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I Have A Different Hypothesis

More than two weeks have passed since the Operation Al-Aqsa Flood attacks by Hamas on Israel on October 7th. Despite lots of bluster the promised ground invasion by the IDF has not occurred, making me wonder if They plan to simply level Gaza or even more likely are content to wait until the right moment for a false flag so they can get the U.S. to do their dirty work for them. Again.

Anyway, the media seems to be losing interest. This morning when I checked, the top story at Fox News was the Republican speakers race while over at CNN it was, of course, about Trump.

The lack of a genocidal ground offensive notwithstanding, we are still inundated with hot takes from Jews and evangelicals that seem to care more about Israel than they do about their own nation or the Christian faith despite Jews hating Christians and seeing them as suckers, easy marks to grift.

I saw this story at Jewsmax, er Newsmax (“All Israel, All The Time™!”) this morning….

From the story:

Support for Israel has leapt to a top priority for evangelicals in the leadoff Republican presidential caucuses now less than three months away, according to interviews with more than a dozen Iowa conservative activists. While curbing abortion has for decades energized Christian conservatives like no other issue, the attack by Hamas and Israel’s response have put new pressure on Republican candidates to hew not just to traditional Republican support for Israel but to beliefs rooted in the Bible.

Some Christians support Israel due to Old Testament writings that Jews are God’s chosen people and that Israel is their rightful homeland. Some evangelicals believe Israel is key to an end-times prophecy that will bring about the return of the Christian messiah.

Since the Oct. 7 attack, Iowa’s evangelical pastors, faith leaders and rank-and-file caucus participants have been looking more closely at candidates’ statements, while ministers urge their congregations to keep those positions top-of-mind when weighing their options. Several GOP contenders have discussed the conflict in black-and-white terms and accused President Joe Biden of not being tough enough on Hamas or Iran, which has long provided the group with money and training.

With all of the issues in America, from the open border to inflation and the economy, to violent crime, what is really grabbing the attention of evangelical voters? Israel. Republicans really deserve to lose.

Here is a particularly hot take from uber-Jew Dennis Prager. You might recall Dennis and his “Judeo-Christian values” bringing us such hits as congratulating a couple of faggots for buying a baby from a Rent-A-Womb, declaring that “Holocaust deniers” go to hell and of course asserting that Western civilization only exists because of Hanukkah. Hat tip to Normal American for this one:

Yep. He really wrote that and apparently he really believes it (emphasis mine).

There is no hatred like Jew-hatred. It is the longest ongoing hatred in history. It is the most universal. And it is the one exterminationist hatred: Those who hate the Jews want them destroyed. There is a Hebrew statement that is probably two thousand years old, and which is recited during the Passover Seder service: “In every generation, they arise to annihilate us.”

Note that the sentence does not say “to persecute us” or “to enslave us,” but “to annihilate us.”

The question is why?

I wrote an entire book – “Why the Jews?” – 40 years ago explaining antisemitism. But I can sum it up in a few sentences: Jew-hatred is largely a result of the Jews being The Chosen People. You can laugh at the idea if you are secular and inclined to do so. But those who hate the Jews have not laughed at the idea; they have hated the Jews because of it – because they believed it and/or because it is true.

The Jews introduced to humanity the God in which most of the world believes; brought into existence the Bible that is the basis of the New Testament and the Quran; gave the Christian world its Messiah; and gave much of the world its morality through the Torah, the Prophets, and the Ten Commandments. Those who hate that moral code hate the Jews. The two groups who have tried to exterminate the Jews in the last hundred years, the Nazis and the Islamists (not all Muslims), hate that moral code. And they hate the Jews for embodying it – compared to the Nazis and compared to Islamic regime of Iran, Hezbollah, ISIS and Hamas, Israel is composed of saints.

Oy vey! The chutzpah! The hubris!

May I point out that the New Testament that he credits Jews with says that Jews that reject Christ (like Dennis Prager) have the same eternal, extra crispy fate as Muslims and every other unbeliever? Or that in that same New Testament it was Jews that had Jesus arrested, yelled “Crucify him!” to Pontius Pilate who wanted to release him and were the primary persecutors of the early Church? Not to mention that the Messiah that Jews “gave” to the Christian world, sort of like a consolation prize for the non-Chosen People, was rejected by most of those Jews and is still rejected by Jews, including Prager and most Jews living in “The Holy Land”?

Prager, like most Jewish chauvinists, cannot fathom that there might be any other reason for people to dislike the Jews. Nope, just because every people group spanning continents and thousands of years has grown to dislike and eventually persecute and expel the Jewish people can have nothing to do with the behavior of Jews. It must be the gentiles and goyim that are wrong. Not just wrong but jealous because the Jews are God’s Chosen People™!

