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Paying Tribute

And when you ask ’em, “How much should we give?”
Ooh, they only answer, “More, more, more, more”

Creedence Clearwater Revival, Fortunate Son

This seems like a good opportunity to revisit an old topic.

USAID or United States Agency for International Development is the Federal agency that oversees much of the U.S. foreign “aid” disbursements. It isn’t a small amount of money…

The President’s Fiscal Year (FY) 2024 Budget Request for the State Department and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is $63.1 billion for foreign assistance and diplomatic engagement, which includes $32 billion in foreign assistance for USAID fully- and partially-managed accounts, $3 billion (10 percent) above the FY 2023 Adjusted Enacted level.

In 2022 and 2023 so far, the biggest beneficiary of this aid was Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s personal slush fund Ukraine’s valiant freedom fighters. That makes 2022/23 outliers because in most years, one nation stands above all the rest as a recipient of American “aid”. You know who it is.

Calls for more aid to Israel came quickly in the wake of a terrorist attack by Hamas on the country this weekend, and President Biden has said military assistance is on its way. The USS Gerald R. Ford, the Navy’s newest and most advanced aircraft carrier, has already been dispatched to the region, and more aid in the form of equipment, resources and munitions is expected to arrive in coming days.

The U.S. commitment to aiding Israel has long-standing roots. The United States has given Israel more than $260 billion in combined military and economic aid since World War II, plus about $10 billion more in contributions for missile defense systems like the Iron Dome, a U.S. News analysis finds. That’s the most granted to any country throughout that time frame, and around $100 billion more than Egypt, the second-highest recipient historically.

For nearly three decades – from fiscal years 1974 to 2002 – Israel was the top recipient of U.S. aid, the longest-standing duration for a top aid recipient dating back to 1946, according to figures from While 2003 to 2020 saw the most aid going to either Iraq or Afghanistan, Israel nevertheless remained a top three aid recipient throughout that time.

What makes this especially galling is that Israel isn’t some poor third world nation, despite the ads aimed at gullible Christians begging for money to help poor Russian Jews emigrate to “The Holy Land”. Indeed, Israel is one of the wealthiest nations in the world. I wrote about this back in 2018: Why Are We Sending Foreign Aid To Other Nations? Especially Wealthy Nations?

“Conservatives” love to denounce foreign aid, just not 100% of the time. Just recently there was some news, although it is kind of hard to find, that the U.S. Senate approved a new bill, Senate Bill 2497, sponsored by Senator Marco Rubio, called the “United States-Israel Security Assistance Authorization Act of 2018“. It can be kind of hard to dig out the actual amounts involved but there are little things like amending the agreement to provide money to Israel by “(A) by striking “equal to—” and inserting “not less than $3,300,000,000.”;” which in essence means that $3.3 billion annually is the absolute minimum we can send to Israel. According to USAID, Israel has pretty consistently received between $2.4 and $3.7 billion in aid from the U.S. since at least 2001, even though Israel is considered a “high income” nation, in the top of four possible categories. Just for some perspective, there are around 9 million people in Israel so $3.8 billion works out to around $400 for every man, woman and child in Israel paid for by the citizens of the United States to the tune of around $11 from every citizen of the U.S. Or another way of looking at it is that this amounts to around $23,000 per Jewish family in Israel over the course of a decade. $23,000 per family being sent to an already wealthy nation, paid for by current and future tax-payers in America.

But that begs the question. Why are we sending aid, and not a small amount of aid, to Israel, a nation that has a gross domestic product around $350 billion with a population of only around 9 million people which gives it a per capita GDP higher than France, Germany, Japan and the U.K.? Israel is a highly developed nation, with a strong economy and a powerful military that has nuclear weapons. We even have a permanent military base in Israel to serve as a “trip-wire” in case some other nation attacks Israel. How does it make sense for a nation $21 trillion in debt to send $3 billion to Israel, a sum which is less than 1% of their GDP?

The per capita income in Israel is one of the highest in the world and yet that same nation is the recipient of hundreds of billions of dollars in “aid”.

That is “conservatism” for ya. All of their “principles” go out the window when it comes to Our Greatest Ally. Foreign aid is bad except for Israel. The ADL is a far-left organization but when they talk about Israel Their words come down from on high like they were written on tablets of stone. Need to take Jesus to the heathen but not the Jews, They are “God’s Chosen People” and get a free pass despite what the New Testament clearly says. When it comes to Israel the average normiecon loses any sense of perspective.

As to why we send “aid” to Israel, and more than we do to shitholes that really need aid, is quite simple:

The billions we send to Israel isn’t aid. It is tribute.

