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Setting Up A Scapegoat?

And Michelle Obama shall lay both his hands on the head of the Orange Man, and confess over it all the iniquities of the White people of America, and all their transgressions, all their sins. They are some terrific sins, the best sins, like sins no one has seen before. And he shall put them on the head of the Orange Man and send it away into the wilderness of Mar-a-Lago by the hand of a transgender woman who is in readiness. The Orange Man shall bear all their iniquities on itself to a remote area, and she/her shall let the Orange Man go free in the wilderness, at least until another indictment can be filed.

Leviticus 16:21-22, Make America Great Version

You know my general opinion of people on the Left, that is to say that they are dumb as fuck. Not just of lower intelligence, some actually are reasonably bright IQ wise, but rather to their absolute inability to think critically or to articulate a position without some reference to why their opponents are evil. They are simply pants-on-head retarded. That is not to suggest that normie conservatives are much better. I still hear people who consider themselves to be a bit red-pilled talking as if what we need is just the same old arguments packaged in a slightly different configuration. “We need to shrink the size of government! We need to get back to Constitutional principles!”. OK cool, how do you propose doing that? “Um. You must be a lib’ral or sumtin’!”.

The rank and file normies on “both sides” are dumb as dirt and while normie liberals are generally dumber than normie conservatives, that does not mean that the people behind the scenes on the Left are dumb. Far from it. People like Yuval Noah Harari are evil to be sure (see: They Don’t Need You And They Don’t Want You to understand a bit about Harari) but he isn’t stupid.

With that in mind, something occurred to me very early this morning while I was pretending to sleep while waiting for the 5:30 alarm. With about 13 months to go until the “election” next year, it is looking like They are planning on rolling Pedo Joe out to face Trump. I saw Trump speaking the other day and jeebus he looked old compared to just a year ago but he is a spring chicken next to Biden. They could still push Biden out of the way via health or the Hunter scandal, or they might jail Trump or quietly get him to agree to step aside to avoid jail time and the destruction of his financial empire. What I pondered was this: what if they let Orange Man and Pedo Joe go forward as the candidates next year, knowing that absent major cheating (they have proven a willingness to do that of course), Trump might just win again.

Perhaps Trump has learned his lessons about who he surrounds himself with, and maybe he would be a lot more effective in 2025 and beyond in a second term. Maybe the general dissatisfaction with Joe plus a potential third party run by someone like RJK Jr would be enough to throw the Senate back to the GOP, that is a real possibility given who is up for re-election in 2024, and solidify the House majority.

How could They allow that? I have been assuming all along that They would not, even to the point of giving Trump the JFK treatment.


Consider this. Violent crime is out of control in most larger cities. Inflation is still really terrible and housing is approaching a crisis stage (more on that soonish). China is making more aggressive moves toward Taiwan. The debt is exploding and the border has been effectively overrun. Meanwhile antifa and bLM have gone almost silent, like they were laid off once the 2020 “election” was settled and have retreated to their mom’s basement with a juice box and animal crackers until they are summoned again.

Imagine Trump taking office in January of 2025 and almost immediately civil unrest breaks out again, but far worse than in 2020. At the same time, more major calamities take place: a financial system collapse, some new “pandemic”, a war against one or more near-peer adversaries. All of it orchestrated of course, just like 2020.

If things get bad enough, the Uniparty would happily “impeach” Trump again and this time maybe throw him out, or even better yet let things burn for four years. He could be scapegoated for the chaos and the electoral bloodbath in 2028 would be a thing of terrible beauty. Remember, these people have a long time horizon and They are usually thinking strategically while “conservatives” were thinking tactically. The march through the institutions started in earnest back in the 1960s and started bearing real fruit in the 90s or so. They have a long memory and a lot of patience.

Four years of chaos that they could then blame on Orange Man Bad and all Whites by association would lay the groundwork for Them to do whatever They want. One of my unshakable rules of life is that when faced with the unacceptable, people will happily embrace an alternative no matter how distasteful.

I am not saying that is what is going to happen, but it certainly is possible and it would fit into the sort of sneaky strategy that They are known for. If nothing else it is something worth thinking about. The odds of a Trump win in 2024 are not great but it could happen, and if it does it is as likely as not that They had a hand in manipulating the events to get the eventual outcome They are after. Never forget that the dimwits you see on TV are not the people ruling this country. AOC is dumb as my St Bernard and slightly more drooly but the people that put her in power are most certainly not.


  1. Zorost

    “One of my unshakable rules of life is that when faced with the unacceptable, people will happily embrace an alternative no matter how distasteful.”

    Which is precisely why this situation was manufactured. Yuri Bezmenov’s “crisis phase,” Cloward-Piven, every other jewish claim of “then we were kicked out FOR NO REASON!!”, etc. etc. Never let a crisis go to waste, and if there isn’t a crisis, make one.

