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Never Relax, Never Turn Your Back

Another day, another victim of believing that you can expect civilized behavior from people incapable of civility.

Chattanooga, Tennessee businessman was shot and killed while on his way to a high school reunion by a man with a lengthy criminal history, authorities said. 

Christopher Wright, 38, was in downtown Chattanooga on Sept. 28 to meet up with alumni from the Baylor School when he got into an argument with two men on the street, Fox Chattanooga reported. 

Surveillance video shows Wright, a father of three, including a newborn, talking to Darryl Roberts and another man before walking away, the report said. Roberts then approached Wright and allegedly shot him.

A witness said Roberts, known as “Too Tall,” shot Wright in the head. Wright was taken to a nearby hospital and died.

This is Christopher Wright….

…and this is Darryl Roberts…

Color me shocked.

Christopher Wright sounds like a very successful man and a father of three, with a new baby just recently born.

Wright attended Yale University and the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business, according to his biography on the website for Alderman Enterprises, a private equity firm. 

Meanwhile we have the standard story about Darryl Roberts type folks.

Roberts has a long criminal history with at least 60 charges for various crimes, the news outlet reported. In 2003, he was allegedly shoplifting from a T-J Maxx inside a mall when security personnel said he produced a knife. 

“Here it is and I’ll do anything it takes to get out of here!” Roberts allegedly said. 

He allegedly began to punch the security door and threatened store employees. An arrest report said he smiled at responding officers and licked the pepper spray from his own face. 

In 2009, Roberts was charged with aggravated assault and unlawful possession of a firearm after allegedly pulling a gun on a store clerk who refused to sell him beer. In 2010, he allegedly fired several shots through a door during a home invasion. 

Despite being arrested more than five dozen times, records show that Roberts never served more than six months behind bars, the New York Post reported, citing local media reports.

The NY Post story says that Roberts is 57 years old and having been arrested more than 60 times, that works out to at least 1.5 arrests every year since turning 18. This piece of shit has been causing trouble and spreading misery for almost 40 years, likely more as he was probably one of those famous scholars as a minor.

On the one hand, a White guy with everything going for him. On the other, a black guy who has nothing going for him that has been a blight on American society his entire life. We are supposed to believe that these two are essentially equal other than one being “privileged” and the other making “bad choices”. The actual situation is that Darryl Roberts was unlikely to ever have been anything but a piece of shit, no matter his upbringing. Too stupid and completely lacking in impulse control, what other plausible outcome was his life going to have in a society that refuses to recognize the need to check the worst impulses of people like Roberts?

Christopher Wright learned too late that you can’t expect someone like Darryl Roberts to simply walk away from a conflict. At 38 he had been fed a steady diet of talk about “equality” and has lived most of his adult life in a society that treats him as if he is the problem, not lifelong criminals like Roberts. Wright believed that the rules of a civil society, like you don’t shoot someone in the head if that person is not a threat to you, applied equally when obviously they don’t. People like Christopher Wright feel perfectly justified in engaging in violence if they feel disrespected or if someone is interfering with them stealing.

Another dead White, another reminder that you can’t relax around blacks, you can’t expect civilized behavior from them and you definitely can never turn your back on them.


  1. Moe Gibbs

    Wright attended Yale University and the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business
    Gonna go out on a limb here and theorize that Wright did not rub elbows with too many bantus, dindus or hutus during his academic career at Yale and UC.

    security personnel said [Roberts] produced a knife
    And you racists say blacks never produced anything! Pshaw!

    Once again, let me point out the lovely color combination of black skin and prison orange. So very complementary, like they were made for one another. Reminds me of candy corn.

    • pyrrhus

      Both the U of Chicago and Yale have plenty of diversity within blocks of their campus, and U of C students and faculty have been attacked…..

    • Carlos the Jackal

      Feet first, please.
      We want them to get the full experience.
      Round up some of his badass friends to watch , as his only potential in a civilized society is as an object lesson.

  2. saoirse

    The follow-up to this crime, if there is to be one, will be the guy’s family members emploring the general public to not make it a race issue and calling for mercy.
    Did the deceased carry a weapon for self-defense, especially while in a high-crime nigger hovel like ‘Chatnoooga’? No. Did he have any situational awareness which would avoid confronting or even being around zoo turds? Doubt it. Passivity and denial always sets you up for a brutal awakening, or in this case, sets up your family.