Merriam-Webster defines tribute in several ways but the critical one is highlighted below:

a payment by one ruler or nation to another in acknowledgment of submission or as the price of protection

That is about the most accurate definition. The “protection” isn’t military of course, Israel would never lift a finger to help the U.S. if we were in need. The protection is for U.S. politicians. If you want to be an elected official in most places in America, you have to bend the knee to Israel, agree to “support” Israel no matter what They do and if you are really ambitious you need to put on the little hat and go pretend to pray at the Wailing Wall. I couldn’t find a pic of Joe Biden at the Wailing Wall but I did find without any trouble the four Presidents before him doing their little dog and pony show for their Israeli masters:

American politicians wearing the hat and pretending to pray at a wall is a sign of submission, not really different from a dog rolling onto his back and exposing his belly.

The payments to Israel of around $3 billion is a lot to be sure but Israel has a GDP of over $500 billion and a large chunk of the money we give them turns around and is used to buy armaments from the U.S. It doesn’t seem like it makes a huge difference, and it doesn’t. What it does is demonstrate that Israel can make U.S. politicians continue to send them billions per year even when it makes little sense, except maybe as a round-about payment to defense contractors, for one reason and one reason only:

Our payments to Israel proves that Israel can make us pay them

It is a sort of humiliation ritual, like American Presidents praying at the wailing wall, all of whom claim to be Christians and yet they cover their heads in direct violation of the commandment of Paul:

Every man who prays or prophesies with his head covered dishonors his head, but every wife who prays or prophesies with her head uncovered dishonors her head, since it is the same as if her head were shaven. 

1 Corinthians 11:4-5

Still they show up, and put on the little headcover and do their pantomime at the Wailing Wall and then promise to support Israel to AIPAC and never, ever consider cutting aid to Israel because they know if they don’t promise that, then the Israel lobby will kneecap them and they will never win elected office again. Unless you are in a protected Congressional district like Ilhan Omar or Rashida Tlaib, you can’t cross the Israeli lobby.

That is why we pay Israel over $3 billion every year. It is a tribute to a foreign power that while much smaller and weaker than us still manages to control the American goliath by controlling our political class. America is a vassal state of Israel and likely always will be short of a different foreign power overthrowing us. I suspect the average Israeli despises Americans, seeing us as fools and finding the Christian faith of most Americans to be revolting, but taking a great deal of pleasure from their humiliation of our people by forcing us to send them tribute.

With Greatest Allies like Israel, who needs enemies?


  1. saoirse

    Finding the Christian faith (along with the other two Abrahamic scourges) AND most Americans (and Europeans, Canadians, Aussies etc.) to be revolting should be the non-negotiable attitude of any concious white intent on surviving their onslaught intact. Make cowardly excuses for them at your own peril.

    “The billions we send to Israel isn’t aid. It is tribute.” Absolutely correct! The requisite puppet show at that stupid wall is just a slime fest of politicians stroking not only their masters but also their equally slimy (and willfully ignorant) constituents in Murka.

    “America is a vassal state of Israel and likely always will be short of a different foreign power overthrowing us.”
    Sure looks that way. Whilst fighting against whatever foreign occupation force(s) that come calling, remember to have enough ammo to shoot the domestic bastards that got us into this debacle too!

  2. Gryphon

    The ‘christian faith’ is how the (((parasites))) control the dumb goyim. I came to the conclusion quite many Years ago that first and foremost, the ‘christian’ Religion is Not ‘organic’ to the White European Nations, it is Invasive, like a Weed. Second, the Evidence that its creation as a branching of the ‘Abrahamic’ (sand-nigger) Faith was used to bring Whites (and others) under the Influence of what is essentially (and by design) a ‘satanic’, anti-life Cult.

    Until White Men wake up to this Scam against their Race and Culture, the Grift, Corruption, Perversion and Forced Tribute will Continue.

    • Captain Coleman

      Until you back up past Nostra Aetate from the Second Vatican Council and also examine and separate the odious Schofield “bible” from the Christian community writ large, you might come to that conclusion. When you see what the Jewish cabal was pushing at post-WWII Vatican to dial down their “anti-Semitic” tone, especially regarding the Holy Week Triduum services, you will find Christianity cut zero slack to those who tried to get the Romans to do their dirty deed and finally were compelled by Pilate to freely choose for themselves.

      Highly recommend “The Holocaust Narrative” which E. Michael Jones recently released.

      The current state of “Christianity” would be barely recognizable to those a century ago who professed to be associated with that particular faith.

      • Gryphon

        No, I go back past the internal nonsense of the ‘catholic church’, and to how the “holy roman empire” (the remnants of Rome, taking the trappings of the jew’s ‘christianity’) Imposed its Beliefs and Control on Europe, by Force.
        Again, “christianity”, like the other branches of the North-African Blood Cults are not Organic to the White People of Europe.

