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The Fantasy Of Equality

This new video from American Renaissance is a great follow-up to my earlier post: Some Problems Have No Solution. Some Conflicts Don’t Have A Good Guy.

In case Youtube nukes that video, here is the original on Odysee.

The ferocious pushback I and many others get on the topic of race and IQ is fascinating, especially as the pushback seems to come nearly as frequently from “conservatives” as from “liberals”. I wanted to take a moment to address a couple of the more common strawmen that are employed to deflect from what the data and decades of observation teach us about racial group differences in IQ.

I am using IQ to serve as a general proxy for raw intelligence, something that does not necessarily equate to wisdom or financial success. In fact many of the most intelligent people are lazy, a bit autistic and often are considered underachievers. It is also being used as a a group marker for people by race, something I will look at in the first strawman. I got this argument over the weeked:

I know successful black people so that disproves that biology is determinative in outcome.

First off, individual economic success as I mentioned is not directly tied to intelligence. The most successful people I know are almost all Amish, including several I know for certain that are millionaires. They also have an 8th grade education and generally know very little about most academic topics. What they do know is how to work their asses off, pass on wealth generationally and how to make money. Asian Indians and Pakistanis are not especially intelligent either but they are some of the wealthiest people in America by racial group, again because they work very hard and are shrewd about money. While blacks as a group are among the poorest racial groups in America, of course there are successful blacks.

A similar strawman…

I know smart black people, you think they are all dumb.

That is another example of the NAXALT fallacy but no one I know has ever said that there are no smart blacks. There are certainly black people that are exceptionally intelligent. For example, Clarence Thomas might be the smartest person on the Supreme Court. The whole point of the bell curve from Charles Murray and Richard Herrnstein is to show a range of IQ by race.

As Whites are far more numerous, our numbers are much larger but the distribution is the important thing. What it shows is what most of us already know: there are smart Whites and dumb Whites, there are smarter blacks and dumber blacks. What it also shows is that blacks are, as a group, far more likely to be in the 80-85 IQ range while Whites are more likely to be around the 100-110 range. That is in line with what experience would lead us to expect. It also shows that while there certainly are above average blacks, in the 110-120 range, past that their numbers really drop off to be almost non-existent while Whites have significant numbers between 120-130 and even 130-140. So there are a small but not insignificant number of blacks with IQs over 100 (keeping in mind most America blacks have some percentage of White ancestry unlike pure sub-Saharan Africans) but when you look at the scores needed to be considered a “genius”, generally 140 or above, blacks don’t even register on the chart. That is not to say that there are no blacks with a “genius” level IQ, just so few that they are statistically insignificant. Put more simply, any given black is far more likely to be borderline retarded than a genius.

This largely explains why blacks don’t win the Nobel Prize for medicine or physiology. Ever. From my post Ungrateful Phuckers:

Looking more specifically at medicine. According to Wikipedia there have been 224 individuals awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine. Only 12 of them have been chicks, or about 5 percent of those receiving the awards. After scanning the list of laureates and their pictures twice, I saw a handful of Asians and one Lebanese guy in 2021 named Ardem Patapoutian. The rest were White (or “White presenting”). The total number of blacks?


The same is true for physics and chemistry as you would expect. In fact it is true for virtually all significant human achievements and advances…. 

It is not a perfect measure but when it comes to the highest award given in the fields of science, blacks just don’t appear and only really win Nobel prizes for literature and “peace” (see also: The Future Of “Education”)

The chart Jared Taylor showed in the video expresses this in a slightly different way….

Again, there are dumb Whites and intelligent blacks but the distribution for the two groups is skewed heavily toward lower intelligence for blacks and higher for Whites, meaning that more Whites are suited to careers that are more intellectually demanding and require more critical and independent thinking while blacks are much more frequently suited to jobs that are heavily supervised and simple. Smart blacks tend to be government clerks or “social activists”, smart Whites tend to be engineers and actuaries.

Here is another one:

Biology isn’t as important as environment

This is the old Nature vs Nurture argument. The anti-race realist position is that blacks seem less intelligent because of cultural and environmental factors. I have been accused of ignoring the impact of environment on racial outcomes. Perhaps I do minimize the environmental factors but then again, many of those factors are directly related to….race. I have constantly held that culture is downstream from race. Why are black children so frequently born to unmarried women? Part of the reason is that Uncle Sam subsidizes whorish behavior but those government programs are available to every racial group and while the rates are rising for Whites and mestizos, at least with Whites most children are born to married couples and even more so for Asians while mestizos are somewhere in the middle with about half of children born outside of wedlock versus more than 3/4 of black children.

