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Haven’t We Heard This Before?

The amphibious ship USS Bataan (LHD-5), with a Marine detachment aboard, is making its way to the eastern Mediterranean in the latest step the U.S. has taken to aid Israel’s retaliation against Hamas terrorists.

While U.S. officials say the troops are not meant to see combat but to act in advising and medical assistance capacities and no service members have been given orders to prepare to deploy, Defense Secretary Austin’s move to place American troops — stationed both inside and outside the Middle East — on notice is a sign of the U.S.’s support for a still-hypothetical ground operation in Gaza.

President Biden has said there are no plans to put American soldiers on the battlefield in Gaza, but the US military presence there is growing

A Marine Corps expeditionary unit capable of undertaking special operations is heading to the Eastern Mediterranean Sea to bolster the U.S. military posture in the region, as Israel appears on the verge of a ground invasion of the Gaza Strip. 

Two senior Defense Department officials told The Messenger that the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit, which is part of the Bataan Amphibious-Ready Group, is being rerouted to the Mediterranean from the Arabian Sea. The two Defense Department officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss national security matters, said the USS Bataan and USS Carter Hall will link with the USS Mesa Verde—which recently completed ship repairs in Spain and is already sailing across the Mediterranean Sea.

Oh, well at least They are assuring us these amphibious assault vessels are not there for, you know, amphibious assaults. They would never lie to us.

First a couple of carrier strike groups and then three amphibious assault vessels with thousands of Marines. Sure they could be there just in case we need to evacuate some dual-citizens or something. Then again monkeys could fly out of my ass. In theory anyway. I think this guy is on to something.

Hamas is small potatoes. What They want is Iran. They have been clamoring for a war with Iran for most of my lifetime and Israel would love to see Iran reduced to a smoldering slag pile. Iran is a nation of over 87 million people, around double the population of Iraq.

What could possibly go wrong?

The world is at the most unstable place it has been in my lifetime. America is being invaded by millions of military aged mestizos and various low IQ clowns from around the world. China is poised to retake Taiwan. Eastern Europe is embroiled in a major war and Western Europe is filling with hostile military aged Muslims and various low IQ Africans. The Middle East is on the brink of a calamitous war. Not to mention an upcoming “election” next year between a doddering old man who can’t walk up stairs and his likely opponent that might be running for President from a prison cell.

Just imagine a Fed orchestrated false flag, some Muslim guys who will of course have Hamas gear, armed with AR-15s who shoot up some daycare or something. Pretext for attacking in the Middle East, plus a pretext for banning “assault rifles”. The possibilities are endless.

Maybe it will all blow-over again but it sure doesn’t feel like it.


  1. Zorost

    So is this ship going to be the USS Liberty or USS Maddox (Gulf of Tonkin)?

    RMS Lusitania and USS Maine are also amongst the possible choices.

  2. george 1

    This could be very dangerous. With so many U.S. Navy ships in the Eastern Mediterranean at the same time, the women and diversity piloting the vessels might cause a collision or two. Or three.

  3. Bean Dip Tray

    Attention grabbers at early 2000 era original aggregator-2000 US troops heading for Israel, MBS of Saudi Arabia made Blinken wait overnight before speaking with him, Vanguard invests in PLA.
    A big WWIII loss would burn it all down the best.

  4. Mike_C

    “orchestrated false flag”

    Hell, our beloved President, the winner of the most voats evar, is on his way to Israel, probably right now as I type this. Let us pray that he remains safe, because otherwise, how’s THAT for casus belli?

  5. Captain Coleman

    It’s a Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU). We used to have one rotationally deployed from the west coast, one rotationally deployed from the east coast, and one permanently assigned to Okinawa- so having one deployed in a hot spot is not, in itself, unusual. It’s what they’re for and why we have them. The MEU is not a huge organization but it can facilitate a lot of other things.

  6. SirLawrence

    Gosh I hope all those whyte patriots aboard the freedumb ships have all their jabs up-to-date. I would hate to see them come down with covid right when they are needed most for Our Democracy and their pensions.

    In the meantime, the legion of little hats that “trade” energy don’t seem very spooked by this whole thing.

    Crude prices are down from the Sept high and bouncing in territory that historically would panic-pump if any one of those ragheads started talking all splodey. Now we have the whole region – and China and Russia, weighing for the fight and energy is just plugging along. Stonks are down for the month but still above pre-“covid” levels as well.

    I’ve been working some long-tail projects and every single producer of something real and useful is chattering about supply chain, materials quality (declining) and availability, and overall reduction in UPC’s. Not like during covid, but as a normalizing aspect. i.e. The before times are never coming back.

