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It’s Always Germany In The 1940s

In early 2022 when Russia invaded Ukraine we saw the propaganda machine start to crank up. Diminutive wannabe Czar Volodymyr Zelenskyy was immediately crowned The Most Holy Defender Of Muh Democracy and the anti-Putin, although he embodies all of the worst aspects of the clownish Western portrayal of Putin. We were treated to all sorts of nonsense like the pilot “The Ghost of Kiev” who allegedly (and falsely) shot down a bunch of Russian jets and the guys on the Island who were alleged to have said nyet to a demand to surrender. The media even magically started spelling and pronouncing Kiev different overnight (now the cool kids write Kyiv to show their solidarity or something).

It has worked like a charm for the last 18 months. Dimwits stopped putting “I got my Covid-19 vaccine” frames on their profile pics and inserted Ukraine flags, despite not having any idea where Ukraine is on a map. The military-industrial complex has been having a field day as we unloaded enormous amounts of armaments in Ukraine and replaced stuff our “allies” in Europe dumped into Ukraine. Of course no one knows where all those arms actually went, much less the cash money we sent, but lots of it ended up in sold on the black market with the proceeds landing in the pockets of Zelenskyy and his cronies and some of those arms are starting to show up in the Israel-Hamas fight, along with weapons we left behind in Afghanistan (Big Country had a post touching on this: War? What War? I Have -NO- Knowledge of Such a Thing…).

It turns out that the Ukraine propaganda? Sort of the psyop equivalent of Pop Warner football, little kids bumping into each other in pads. With the WE WERE TOTALLY SURPRISED GUYS! attack by Hamas, the propaganda NFL has taken the field and the Ukraine thing? So over it.

I can barely stand to scroll through Facebook as all of the normiecon “conservative news” sites like Newsmax and One America News are tripping over themselves to hype how Our Greatest Ally needs our help to fight terrorists. They repeat whatever they are told to by Israeli sources without a hint that they might question what they are told. The comment sections are full of people who spend Sunday singing songs about how they love Jesus and then go onto social media to call for America to slaughter 100 million Middle Easterners in the name of misapplied and obsolete Old Covenant promises that have been superseded by the New Covenant. I did a little modification to that old song, Jesus Loves the Little Children, to reflect the importance of Our Greatest Ally:

Jesus loves (some of) the little children,

All the children of the world (except in Gaza, Iran, etc);

Red and yellow, black and white (except for brown ones in the Middle East),

They are precious in His sight (but not as precious as Jewish ones),

Jesus loves the little children of the world (except nations in conflict with Israel).

Jesus Loves The Little Children, Lindsey Graham edition.

Fox News is the worst. If the people pulling the strings at Fox had their way, anyone that asked any questions about the wisdom of getting into a conflict that might explode into a world-wide war ought to be expelled from the country or perhaps simply shot.

Yesterday morning I was scrolling through Fox on my phone and had to stop, because even for Fox this was a special kind of stupid….

Screenshot by me 10/23/23

Yes, they really said “gassing the Jews”. A very subtle headline, no? I am surprised that Fox didn’t show a picture of the gates of Auschwitz along with the story. As is always the case, no matter what it is, from someone questioning the aid package to Israel to 1000 Jews being killed by Hamas, it is literally the start of another Holocaust. There is no sense of perspective, no grades of concern. If you saying anything critical, no matter how mild, about Our Greatest Ally you are advocating opening up the “death camps” again. So what actually happened? Did the Hamas attackers have blueprints of Treblinka complete with plans for showers disguised as gas chambers? Well not exactly.

Huh? From the article.

Israeli officials say Hamas terrorists killed during the Oct. 7 attack in the southern portion of the country were found to be carrying instructions on how to use cyanide-based chemical bombs, according to reports.

The massacre at the kibbutz is one of many scenes of unspeakable bloodshed perpetrated by Hamas.

Axios reportedly reviewed Israeli intelligence that showed Hamas terrorists carried instructions stored on USB devices that included detailed diagrams for a “cyanide dispersion device.”

Sky News interviewed Israeli President Isaac Herzog on Sunday, who confirmed the instructions and said they dated back to 2003 and were from an Al Qaeda design for chemical weapons.