Why is that? Whites and Asians have evolved in colder climates where women tended to have fewer children and those children in turn were more closely nurtured in order for them to survive. On the other hand black survival tends more toward massive fecundity, having lots of kids and starting to have children earlier (black and mestizo girls hit puberty much earlier than White and Asian girls). The point being that black out of wedlock births are at least partially the result of racial differences developed by evolving in a different environment compared to Whites and Asians. The reason for the black proverb about “it takes a village to raise a child” is because the village had to watch the little kids because mama was out getting knocked up again.

The transracial adoption studies cited by Jared in the video are important. When black children are raised in middle class White families, they do better early on but those improvements disappear by the time they approach adulthood. So certainly a positive early childhood environment can help early on: being read to, being properly fed and getting proper medical care, being in an environment that emphasizes learning. By the time these black children were getting older, they were drifting back to the black average and presumably in adulthood were little different from the rest of the black population. Sure, a black child raised in a loving, two parent stable home is likely to do better than a black kid from an unwed crack whore who lives on the street but as the bell curves show, even with all of the advantages and being on the far extreme of black IQ, they are at best most likely to be at or slightly above average.

My position has always been this. A certain minimum average intelligence is not sufficient for civilization but it is necessary. A great example of this is the Soviet Union. Thanks to a deeply flawed and viciously authoritarian political and economic system, the people of Russia and Eastern Europe were mired in an impoverished state for half a century and much of Eastern Europe is still struggling to overcome that half century under communism. The political environment was enough to hold back the Russians and Eastern European even though Russia did achieve great things in spaceflight, the arts and sciences during that era. On the other hand, even under the freest and most egalitarian society on Earth, the descendants of African slaves have failed to flourish in America. While still better off than their counterparts back in Sub-Saharan Africa and Haiti, they lag Whites and Asians by a wide margin.

As America becomes browner and blacker, our national IQ is dropping and so is academic achievement. For example:

High school students’ scores on the ACT college admissions test have dropped to their lowest in more than three decades, showing a lack of student preparedness for college-level coursework, according to the nonprofit organization that administers the test.

Scores have been falling for six consecutive years, but the trend accelerated during the COVID-19 pandemic. Students in the class of 2023 whose scores were reported Wednesday were in their first year of high school when the virus reached the U.S.

“The hard truth is that we are not doing enough to ensure that graduates are truly ready for postsecondary success in college and career,” said Janet Godwin, chief executive officer for the nonprofit ACT.

The average ACT composite score for U.S. students was 19.5 out of 36. Last year, the average score was 19.8.

The average scores in reading, science and math all were below benchmarks the ACT says students must reach to have a high probability of success in first-year college courses. The average score in English was just above the benchmark but still declined compared to last year.

The problem is not that we aren’t spending enough or that kids fell behind in , the real issue is biological. According to the National Center for Education Statistics…..

Between fall 2010 and fall 2021, the percentage of public school students who were Hispanic increased from 23 to 28 percent. The percentage of public school students who were White decreased from 52 to 45 percent, and the percentage of students who were Black decreased from 16 to 15 percent.

From the same article, here is a chart showing the browning and blackening of America’s school population.

The red line is my highlighting of the 50% mark. In 2010 White children were still a scant majority of school children at 52%. Over the next decade that dropped below 50% to 45% and it is estimated that by 2031 it will be just 42%. The Asian percentage is barely moving, hovering at 5% and estimated to maybe go up to 6% by 2031. Even blacks are dropping as a percentage. The difference? Mestizo school kids, already at over 28% of students as well as increasing number of mixed race students. There are entire American school districts that have a student body almost indistinguishable from a school in Mexico City.

What does it mean for America when the percentage of higher IQ students is dropping like a stone while lower IQ mestizo students are exploding as a percentage? Nothing good. While the average IQ in Mexico is still much higher than in Africa, it is far below average. That is true for a lot of South American nations and in places like Guatemala, Nicaragua and Honduras? Their average IQ is not much better than in Sub-Saharan Africa. Those nations are sending lots of people here, reportedly even emptying out entire villages, and they are not sending their best.

Intelligence is not evenly distributed among racial groups and many racial groups simply don’t have sufficient average intelligence to maintain the societies built by Europeans in Europe and North America. With Whites and Asians having smaller families and mass migration turning America browner by the day, we are coming to a breaking point where there simply won’t be enough reasonably intelligent people to keep the lights on and the streets safe. This is already happening with crime in large cities and collapsing infrastructure in places like Detroit and Jackson, Mississippi.

As the people living in America get darker, so does our future. Denying the role that group intelligence plays in that grim future might make you feel more virtuous but it won’t change the bleak future we all will end up living with thanks to our collective refusal to face the facts of human intelligence and race.