    There are more than one private businesses that I have met with who are quietly looking for buyers. The inputs are inflation + scarcity + unreliable quality while the purchasing power thanks to bubble credit going away and consumer cash being thin are not looking good. Guys are watching their “retirement” or legacy slowly (or perhaps not) burn in from the cocaine high of ten years of fedbucks culminating in covid helicopter cash.

    There are a whole bunch of little, middling producers and warehousers that previously kept the volatility in inventory and pricing smoothed – as well as being integral to the timely delivery of essential items, that were broken either to death or into a different model of business during the Great Covid Essentialism transition. The metrics, indicies, and the rest of the tea leaves of the mercantile are rotten and fabricated. Nobody knows anything real and even the small talk of the olden times about such things is but perfunctory momentum slowly bottoming on the rocks. The entire facade is threadbare.

    Another meanwhile, for every youngish person failing to fall for the holohaux victimology, there seems to be a massive head-in-the-sand movement among the older and the well-heeled. My well-off compatriots pozzitively cannot see any of this, even – perhaps especially, the ones in the “markets” so to say.

    Its all very strange. I am presently draining my life savings to keep the roof over my head from, literally, leaking and hoping very much that the little brass and snax I have in the larder will be enough to weather the long decline because the swift WW3 clusterfuckery that all this seems to be hinting at would actually be a sweet relief from the protracted, grinding clown world decline and for that reason I suspect we will not see carriers sunk and missiles lobbing around but rather moar third-worlding, more oppressive, bleak, atomized, and totalitarian shitstorms in the declining homeland bolstered by these sorts of theatrical boom-booms.

    When they decide to unwrap the jelly-of-the-month-club derivative and bond market gift that keeps on givin all year round, well then we know that we will truly All be in This Together.

    • RegretLeft

      Very thoughtful – I read it all. This stands out: “Nobody knows anything real” – I recall a “health official” in deep blue Philly – during their warp speed vax rollout – centerpiece of the “response” – saying mid 2021 re: vax numbers: “Nobody knows what the real numbers are; we don’t even look at the CDC data anymore”

  7. Reader

    From a war vet I read:

    The aircraft CVN carriers are for long range flight ops and showing off.

    the LHA and LHD carriers are for ground operations. When those move, that’s the bigger sign.

  8. Filthie

    No. Iran is a huge part of the Globohomo money laundering machine. Typically Iran gets on moderately well with the democrats because they are idiots and pussies, and the Iranians are masters of brinkmanship. Sure, they have made mistakes, but they learn from them too.

    The ships are for Egypt, Syria, and the other surrounding nation states that might ally with the Palestinians. Iran will almost certainly be involved if the other players move. The real wild card in this is Turkey. They are no friends of the jews and are almost certainly fed up with them too. There are powerful forces in Turkey that want to throw the US and NATO under the bus and align with the BRICS.

    It’s too early to tell yet. This could go one of a hundred different ways at this point.

  9. Harbinger

    I want to see Iran greet those great big, scary warships in the Med with a huge floating sign reading, “SHOW US YOUR TITS!”. In Farsi.

    U.S. force projection ain’t what it used to be in the new, colorful, fabulous military.

  10. Max M Wiley

    This is Teddy Roosevelt diplomacy at its finest.
    That fleet on paper represents more firepower than the bottom 95% of the world’s militaries combined. Problem is, that’s by 50 years ago reckoning and doesn’t really account for the past 20 years developments in missile technology.
    Anyway, that fleet is a big stick to try to prevent any third parties from getting involved while Israel gets on with the business of using its Manufactured Consent to rid itself of the Palestinian problem once and for all.

  11. Gryphon

    I didn’t save the Links, but the Russians have been very Quiet about the situation. It appears that the Kremlin / President Putin have been in contact with Egypt, Turkie, Saudi Arabia, and Iran about this, while Snubbing phone calls from bin-Yamin Nut-n-Yahoo.

    Other rumors speculate that the Russians, Turks, and Egypt are talking about putting together Ships to take Food, Fuel and Medical Assistance to Gaza. That means LST’s to the Beach, and running any ‘Blockade’ by the FUSSA Navy.

    “Are You Not Entertained?”

  12. Gryphon

    Every Arab Nation that biden’s (((handlers))) contacted, asking for Meetings, Refused.
    Saw a Comment on another site that said when biden’s staff put a Call to Saudi King ‘MBS” from Air Force One, that the King’s Secretary hung up on them.

    If the zionists Refuse to allow Humanitarian Aid to Palestine, chances of Direct Conflict with FUSSA Forces go even higher.

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