“It’s Al Qaeda material. Official Al Qaeda material. We are dealing with ISIS, Al Qaeda and Hamas,” President Herzog said. “This is how shocking the situation is where we’re looking at the instructions that are given on how to operate and how to create a kind of non-professional chemical weapon with cyanide.”

Pardon my French, but get the fuck outta here. Why in the world would a terrorist going to kill people with a rifle just happen to be carrying USB drives with plans for chemical weapons? Were they planning on taking a break, grabbing a laptop to load up the instructions and building chemical weapons in their spare time? I kinda doubt it and I am pretty confident, nearing 100% certainty, that these alleged USB drives, if they even exist, originated in a Mossad office where some Israeli operative loaded these plans onto the drives where they would later be planted “discovered” on the bodies of the dead Hamas terrorists, in a move that Vic Mackey would be proud of.

It is so absurd and implausible that only Israel could have come up with it, assuming quite correctly that no one in American media would dare to question such an obvious load of steaming bullshit. Notice the language used in the article, spoon fed to Greg Wehner at Fox News. Not only does the story headline on the Fox landing page invoke the most sacred of cows, the Holocaust, but the story then creates a link with ISIS (that we created) and al-Qaeda (that we also created) with Hamas (created by Israel and the U.S.). We are right back to al-Qaeda and weapons of mass destruction.

What is really galling is that it will work. Republicans are frothing at the mouth to go to war or at least to give Israel upwards of a hundred billion in new “aid”. Imagine what $100 billion could do to secure our southern border, but that isn’t important (other than the sudden realization that a wide open border is letting in all sorts of unsavory characters who might do some naughty stuff if we get into a hot war with Iran). Nope, the JV is off the field and the varsity grifters are in charge now and Israel is going to show Ukraine how a real hustle is done.

If we are lucky we will only be out a few hundred billion in “aid”. If we are unlucky?

More about that in the next post.


  1. Exile1981

    If I was running hamas i would have given usb sticks to a bunch of the troops with assorted crap on them and a version of the malware isreal sells. That way when they are found and read i could create all sorts of havoc.

  2. Harbinger

    CNN is probably showing grainy black-and-white photos of Nazi gas showers (constructed circa 1949, but don’t tell anyone) raining down Zyklon-B bath beads on innocent little-hatted heads. Of course we must send six million soldiers and six trillion dollars to that god-forsaken spit of land in defense of Our Greatest Ally™.

    Oy, Sophie! It’s anuddah shoah!

  3. saoirse

    Excellent synopsis. You can always depend on willfully ignorant, sanctimonious, cuntservative hypocrites to outperform the shitlibs when it’s their turn to take the stage and fellate the jews, regardless of where those slimewads are staging their latest ‘annudah holocaust’ act. Despicable garbage people, no better than the commie trash they point their fingers at! Both wouldn’t hesitate to throw most of us here – exempting the Trump chumps and jew-lovers of course – into jail for life. Hope their ‘victory gardens’ (remember Pickles?) wilt from all their phoney jingoism. Psyops a plenty!

    • pyrrhus

      And the funny part is that the Israeli population doesn’t believe this propaganda…A poll showed that 86% believe Israel started this war, and they aren’t happy about it…but now everyone is being called up to be killed…except Bibi’s son Yair, who is lounging around Miami Beach….

  4. Reader

    All this crap does is remind me of that graphic Bracken posted or repeated:

    Your military is HERE >>> (BFE, etc)

    The invaders are HERE >>> (my house)

  5. george 1

    About 3000 Americans are killed each year by illegal aliens. These are murders and DUIs for the most part. That number does not include the fentanyl and other illegal drug trade deaths. That would easily triple that number. The official policy of the United States since at least the GW Bush Administration has been that to maintain their policy of an open Border those Americans are expendable.

    Yet when about 1500 Israelis are killed in a rare attack on their soil our policy is to risk WWIII to avenge those deaths. You see Israelis are not expendable but Americans are. Some populations are more important than others. I for one will say that no, 1500 Israelis are not worth risking WWIII over no matter how outrageous that sounds to the normie con Israel firsters. It is also not wise to support them in committing war crimes against the Geneva Convention and International Law.

    My fellow Boomers need to get a clue. If the U.S./Israel wind up attacking Iran over this, that may well be the Empire’s last hurrah. Israeli politicians are rattling the sabers at Iran with some of them threating to use nukes. If we had a good president he would be on the phone with Netanyahu to tell him to cut that talk out right now or we will withdraw all our support. But no. We rush headlong into uncharted waters for the sake of Israel.

