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Not An Endorsement….

….of either Tucker or Vivek but it was nice to see a rational, informed discussion of the issues compared to Trump blustering or the neocons slavering at the thought of a new Middle East war. Still, holy crap the neocon Republicans are seeming more unhinged than ever.

Honestly, “conservatives” are so fucking stupid on some issues they deserve to keep losing elections.


  1. george 1

    The neocons are in full war drum beating mode. Some of the blogs that I usually find very enlightening are putting out massive conspiracy theories. One is that the Hamas attacks were part of a 5th Generation warfare plan by Russia, China, Saudi Arabia and Iran.

    Iran probably does fund Hamas but that is a far cry from proving Iran ordered this attack. Anyway get set for a propaganda campaign that might rival the plandemic.

  2. June J

    F**ing cuck Dan Crenshaw. The second most embarrassing Texan in DC after Cornyn. The neocons won’t be happy until we’re engaged in WW3.

  3. NA

    Americans are not permitted to be nationalist and demand enforceable secure borders for their own country.

    But it is permitted to be nationalist and demand enforceable secure borders for Israel. (Making such demands publicly can also be lucrative for a variety of reasons.) Therefore we should expect more of it.

  4. Filthie

    Well that’s just it, Arthur. Here is another guy that should have snubbed the Republican debates rather than being shouted down by morons, or attacked by the supposedly unbiased Globohomo moderators.

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