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Busy Busy

No time for posting right now, weekend should be quieter.


  1. Bean Dip Tray

    Be welly welly well, have a Voloko Mellocet if needed, always keep yarbles bolshy.
    O/T-Learned that Stalin was small hat with mother and father even if he never practiced and Herr Wolf (Adolf) gave a speech in 1940 stating that he would crush the freemasons!
    Been studying WWII for years and just learned about these.

    • Jay Powell

      BDT, you have a book title or a link for the intel on Stalin? That’s a bit of Soviet info I have never heard. Thanks in advance for whatever you can mention here.

    • Greg

      If you really want to make your head spin over WWII history, do a dive down the rabbit hole of Ron Unz in his American Pravda series. You’ll be questioning everything you’ve ever learned about it.


    no, how about back in 1988, when metal lica was cool, .. & JUSTICE FOR ALL, & listen to the lyrics this time, for example, EYE OF THE BEHOLDER, ..doesnt matter what you see, or into what you read, you can do it your own way….IF IT’S DONE JUST HOW I SAY… or SHORTEST STRAW…

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