  6. Greg

    At dinner last night, my wife asked me what was going on in the ME. I said that I do not know. I read a lot, but there is so much disinfo, spin, propaganda, and outright lies that I have no way to verify anything. I do find posts such as this one, and BCE’s to be more credible than any other media source, but I still have to say that I do not know what is on the ground reality.
    We did have an enormous exercise in normalcy bias over the last couple weeks. We flew cross country, Oregon to Arkansas, to visit our daughter and her family. We went to the farmer’s market in Bentonville, capped with a fairly brief run through a Sam’s Club. Everywhere were crowds of people, Mr. and Mrs. Normicon, utterly and completely oblivious to what we news junkies are sweating over in both the media, and our alt-media. Other than price inflation, there is no sign whatsoever that anything is cruising to a collapse at warp speed. I saw gas in Siloam Springs for $2.99 unleaded. Gas in our corner of flyover country is down this week to $4.69. Flying in and out of Denver both ways, including the flight home on Jihad Friday the 13th, thousands of people behaving as if nothing unusual is going on anywhere.


    Good one, Mr. Sido. The old cliche still applies: In a war, the first casualty is truth. Here in Winterfell (North ID) the mega-churches are ramping things up and the “Christian Zionists” are in high dudgeon over this whole false flag, which has now blown up in BiBi’s face. The whole Normalcy Bias approach by all of the shambling, texting, slack-jawed, mouth-breathing, brain-dead, vaping, BARBIE-watching Mall Zombies will continue until this corrupt, syphilitic-thinking country goes full Weimar. I and mine just STFU and keep prepping. Bleib ubrig.


      “The whole Normalcy Bias approach by all of the shambling, texting, slack-jawed, mouth-breathing, brain-dead, vaping, BARBIE-watching Mall Zombies will continue until this corrupt, syphilitic-thinking country goes full Weimar.”

      That, Sir, is beautiful prose, and spot-on truth!

  8. Bean Dip Tray

    Sheckelsteins should think crazy Uncle Adolf, no “shitty little country” stolen from Palestinians without it.
    The SLC country comment was made by an EU leader during Sand Box II or Iraq Redux.
    Why it’s almost as if perfidious Albion carved out what would cause the most trouble in that region and didn’t care what Palestinians thought about it. (s/)
    And the UN Trojan horse is the global soviet Nimrod one world authority.
    Those victimization cards and mustache man lurks behind every router are frayed with bent corners and about to fall apart.
    The 18-34 demographic is lost to Hymie Smallhat so they are going for it all or think that their messiah the antichrist will arrive if they create enough chaos?
    O/T-Aggregator is saying Putin had a heart attack overnight, still checking it out.
    Breaking-Commissar Tom Emmer (UNI) is selected speaker for the worthless and useless neowhig Grand Old Politburo Washingtong Generals.
    Private citizen Emmanuel Trumpstein was against this pick.

  9. Gryphon

    There is a number of versions of a Meme entitled “Wiemar Problems require Wiemar Solutions” and they all start with a picture of the (((perversions))) that the tiny hats were ‘Promoting’- identical to (((their))) trannyfag/pedo crap Today.

    The second part of the Meme is typical pics of White Men marching off to War against the judeo-bolsheviks. This Time, We need to Win.

  10. Milton

    From the Christian perspective, both the Israelis and the Gazains are heathens. Neither group will we find in heaven. Americans do not have a stake in this scuffle.

    Team Biden and the anti-Christians are working on a pearl harbor event to make us think we ought to be involved in the Middle East.

    Just say NO.

  11. Scot Irish

    Thanks Arthur,

    You do a great job of communicating.

    I’ve already taken down the Ukraine war decorations. I’ll get the WW3 decorations up ASAP.

  12. Jaybo

    All of their lies are better than our lies. And the success of the third reich lol would have had all of you killed.

    if you think Israel is driving the globalization / depopulation program you have you head up your ass. EVERYONE would vote them dead first

  13. Thought Criminal

    The people whom call me Infidel and Goyim are having a war.
    Both want me dead after they rob me and rape my children.
    Give them both more bullets.

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