    I don’t know who the Strongman on a Horse coming to save us will be, it might even be Trump. He might not even know it yet, but remember that our Enemies can cut a check for a billion dollars and not blink. Soros is a bagman, and even he could fund $1b out of his petty cash. Who amongst us could resist the offer of $1b or the brakes on loved ones cars will keep failing until you take the $1b? As the Romans said, “gold or steel.” The Cartels now put it, “silver or lead.”

    The problem our Enemy runs into is that in order for the Strongman to be able to curtail the problems they created to allow for a Strongman, requires that the Strongman have actual power… which can be used to break free and become his own leader. I’m virtually certain this is what Putin did, and some theorize it applies to Hitler as well.

    It also creates opportunities for pre-existing polities to break off, such as the various ethnic republics of the USSR. Unfortunately the only thing the USA has like that would be Aztlan or Wakanda. It would be pretty cool to see them fighting over who gets the Luxor in Las Vegas, Wakandans due to their ancestors having built it 10 million years ago when we wuz living in caves and painting ourselves blue, and the Aztecs so they can begin dragging sacrifices up to the top to cut their hearts out with a chainsaw.

  2. pyrrhus

    I don’t think the left is nuanced enough to let Trump win…At this point, I think they want to win everything and then basically cancel elections except for insignificant offices…They are grabby, evil little children..

  3. realwesterner

    Water storage, food, medicine, first aid, self defense, extra fuel, grow critters, grow veggies, water catchment, barter goods, full spate of manual tools, extra clothes and shoes. Out.

      • Boba O'Really

        “…those grapes are probably sour anyway” right Zorost?

        RealWesterner is planning to survive, what are you planning to do?
        Perhaps you are planning on being the Diadochi in your area?

      • saoirse

        Preppers risk being overrun when they are few and far between. If and when enough ‘gather in the forest’ the outcome shifts in their favor. You can stay in your condo. Nobody would put up with you outside the city limits. Dipshit.

  4. 40834

    The sooner …
    The better…

    This complete USA shit storm isn’t going to be voted away and its not going to be compromised away, scotus aint gonna fix it……
    Hell ya cant stop the stealing(mass shoplifting).
    There is Only ONE WAY.
    Bodies, LOTS And LOTS of bodies.
    And YES, for shoplifting!
    Trump was Spot the F on!

    They arent going to just stop because, of anything.

  5. foot in the forest

    They sent antifa home after 2020 because TPTB knew they would need more in 24. That is why the border is wide open to an invasion of 100’s of thousand military age single men. They need hard hitting #$&&@#$ that will have no problem following any and all orders. You are going to wish for the old days of mostly peaceful riots burning down shit down. Can you say third world?

  6. Jeffrey Zoar

    There isn’t a Trump wins in 2024 scenario. Zero chance. ZERO. Not gonna happen. They can build an election fortification system, but once established, they can’t turn it on and off at will. It stays on. The army of people it takes to run it will never be persuaded to accept 4 more years of the Orange Man.

    Which is how he will be dealt with if he makes it all the way to election day as a candidate on the ballot. A questionable proposition in itself.

    Moreover, they may win it on the up and up this time without having to fortify. RFKJ going 3rd party hurts Trump more than it hurts Biden (or whomever) IMO

  7. saoirse

    Trump is for chumps, as is everyone else on the ballot. Only gutless morons will be pulling levers in some precinct. Pulling triggers is the only way out. If you’re still doing the former you absolutely will not do the latter.

  8. Zorost

    Do you know why people aren’t pulling triggers? You should, since you aren’t either. So explain why you aren’t, and let’s try to solve the problem of why no one is.

    • RegretLeft

      Well said; however, I don’t think it’s a “problem”. Presumably “no one is” because there is no reasonable incentive to do so – reasonable in the sense of goal-attainment-with-some-probability-of-success.

    • saoirse

      “Do you know why people aren’t pulling triggers?”
      Yes. Like yourself, they’re still enthralled with playing their part as gelded Mittys in a system that is safe and superficially reassuring.

      “You should, since you aren’t either.”
      You don’t know anything about what I’m doing.

      “So explain why you aren’t, and let’s try to solve the problem of why no one is.”
      LOL! You’re running a 12-step rehab program Mr. Glowie? First enlighten us as to why you aren’t, electing instead to be a smug egoist.

      • Zorost

        “You don’t know anything about what I’m doing.”

        I can read the news, and I don’t see anyone doing what you claim others should be doing. So obviously you aren’t doing it either, only calling for others to do it. Which makes you either a coward or the glowie.

        So let’s move past that, and figure out what steps can lead to solving the problems around us, rather than thumping our chests on the internet about what badasses we are.

        • saoirse

          Time to take a remedial reading comprehension class Zoro. Pulling triggers IS the only way out of this anti-white cluster fuck. That statement doesn’t call for others to do it. It’s a choice for them (and you) to make – pull levers or pull triggers. None of your ilk will ever get past carping about “goal-attainment” and “probability of success”, like Amway patriots, so why worry.

