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He Seems Upset

Apparently I tangled with a Krav Maga killer Jew on Substack (Michael Yon’s post) who didn’t care for my pointing out that Jews are some of the biggest cheerleaders of mass migration in America…..

I told him I lived about 15 minutes northeast of Fort Wayne and then asked what now, but he had already challenged several other people to fight him for the honor of all Jew-dom. I thought my initial criticism was pretty mild and my initial response was based in actual examples. Then he muted me while declaring himself King of Internet Tough Guys and seems to have deleted the comment I replied back to with my real life location. If you have a Substack account feel free to drop by Michael’s post and tell Christopher Messina how impressed you with his gen-u-wine real man toughness.

Wonder if he is related to the certified gen-u-wine shooter from last year?


  1. Harbinger

    “Christopher Messina” sure doesn’t sound very joosh to me. There are a few Christophers in my own extended fam, and they were named in honor of Jesus Christ. And every Messina I’ve known was of Italian extraction.

    Okay, yeah, of course Shlomo Lipschutz is going to do his internet bad-assing from behind a pseudonym. But why would a bona fide, card-carrying soopa joo choose an overtly Christian handle to lob snot rockets from? Is he trying to “pass”?

  2. saoirse

    LOL. Anything’s possible, but a kike named Christopher? I always get a kick out of the kosher kommandos posing as badasses on the net daring people to meet up and fight them. Most likely a frustrated little JDL ‘schlemiel’ (jew word for dork). Has a boring Substack. Likes foreskin chewers like DeSantis and Yon. This is the type of asswipe that makes his own participation trophies.

    • Berglander

      Chris Wallace, surprisingly, is jewish.
      Given that “Christopher” means “Christ-bearer,” it’s shocking that any of them have that name.

  3. mike fink

    This Hamas thing has everyone worked up and big events are underway, but there is no point in engaging people on matters of policy with the intent to change their minds or the opinions of others who might be watching. In fact, it is probably a waste of precious time to read the news about these unfolding events with the intent of measuring what everyone else has to say about it. I have to keep myself from getting drawn into this as well. I am trying to limit my reading to reports about what is happening and restricting my comments in public to what I might think is likely to happen if someone else has not done so already. Let’s all keep our heads and prepare for the worst right where you are and not feed into the emotional reactions of others.

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