      • saoirse

        I wholeheartedly second Gryphon’s reply. Spot on and to the point.
        Regarding E. Michael Jones; he may be considered ‘anti-semitic’ by the kikes (what independent white man isn’t these days?) but he’s just another limited hangout. You really need to read/listen to the critiques of that fool and his toxic Catholicism by Alex Linder, Adam Greene and the Mexican, Cesar Tort. Even the likes of Jared Taylor out-debated him on race. More racial consciousness less Ann Barnhardt!!

  3. Jay Powell

    As I was reared in the South as an evangelical Christian, the vast amount of teaching about “modern national Israel” (not the nation mentioned in the Bible) was they had SOMETHING to do with the End Times. So even though it’s a nation of unbelievers (rejectors of Jesus Christ), due to Genesis 12:1-3 they get a pass. Not for salvation (one should note Jews for Jesus and other evangelical groups Christians pay into actually do good work), but those folks in Israel are GOD’s CHOSEN PEOPLE. That kind of pass. The pastors of my youth didn’t factor in the destruction of the Temple and all of Jerusalem in 70 AD. That kinda matters.

    I found out during my Army officer time, when I did a lot of instructor gigs, the US has all kinds of stealth aid to Israel. Mil tech patent “sharing” which other allies usually do not get, military aid and “sales” where some fraction of the debt Israel owed to us got forgiven (I don’t know if this still happens; likely though), plain old give-away tech (chip masks for military and weather forecasting-reated microprocessors), satellite time, shared spy satellite tech like we did with the Royal Navy during the Falklands War. I mean TONS of aid that is literally below everyone’s radar.

    It occurred to me that this was not a bad deal for us. Israel is after all “our best ally” and we should prop them every way we can. Right? Then, there’s the money that flows from church organizations to this Christ rejecting country. This is not exactly the support Paul advises us to give for poorer churches or the poor in general. Then, regular old “foreign aid.” There must be more that never hit my radar or was way over my pay grade.

    I find Hamas/Hezbollah repugnant, and they are the typical goat-molester Mideast types, except these guys do kill children, women and general noncombatants. They are also heavily armed and sometimes well trained. So I do have to pick a side here, and it’s not the Hezbos.

    The US taxpayers’ current or further duty to propping these guys up? We’re done. I’m done. Some of you should check out Pastor Chuck Baldwin; he has some non-paradigm points of view with scriptural references that have changed the minds of many. Recommended. Bring all the aid, the patents, and the spy tech home. We need to be done.

  4. pyrrhus

    To be fair, Israel has killed a lot more women and children in the last 75 years than Hezbollah or Hamas could in a century…In the IDF’s little incursion in 2008-9, it killed more than 500 women and children, and that was brief..Israeli snipers routinely kill women, children, people in wheel chairs and medical personnel….

  5. anonymous

    We had some clown from USAID come and give a presentation to our business club in college. The business club is focused on helping its students network and get jobs after graduation. Anyway, this clown gave his dog and pony show about how great USAID was and how vital their services were, and how indispensable their work was for world peace, etc. and so on. Then the prick ends his presentation by telling us directly that none of us could ever get jobs with USAID because they only hire Ivy League and we were at a state university.

    As far as the conflict goes, it seems to me to be leftists fighting leftists, so I can only shake my head and shrug.

    The Wailing Wall is not a part of the Temple. The Temple was torn completely down, not a stone on a stone, 40 or so years after the Death of Christ. The wall that they are wailing at is actually foundation for a Roman military structure that was built in the vicinity of the Temple.

  6. Stealth Spaniel

    I will be honest; I have never understood the whole wailing wall thing. It is supposed to be honored by the Jews. Since I am neither Jewish nor in Isreal, why is my (supposed) Christian President making the pilgrimage? It is just weird.

    • Gryphon

      It’s really very simple. The (((zionists))) control the Banks and ‘media’ in the United States, and NO politician can be (s)Elected without their Money and ‘endorsement’. Thus, all Presidents and congresscritters MUST pledge allegiance to (((them))) and Supplication at the Temple Wall is Required. They are taking part in a Religious Ritual to the “satanic” babylonian talmudists.

      p.s. there is some legitimate historical questions as to the ‘temple wall’ actually is that – some historians point to evidence that it is actually part of a Roman Fort.

  7. Greg

    We have for many years now referred to our taxes as “Paying our tribute to the Great Khan.” We pay our tribute and Uncle Sugar will leave us alone for another year. I choose to not be a martyr in fighting against the IRS. So yes, my taxes are contributing to our insane, out of control gummint, but I have to choose my battles in life, and if paying tribute is what it takes, so be it.

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