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Pew For Thought

The fiasco unfolding in Israel/Gaza is proving, as I expected (A Quick Word Of Caution), to be the biggest marketing psyop in recent memory, already dwarfing Ukraine. That war seems to be coming to a close based on what I am seeing, with funding a little uncertain and the JV conscript army being butchered, Ukraine ought to be looking for an exit ramp and soon before the winter rolls in. We have already seen the obligatory “This is just like the Holocaust” and now today I saw this:

Well isn’t that handy, it reminded me of the Indian guy that rammed the gates of the White House a while back and the photographs of the crash included a brand new Nazi flag with the creases in it.

Back to Israel and Gaza. My general opinion is this: both sides are guilty of humanitarian crimes. Hamas does big flashy stuff like murdering innocents in the recent attack, and Israel does the same thing just slower and with less media coverage. Parts of Gaza look like German cities in World War II, blasted to rubble with nothing but concrete shells and piles of debris leftover. Power is out and food is going to run out soon. I don’t blame the Israelis for responding to the attack, they had to, but this seems like getting vengeance for innocents being killed by killing different innocents.

In short, I choose to not pick a side.

Even still, there are repercussions from the war here in America. SG Ammo is saying their orders have exploded in the last week. According to their website they are swamped and aren’t taking many new orders.

Lots of us have been warning about this, even something that doesn’t impact us directly can still cause near overnight shortages.

This is also a great time to rethink your readiness position. I liked this video from Mr Gunsngear, it is pretty basic stuff and I assume most of my readers are not relying on a single handgun to protect themselves and their family, but it is one you might want to share with others:

For those that are armed up, is what you need where you can get it in a hurry? What I found interesting was that so many of the people in the videos out of Israel were completely taken off-guard, and you would think that they would be a lot more alert. As for me, I have to admit I am not as ready for a sudden conflict as I should be. I have been evaluating my position and found it wanting so I need to rectify that. Where I live and many of my readers as well, it is unlikely we will face a group of armed people looking for violence but it could happen, and we ought to be ready.

Diversity plus proximity equals conflict. While our situation isn’t the same as Israel/Gaza, it doesn’t change the basic facts of the matter. Get ready now before the equivalent of goat humpers on paragliders happens here.


  1. Xzebek

    Fortunately, I made numerous purchases from sg over the last month in every caliber that I own. (Thanks, Arthur for pointing out the original 5.56 sale with rebate). I am now getting their email newsletter which they send almost every day. Over the last 2 days I am noticing that many of the items that I bought are now unavailable. This will probably get worse. I’m wondering if there will be magazine shortages in the near future.
    Keep a firearm on you or within quick reach. Everything is unpredictable right now.

  2. Harbinger

    I was astonished to see that gas is selling for $2.85 a gallon here today in South Texas. It was $3.29 a few weeks ago, and I thought that it was supposed to skyrocket as a result of this latest dust-up in the ME. So what gives?

    • Jeffrey Zoar

      Two things: Oil came down some in the last couple of weeks, and gas always gets cheaper in the fall and more expensive in the spring, due to EPA mandated seasonal blends.

      • Mike Fink

        Besides they always over inflate the price at the pump by 50 to 70 Cents for the Labor Day holiday regardless of what the supply situation is. It takes a few weeks to correct back to the proper price range.

  3. saoirse

    Marketing psyops are for normie and cuck consumption. Unless one has incontrovertible evidence of what’s actually going on over in that cesspool – and no one does – I’d just keep prepping and let the bullshit flow on by. When it happens over here you won’t know the truth either so trust very few and network accordingly.

    • Jack Shitlord

      As we use to say back in the 1960’s. Right on! My three favorites while getting ready for the coming shit show, (1) Nobody’s coming to save your sorry ass. (2) The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war, & yes, it’s going to be war. (3) Just remember, once your dead, your dead.

  4. clown car driver

    Everyone should know by now that ISIS, Al Nursa, Hamas, etc, etc are mossad , Mi6 and CIA organizations. Bin Laden , Taliban, mujahadeen: CIA assets formed against the Soviet foray into Afghanistan.Remember when we basically overthrew the Iranian government in 1953? How about the King David Hotel? Hey everyone, remember when we armed and paid Saddam Hussein to fight the Iranians? Pepperidge Farm remembers. Remember, he was a good guy, right? Iran Contra, Barry Seals, CIA bringing dope in and weapons out. But this israel thing, goyim, with beheaded burned babies, now that shit is real. Just like when the Iraqis were bayoneting babies in incubators. Hey, remember Germans bayoneting babies in World War I?


      Clown Car Driver said, “Pepperidge Farms Remembers” (BTW, I’m old enough to remember those commercials).

      The problem is, very few Americans remember the lies and scams our gubbermint has perpetrated on the public.

      My wife remarks that normies “have the memory of an ant” and can’t even remember the crimes against humanity when Covid became a thing just three years ago.

  5. J J

    I buy all my bulk ammo from SGAmmo and get their emails daily. Just looking at the website, there’s plenty of 5.56/.223 available, but the prices have shot up significantly. Good thing I’m well stocked on ammo and reloading supplies.

  6. Don't mind me.

    Oceania isn’t at war with Eurasia, Eurasia has always been at war with Oceania.
    I’m confused why so many who rightfully questioned (and still do) the official stories on 911, OK city, UA and many others are now jumping on the bandwagon with frothmouth Lindsey calling for Israel to bulldoze Gaza’s two million people into the Mediterranean while nuking Iran into a sheet of glass.
    That’s some serious disconnect.

    • Gryphon

      It’s Very Easy to Understand, once you are ‘Redpilled’ enough to realize that most of them have been ‘Brainwashed since Before they were Born’ that “god’s chosen people”(tm) and (((thier))) ‘god’ yahweh wants them to Worship before them and support their Endle$$ War$ for Shekel$.

      That’s the Root of the Problem, 2,000 Years of Brainwashing the goyim (non-jew) by a Fake Religion and a False god, to the point that supposedly (I’ll leave out bought-and-paid-for shills like Lindsey Grahmcracker) intelligent people simply Cannot See the hypocrisy of calling for People to be Genocided, while suppoting the Genociders.

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