      • Saoirse Sucks Dick

        Lol.You tell people to start pulling triggers and you have the balls to call someone else a “glowie”? You’re an asshole.

    • Don W Curton

      The below is 100% hypothetical and in no way reflects on any planning, preparation, or intent. So stated,

      I’m almost 60, I have a wife, kids, and grandkids. Once I start pulling the trigger, my life is over and everyone else in the same boat knows it too. And the lives of my family may well be over too. Even if I live thru it (very doubtful), everything I’ve ever had will be gone. So let’s say I accept that and go out tomorrow (completely hypothetical, of course) and pull the trigger 15, maybe 20 times, with results. I can guarantee you the 15 or 20 trigger pulls won’t make any difference in the fate of the country while destroying my life and my family. It would have been a completely worthless gesture. Trading everything I have for worthless results doesn’t seem like a bargain. So I (and others) wait. We enjoy what time we have, knowing it’s going to come to an end soon.

      We also know when the shooting starts, when we absolutely cannot avoid it, when it’s right there at our doorstep, that we don’t hold back. No mercy, no forgiveness. Maybe we wait too long, maybe we make no difference at that point either. We are basically in a rigged game where we are bound to lose, the only option left is to make it hurt.

      So yeah, none of us are really planning (again, hypothetically) to start shooting first.


        Spot on, sir. I’m pushing the six-oh myself. I love my family, work, and even my mundane chores on evenings and weekends.

        I have done my best to prepare. Supplies and tools, etc. Learning to garden and raise chickens. We have plenty of water in SE Texas, but filtration/purification is a big part of Plan B. Please DON’T FORGET WATER.

        I try to keep a positive, healthy approach to prepping. And I like your outlook on the broader picture on ne’er-do-wells and future zombies. Why engage at the present unless you and yours are face an imminent threat? In most cases that’s pretty easy. And if the threat insists on encroaching into our space, we have our insurance card in the center console.

        Please, please, do your mighty best to have a solid Plan B.

      • Zorost

        “I can guarantee you the 15 or 20 trigger pulls won’t make any difference in the fate of the country while destroying my life and my family. It would have been a completely worthless gesture.”

        Individual chimp-outs are useless. Yet people here and everywhere else on the Right are pounding their chests about what cowards everyone else is for not doing what they aren’t doing either.

        How does it become a useful gesture, something that accomplishes something? By being part of an organized group, preferably with legitimacy. Local police commanded by someone with our views; sporting group of neighbors with similar views, etc. etc.

        This chest-beating has to end, I’ve been hearing it for 10 years now, and I know it stretches back to the 1970s at least. Time to realize that it is nothing but weak people trying to get their flagging testosterone levels up by signaling on the internet, and move on to figuring out what might actually accomplish RL goals in your area. Not the internet.

  9. LGC

    Nah, can’t see it. We’ve had the last free elections in our lifetime (probably long ago TBH) but they aren’t even pretending to be open anymore. They simply don’t care anymore about the optics. Look at the replacement for Feinstein. Even a few years ago that would have been embarrassing.

    No, the cheating (if they even have an election) will be blatant and obvious. Very much in your face and daring anyone to do anything about it. Stalin would be proud.

    Ain’t no one coming to save us.

  10. Anonymous White Male

    I don’t understand why anyone thinks that Trump is the solution to the problem. His behavior indicates, to me, that he is part of the dialectic. He is Emmanuel Goldstein to the left and Big Brother to the right. He is a heel to the left and a face to the right. He was the beneficiary in his last term of low petroleum prices and consumer goods prices. He seemed to have other countries scared to fuck with AINO. But he kept appointing and hiring swamp creatures all 4 years. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me 146 times, I’m an idiot or in on the scam. Remember the Wall he promised he would build? Good work, Donnie! His crowing achievement, even according to him, was operation Warp Speed, and he still touts the vax every chance he gets. The final blow to his credibility took place when he meekly submitted to the steal. He told us it was “shameful”, not seditious and treasonous behavior, and did nothing when he still was in position to use his Executive Power to fight it. Plus, he keeps getting “indicted”, was “impeached” twice, but has yet to do any time or have his personal wealth threatened. In fact, he constantly has circuses around the country for his fans for which he sells tickets and merchandise. No, Donnie is only concerned about attention and money. Any concern you think he has for conservative positions and to MAGA is just part of his schtick.

    • Scot Irish

      Yes to all of it! Completely correct.

      I try to steer clear of denouement proclamations. I talk with my brother about it occasionally. For him it’s about arms, ammo and tourniquets. Ha!
      He would struggle staying alive outside for 2 days (with or without a touriquet).

      I wouldn’t fair much better.

      The best we can do is get to know the neighbors. We have and for the most part they are like minded. We don’t get specific but most understand “prepping”. Most are pro 2nd amendment.

    • MN Steel

      You forgot “Get the guns first, go through due process later” and the bump-stock thing, along with Buttsex for Botswana and The Platinum Plan of a half-trillion dollars to nignog entrepremanures.

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