  1. Gryphon

    I have always felt that “Nature” explains the I.Q. Gap between White Europeans (particularly from the North) because of simple Darwinism – Your pointing out the difference between People living in a Harsh Environment, having Fewer Children and taking better Care of them, and Africans living in a Benign, Food-Filled Environment, breeding like Rabbits and Not Needing to ‘plan ahead’ for Winter Food Scarcity is spot-on.

    This has resulted in fewer Africans on the Right Side of that Bell Curve, and they are continually Dragged Down by the deadweight of millions of low-I.Q. proto-humans. It’s whay there are Stone Castles in Europe, and Mud Huts in Africa. Placing high-I.Q. Africans in European Societies (like the FUSSA once was) allows them to Succeed as well as high-I.Q. Whites.

    On the other hand, the low-I.Q. ‘feral negros’ are incapable of functioning in an Advanced Society; they Exist only because Productive Whites (and some Blacks) foolishly Provide them with Free Food, Shelter, and Medical Care, none of which they are capable of providing on their own. Same Results as in Africa, they Breed like Rabbits and produce Nothing of Value to the Society they are Parasites in.

    I believe the Term is “R/K Selection”.

  2. Bean Dip Tray

    Everyone is equal under the 7500 degree mushroom cloud.
    All are equal digging in dumpsters for supper as worthless dollar notes swirl around.
    Equality uber alles, si se puede!

  3. Tree Mike

    In the movie “Idiocracy” this dystopian fate is way down the road. In reality, it’s right around the corner. Hang in there whities, and every chance you get, don’t be dumb.

  4. anonymous

    The video was very well done. I don’t think there is much to argue with there, but I will certainly say that every human is intelligent and is smart enough to react to incentives. And I wonder…is culture genetic or environment?

    So, if we concede that blacks “evolved” in Africa and could just find fruit on the trees, and never had to plan, etc. and so on, then perhaps they 1) did not have to “get” smart, or 2) did not have to put in the effort. What kind of culture would that provide?

    And now, today, the welfare system, the affirmative action system, and all the racial preferences, set-asides, and light justice system actions…are they not just fruit on trees? Do they not just allow the American black population to avoid “getting” smart, or not put in the effort?

    Is the regression to mean in the adopted black IQs related to growing independence from their adopted parents? We see this with teenagers all the time. Why should it be different for blacks? To go from a well behaved elementary student to a “keepin’ it real” consumer of ghetto rap and a distaste for hard work (which we all suffer from, BTW)?

    How would IQ results be different if these folks had to work their asses off? I guess I don’t really care about that question, in the final analysis. But I DO THINK that we need to get rid of welfare, set-asides, affirmative action, and all the other disincentives that are ladled upon black people, and make them get off their asses and work.

    If you look into the backgrounds of many of the black intellectuals in this country, they had it rough young, put in the work, and succeeded. And you can take any east Asian from his family, sit him down, give him an allowance, never discipline him, make excuses for him, and you will never get a successful person.

    In addition to removal of all subsidies, we should bring back strict corporal punishment. Why mess around with so many courts, lawyers, and all the niceties. Why spend so much money on jails and fake rehabilitation. Starting in pre-school, just whip their asses; white, black, Asian, who cares? If you are smart, you’ll figure it out quick. If you are dumb, then fear and pain will get your mind right. Any gang-banger in school who wants respect – the last thing he wants is to have is ass spanked by the principal in the auditorium at lunch time. He’d never live it down.

    Fuck all this crap. Civilization was built by uncivilized people who stopped messing around. Need to find a place for all the unintelligent among us? Bring back the factories and pay a decent wage so that they can live, marry, raise families, and have some dignity. If they don’t want to work for themselves, then send them to work camps and make them earn their keep by working for society.

    Quit dicking around, and everything will settle out. After all, if we lived in a homogeneous society of European whites, the same thing would happen with the left tail of our bell curve. Why should it be different because social scientists separated out the two bell curves, and then superimposed them?

    2 Thessalonians 3:11-13

    • Anonymous White Male

      “But I DO THINK that we need to get rid of welfare, set-asides, affirmative action, and all the other disincentives that are ladled upon black people, and make them get off their asses and work.”

      No, what we need to do is get rid of the black people. Or at least separate from them. They rest of your post seems to indicate that your position is, “They’re here, they’re queer, get used to it”. Put them on reservations and leave them to their own devices. Those reservations can be places like Atlanta, Detroit, Baltimore, St. Louis, Memphis, Oakland, all the areas negroes have already destroyed. Be sure and wall them in. In the meantime, repair the damage they have caused and realize that homogenous societies are ALWAYS the best solution. This will certainly be easier when the economy and the federal government collapse. And, in one hundred years, you can retake the areas, since the small numbers of surviving blacks will be malnourished and easy to deport to Liberia.

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