    • Big Ruckus D

      One does have to contemplate the possibility (even likelihood) that the deceased, by dint of his educational background and apparent upper crust lifestyle, was a “good white” (read: shitlib, or at least trending that direction) who would take offense to our comments regarding the perp here. The fact we are speculating on just that is a function of having seen this bullshit play out too many times already. It has become its own bad joke, always expecting the punchline – that of conciliatory statements for the perp from the victims family, and further being implored not to make it a race issue – to drop like a rancid turd in a punchbowl. And all too often it does, exactly to the expectation of those of us who just “get it”.

      And so it appears to me the only solution to these situations is much more of the same. Either people who still cling to the foolish idealism of equality will learn discernment in these matters, which will eventually inculcate the appetite for doing what is presently unthinkable, or they will perish, taking their retarded ideology with them to the grave.

      This makes at least 4 fairly high profile cases (being somewhat well reported on) now in under 10 days, by my figuring. Those are pretty impressive numbers. Still not enough to reach those who are congenitally stupid about the matter of race and risk, but given enough time – and bodies stacked up – the worm will turn.

  3. Bean Dip Tray

    Situational Awareness at all times, even in the fundamentally transforming former suburbia. Safety off? This is fine, always be aware of it.
    Visited Pineland Monday, ground breaking on two subdivisions, it is 50 miles from crapital city but very close to a CPUSA (D) state border and Marxist EDU center.

  4. Olguy

    Again the filthy spoiled rotten nigger.

    Never turn you back on them. NEVER.

    Always have a plan to Delete them and there scabs.

  5. realwesterner

    ***Warning-Being unarmed will result in fatal results in many settings. In other news the self-proclaimed “chief operating officer” of AnTiFa was knifed to death on a sidewalk in Brooklyn in front of his girlfriend. So the chief operating officer is no longer able to operate operationally. The girlfriend refused to provide a description to police-in keeping with leftist dictums-and in opposition to logic and common sense-in order to avoid oppressing the oppressed minority that oppressed her boyfriend to death. CCTV filmed it all, so, yeah.

  6. Filthie

    The question out of my face in these things is always, “What’re the victim’s politics?”

    If they’re liberals or democrats I just smile sinisterly like Montgomery Burns, and hiss, “Excellent…”

    The regime imposing this on us has to die. They are already terminal … and we’ve had a refreshing number of high profile white liberal virtue signallers get killed by their pets recently! 😂👍

    So it will go – one nigger, one rape, one murder at a time until white people stop tolerating it.

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  8. LaSanga

    I demand you ban all people who said the n word now. I demand you make moderator of all comments, with no appeal rights from you.

    Opressesineses will not be tolerated,

  9. Stealth Spaniel

    No-No-No! It was an act of “gun violence”. The mayor of Chatanooga sez so. Twern’t murder, mayhem, racial relations, or anything but “GUN violence”. Lemme quote:
    Chattanooga Mayor Tim Kelly released the following statement regarding Thursday night’s Market St. shooting and the subsequent arrest of the suspect:
    “While we are still collecting all of the facts about this heartbreaking tragedy, there are some things we do know: this was not gang violence, or a mugging, or a robbery. It was an isolated, senseless, and brazen act of gun violence after what appears to be a verbal exchange,” the statement said.
    “Some suggest that this is the result of a police department that isn’t doing its job. Nothing could be further from the truth,” Kelly said. “The effectiveness of CPD’s presence and engagement throughout the community and its focused deterrence strategies are well documented. The sad reality is that sometimes proactive policing only goes so far, particularly when you’re dealing with the kind of person who would commit a murderous act of apparent rage in front of witnesses on the steps of his own apartment building under the blue light of a well-known public safety camera.”
    Hamilton County Mayor Weston Wamp warned on social media of a “dangerous criminal element in Chattanooga” and urged people to avoid being alone downtown at night.
    “I am heartbroken and angered by the cold blooded murder of a beloved father, son, husband, and leader in our community last night,” Wamp posted. “Tragically, gun violence is once again wreaking havoc across Chattanooga.”

    Once again, a GUN went off, of its own accord, and started killing people. So, it is GUN violence, and uh……..don’t be alone downtown at night.

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