When you refuse to even consider your own actions contributing to a conflict, it is inevitable that you find ways to blame everyone else. Pretty soon even considering the actions and behavior of Jewish people over the last two thousand years has become forbidden under the umbrella of “antisemitism”. We see the same thing with blacks. No one is supposed to notice all of the social ills that accompany blacks when they move into an area. Instead those ills are all the fault of racist White people. When blacks shoot other blacks in a drive-by? Racist White people are to blame. When black school kids score poorly on tests? Racist White people are to blame. The fact that blacks insist on living in generation after generation of poverty ensured by out of wedlock births? You guessed it. Racist White people are to blame.

I would like to ask Dennis Prager if he really thinks that Jews bear no responsibility for any of the animosity They have faced, from their actions as guests in nations around the world to their arrogant boasting of being God’s Chosen People™ who for some reason that same God has allowed to be scattered for a couple thousand years. I doubt he would even entertain the idea that maybe all of those “antisemitic tropes” are in fact grounded in at least some facts.

In my 50 plus years on this earth I have met lots of people. Some have liked me, others have disliked me (some intently) and most are ambivalent toward me. If all of the people I met in those five decades universally disliked me, I would hope at some point I would engage in a little self-examination but when it comes to Dennis Prager, Li’l Ben Shapiro and others, that is unlikely to ever happen.


  1. Don W Curton

    AOC – the Republicans only criticize me because they want to date me.

    Prager – People only hate jews because they’re jealous we’re the chosen people.

    And technically, every human social group in history has developed some form of morality. But if you want to dig into details, the jews didn’t give morality to the world, God gave morality first to the jews, who violated the living fuck out of it, then God gave it to the rest of the world. The jews did very little in terms of spreading morality. So Prager is wrong yet again.

    • Zorost

      Much of the OT is about how the jews kept fucking up by ignoring what God told them. The ‘Golden Calf’ being the most famous, but there were many more. The NT is basically God saying, “fuck it, even I can’t work with these people, time for a new Chosen People.”

  2. Ohio Copperhead

    Jews are essentially sunlight-tolerant vampires: they can’t live without regular mortals to parasitize; they fear and loath the cross; and (above all) they are utterly incapable of looking at themselves in the mirror. (If further proof were needed: I defy anyone to find a living being that looks more like Nosferatu than the current ADL head.)

  3. Harbinger

    Honest self-examination and reflection? What fun is that, ya pity-party pooper. It is far easier (and profitable) to play the anti-semitism card and indulge a persecution complex.

    The juice are always quick with a verbal insult for others, but bruise like a banana when any criticism is leveled their way. My own personal interactions with them has been minimal through the years, but I don’t recall ever ‘liking’ any of them. And I would sooner have dated a blaqq girl than a joosh one, as the arguably lesser of two evils.

    I do enjoy the slavery-vs-hollowcost throwdowns, however. It’s fun to watch the two least-liked demographics in world history duking it out over who sits higher on the grievance totem pole.

  4. Max Wiley

    The credit on their Holocost Card is obviously maxed out. Only the truly propaganda blind are buying the “some are more equal than others” shtick. The open hypocrisy is being revealed for all to see. Noticing intensifies.

    • Gryphon

      Max – (((Noticing Intensifies))) FIFY.

      That will be their Doom, once again. I am ‘noticing’ more people who are questioning (((the narrative))) being pushed on them by the joomedia – the one-sided, hysterical-over-the-top Stridency of the propaganda has become so jarring that even ‘faux news’ watchers are beginning to ‘notice’. Whenever I tell one of them that its About, By and For the (((juice))), they don’t Recoil in Horror that what I say is “Anti-semetic” according to “god’s chosen people”.

  5. Reader

    Uhh yeah.
    “Our Friends!”…. hahahaha

    Israel has gone full Rabid Dog.
    (Bad optics gold folk, bad optics.)
    We wont even touch International War Law stuff.

    What the gold people have done is the equivalent of me slaughtering the entire dna line of someone that attacked me.
    Pert sure, that dog wont hunt.

    The world would be better off without either Tribe in reality.
    And there are a few other groups to toss in that pile.

  6. WDS

    To me, it seems as if they’re setting Netanyahu up for failure in order to get rid of him once and for all. Face it, there’s no love lost between Biden and Bibi. Hell, it seems as if there’s no love lost between the Israelis and Netanyahu either. The latest excuse for them to remain on hold is that Biden is supposedly sending rockets now. Tomorrow it’ll be a different excuse.

  7. saoirse

    The Jews are ‘chosen’ by a god that doesn’t exist, which immediately invalidates their statement. Millions of willfully ignorant lackeys kowtowing to this belief does not validate it. The emperors (rabbis, shylocks whatever) still wear no clothes.
    Jews will only become genuinely chosen when they’re slated for execution!

  8. J J

    Let’s see if I can summarize where we’re at:
    1. Criticizing individuals or groups of black, brown, yellow or any other color (except white) for their words or actions: racist
    2. Criticizing individual or groups of muslims for their words or actions: islamaphobic
    3. Criticizing individual or groups of jews; or the government of Israel for their words or actions: anti-semetic
    4. Criticizing individual or groups of elected US elected officials, bureaucrats or the government for their words or actions: insurrectionist, terrorist

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