the altar of military worship……..or be ostracized (or worse) as a terrorist supporter.
    Fuck the troops! There’s been ample time and evidence to prove that this nation is a major war criminal in an ‘axis of evil’ cabal of states that, on top of monstrous war crimes, murder, poison and incarcerate their own people in droves – most especially the white ones – so why participate?
    The time is ripe for a real full-scale coup (not the Q faggot kind) spearheaded by the military but I won’t be holding my breath nor expecting MacGregor, Yon or any other pay-tree-ot pundit to suggest cleaning house.
    The only good soldiers at this point are the ones that mutiny. The rest can perish in their foreign promised lands. That goes double for the hyper-indoctrinated spec-ops gang!

  4. Baker Shakey

    “Here you go kids – put on these shiny little tags!”
    “Why do we have to wear these Dad?”
    “To easily identify you if you’re burned beyond recognition, of course!”

  5. doomguy

    MacGregor might have been good with tanks, but he’s been wrong about basically everything the last couple of years.

    I can see them gradually getting us (more) into the war but I’m wondering what they could do that would get popular support. The religious crazies already support it. Then again, if they just want a forever war, they don’t need support.

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