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Race Is Real

Long before we were ordered to pretend that a man wearing panties is really a woman, a different but just as ridiculous lie was forced upon us. This lie came not just from the far left that champions transvestitism as normal and beneficial to society but from what passes for “conservatism” in America. The lie?

All people are not just created equal in terms of basic human rights but are also without biological distinction.

This is a difficult barrier to get people to break through, not just in the issue of the verboten topic of racial group difference in average IQ but even in the face of trivial matters we take for granted, such as the overwhelming percentage of blacks in the NBA and at certain skilled positions in the NFL like wide receivers and defensive backs. Normies just accept those glaring disparities without comment while refusing to entertain the idea that if blacks as a group have biological characteristics that make them ideally suited to a sport like modern basketball (not to be confused with the original game), then perhaps intelligence is another biological characteristic that has significant group variances between races. Instead, intelligence seems to be treated as some mystical quality that is unrelated to human biology.

This has led to people claiming that the problems in the black community must be the result of “culture” and since “culture” is mutable, all we need to do to fix the problems in the black community is change the incentive structure that will in turn lead to a better culture. Sure that has been the same thing we have been told my entire life, even before I was born going back to Daniel Patrick Moynihan’s report on the Negro family and sure it has never worked, and is failing spectacularly today, but we just need to keep trying. If we can just get blacks to stop listening to rap, they will magically become just like Whites!

What I came to understand is something that I knew a long time ago but tried to suppress: race is real and is the most important predictor of human behavior after sex. Not only that but culture is downstream from race. You will never get blacks to form or embrace what we know as “Western civilization” because Western civilization is itself the product of race. In Africa and here in the United States, no matter how much we spend or how hard we try, blacks simply fail to thrive in our society because our society was not only created by Whites, it was created for Whites.

As much as I like to poke fun at the Scholar-Americans and their monkeyshines, I also realize that blacks are just acting as their biology dictates and trying to make them behave like Whites is futile. I don’t expect a donkey to stand on it’s hind legs and start playing Chopin on a piano and I don’t expect blacks to behave in the same way I expect Whites to behave.

With that said, this new video from Jared Taylor is an excellent and brief overview of the reality of human race. I would encourage you to share the video, even if you don’t share this post.


  1. Moe Gibbs

    Very interesting video. How would a die-hard liberal refute anything that he says here? I can easily imagine the bleeding hearts in my circle sticking their fingers in their ears and babbling, “La-la-la I can’t hear you la-la-la.”

    So ol’ Jared is just preaching to the choir. I admire his spirit and purpose, but those who need to see this video never will. There is only one way to get the message across, and that is to be forced to see the reality painfully, up close and personal. Being physically threatened and attacked, robbed at gunpoint, carjacked. Being passed over for promotion in favor of some less-capable candidate higher up on the grievance ladder, being taxed into poverty in order to benefit the undeserving.

    We cheer those few instances where some clueless leftist gets a real taste of ‘diversity’. But as satisfying as those episodes are, they are too few and explained away as anomalies by those who refuse to see.

  2. Anon

    Completely unrelated but had to share:
    Hamas engaged in a large offensive against israel, not just rockets but raids including paratroopers.
    It’s nuts.

    • Jim Laffrey

      Thus far, it looks fake to me. Likely just another jew false-flag to give them pretext to do some more mass killing of nonjews.

      The videos I looked at usually just shot the sky so that the public would have few or no opportunities to identify where the rockets were really being launched. Supposed dead bodies were blurred so that we can’t tell if there’s any blood and they can’t be identified, so that later the jews can give them any names they want. One shot showed for a long time was one isolated car on an otherwise empty street burning and affecting nothing else. One shot was of an apartment building in which a top-corner apartment appeared to have been hit and burned inside — the best place to do the LEAST Possible damage to the building, so it’s suspicious as a planned explosion. To be sure to be fair, one shot was of a building that looked more damaged, but the fires of a couple of cars down in the parking lot were dubious — why, if apparently two rockets hit the building, would a couple of cars be lit up?

      Furthermore, since the jews have all the Palestinian areas separated and locked down, with gates and inspections of what goes in and out, HOW would they get thousands of rockets in without the jews knowing?

      And any attack that is not huge with the capability of conquering a large area is simply an act of suicide, as retaliation by the jews will be much much much more destructive of lives and structures than anything done to them. Are those Palestinians/arabs that dumb? I don’t think so.

      • Gryphon

        Not sure what your Troll Attempt is supposed to accomplish – Are you alleging these are ‘false flag’ attacks? Trying to Minimize what is the Largest, coordinated Attacks by Palestinians against the (((occupiers))) in at least five Years makes No Sense at all. >link<
        Israel says it is striking Gaza targets after Hamas… | Daily Mail Online

        There's a whole lot of Pics and Vids of some major Fighting and massive Rocket Attacks, lots of Bloody Casualties.

        The only thing your comment makes me think of, is some volunteer Hasbara Troll off it's Meds….

        • Jim Laffrey

          @ GRYPHON.
          I’ll give a brief reply for clarity. I won’t make another reply, and I probably will never revisit this particular article and comment thread.

          I won’t stoop to name-calling nor insults. I am totally against jewry, as they are the Enemy Of Humanity. Anyone could click on my name above my previous comments (and this one) to see my website and know this fact. I gave an honest (of course) assessment of the initial reports that I sought and viewed and read. I didn’t claim “to know.” I said “Thus far, it looks like….” Therefore, if subsequent events and reports give verifiable proof that my educated guess was wrong, so be it, then my guess was wrong.

          • Referee

            “subsequent events and reports give verifiable proof” that Mr. Laffrey was correct all along. Hamas is jew-controlled. No way Israel could suffer a “surprise attack” from the locked-down totally surveilled open-air prison called Gaza. Certainly, it was a false-flag by Israel for Israel.

  3. Xzebek

    It has always been incongruent that people believed in quite obvious biological genetic differences among people (and groups of people) but then insisted that they stop at the neck.
    Doesn’t work that way.

  4. Xzebek

    As anon indicated above, war has again broken out in the middle east.
    (Very short) countdown to the first calls for additional “aid ” for Israel.
    Tick tock.

  5. Gryphon

    The only thing I’ve had to say about “Race”, since 1969, is simply “White Men put the Fotprints on the Moon. No Other Race was Capable of doing that for the First Time.”

    And now, “White Privilege” means that the mud races are ‘Privileged’ to have Cars, Cell Phones, Clean Water and Sewer Systems, and the Electricity to Power it… all given to them by White Men.

    Anyone who Doubts this just needs to see how “South Africa” (and before it, Rhodesia) have Fallen Apart once the feral apes drove out the White Man. Hel, for that matter, look at any Older City in the FUSSA now – All of the Magnificent Buildings, Parks, Houses, all Built by Whites, Decaying into Rubble because the feral apes cannot even ‘Maintain’ them after they drove out the Whites.

  6. Captain Coleman

    It’s futile to explain this.

    The only thing we need to know is that They hate us and want us humiliated and killed.

    Because we’re white.

    • Mike in Canada

      Agreed. The time for analysis and investigation is over. I am frankly fed up with the endless analysis; I can only hear the inevitable conclusions so many times before I start checking my watch.

      Time is very short. The chair is against the wall. John has a long moustache.

      Back to training.

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