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A Quick Word Of Caution

While I am sure most already know this, when Our Greatest Ally is “at war” we are going to see not just internet types posting some completely insane takes but the volume of bogus posts on social media is going to skyrocket. Pictures of dead kids, grainy videos purporting to be one side or the other committing some atrocity, etc. are going to be all over social media. My policy is going to be to not share that stuff as the disinformation war is going to make Ukraine seem like child’s play.

Palestinians are going to do terrible stuff to Jews and Jews are going to do terrible stuff to Palestinians and none of it is my concern. Some primitive desert tribes that have been warring for thousands of years don’t matter to me, at least until we start sending White kids to die to defend Our Greatest Ally. Don’t think for a second that won’t happen…

Again, I would urge caution. I don’t care if the Palestinians and Jews wipe each other out, just keep us out of it.

White people don’t have a side in this conflict.


  1. Don Curton

    Will be interesting to note the complete absence of the anti-war protestors, but like you I’m 100% this is NOT our problem. No foreign aid, no sending of war materials, no soldiers, no advisors, no interest. Of course felt the same was about Ukraine and no telling how many of my tax dollars went to support that fiasco. Every single politician that has voted for foreign aid should be impeached, tarred and feathered, and then hung.

  2. Ohio Copperhead

    I couldn’t disagree more! I’m 100% committed to both saving our Bestest Ally EverĀ© and letting the new and diversified US military show off it’s prowess! That’s why I’m calling for the immediate deployment of every last tranny, BIPOC, and anti-white/male soldier to the front lines to face Hamas’ finest and fierciest! I’m sure their sacrifice will provide a better service to us all than sending any number of white Southern or midwestern boys would.

    • Filthie

      I get the sentiment, but must disagree.

      We DO have a place in world events and issues. As statesmen and peacekeepers, maybe? It used to be that the US would go in, force the sides to stand down, sit down and negotiate. In the real world we have allies and enemies worldwide, we have legitimate interests and alliances to maintain…or, at least … we used to.

      Now our interests seem to be endless jew wars, peppered with faggotry and diversity. The last thing anyone needs is a bunch of niggers and perverts running amok in that human flea circus.Theyve already undermined our credibility and strength.

      We needn’t choose sides or anything… but we really need to think things through. We created half of those monsters down there ourselves, and the last thing anyone needs is to feed them and add more.

      Id watch this like a hawk if I were you. History is unfolding, and we need to pick our place in it carefully…or have morons and cretins choose it for us.

  3. mike fink

    No disagreement, The take on this that is coming from a few sources on the Internet is that this is basically WW3 going on without the formality of declarations of war. As such it is difficult for the distracted masses to connect the dots and realize the danger. If this analysis is correct, the Russians are not too happy with Israel trying to hurt their war effort in Ukraine by taking up the neocon war plan D and arming Azerbaijan against Armenia. This also threatens Iran, which is a Russian ally. The Iranian clients in Gaza, Lebanon, the West Bank, and elsewhere are now going to inflict maximum pain on Israel. A harsh Israeli response will likely unite the moslem world in the same fashion as in 1973, A repeat of the Arab oil embargo is a near certainty if that happens. Fighting Gaza in the usual manner will run down Israeli ammunition stocks and American stocks have already been spent in Ukraine. This moron in the White House killed American oil production and drained the Strategic Petroleum Reserve by selling it to China. Israel cannot fight for very long without running low on ammo and it does not have the population to sustain a war of attrition with anyone. A ground invasion of Gaza would not only fail, it would bring in Hezbollah and some real missile firepower that I don’t think the IDF is any more prepared for then they were in 2006. Israeli escalation up the chain to Iran with or without nukes is certainly the milestone where ballistic missiles start hitting American targets. We will probably see soon thereafter just how bad the US Navy really is. Suddenly, beating Russia in Ukraine will be forgotten.
    The downstream affects of all of this is a world economic and energy crisis. and likely a stampede of most nations to the emerging Russia/China/Iran alliance against the American Empire. I’m not rooting for the neocons and I am not a fan of the religion of peace or the other major players here either. But the shots in our name are being called by utter fools and mistakes could get us nuked in short order.

  4. Craig

    None of our business. Let them annihilate each other. Once again another conflict that would not be occurring if Trump was still President. Almost forgot Fuck Joe Biden and his entire family and all who “voted” for him.

  5. saoirse

    I agree with your sentiments but everyone knows that as soon as the evil kike squatter state even edges towards an ass whooping Uncle Saul .. uh Sam will be there to take the bullets, guaranteeeed! Kikes have almost total control of fedgov – regardless of who the piece of shit president is – and will march every last Murkan soldier to the ‘holy land’ if necessary. Most of those stupid sheep will be glad to go (especially the christ-insane) and they’ll be cheered on by even stupider sheep.

    • Big Ruckus D

      Yes, that’s about the size of it. And for any – Zionists or otherwise – who end up volunteering, or choosing not to avoid conscription into what will be the coming effort to slaughter untold numbers of Americans in the defense of “our greatest ally” (I just puked a little in my mouth even typing that) at all costs, maybe they deserve to die. If they cannot gets their minds right by this late stage about what really is and isn’t their concern and responsibility as an American, then they are probably unsalvageable for anything actually useful, at least in political terms. I simply can never trust one whose loyalties have been – and remained – so stupidly misplaced.

      Now, there will be great difficulty recruiting for this operation, as there has already been the last few years just in reaction to how arrogantly the govt has despised those of us it will need most (for our competence). The based will, by now, recognize the criticality of not contributing to what the fedgov and .mil is almost certainly about to embark upon. I figure conscription will be attempted, and in some measure will be initially successful at grabbing the unknowing and unsuspecting. The krainian kokaine klown’s press gangs have demonstrated this already, and similar tactics and scenes of literal abduction off the street will almost certainly be on the menu here before long. But only idiots and true believers will be foolish enough not to take active measures to avoid being screwed in such a manner, and falling victim to it. Further, once it starts and word gets around, I have to believe there will be violent pushback. If there isn’t, then we may truly be proper fucked.

      Bigger problem still is that once the US enters the fray as a direct participant, our soil will be targeted from within and without. There will be great reprisals coming our way, and the fucking maniacs running the place clearly have no concern at all over that eventuality.

      • saoirse

        Correct. The perverted irony however is that it will be the shitlibs that give the most resistance to proxy fighting for Pissrael because they consider it a ‘white’ country persecuting the noble indigenous brownies. The trannies may go since Hamas supposedly bombed a bunch of their fellow freaks frolicking in the desert. The christ-insane whites will be the ones sacrificing themselves in droves for their kike masters – and Jeeeezus of course. This should be an entertaining shit show regardless.

  6. realwesterner

    The war in Ukraine appears to be a mere prelude to the war in Jewcraine. Haha. The whole thing is a psy-op. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that the opening salvos of rockets were launched by Mossad, but I doubt we’ll get 20-40 years for that tidbit to come out anyway.

  7. george 1

    Like Arthur points out this is not our war. This conflict goes back to the days just after WWII when Britain and the U.S. decided to play God and partition that area of dirt and give it to the chosen people. We should note that the people living there at the time and subjugated were not ever part of the AXIS Alliance and in no way responsible for much of anything that happened in WWII.

    OK, so be it. But no one should be the least bit surprised that many people were pissed off at that even unto this day. The Jews took all of that on so it is on them to solve the problem. Very soon we are going to have more problems than we can handle ourselves.

  8. Scot Irish

    Sure, but what about “rules based order”?

    Sorry, I don’t care about what’s going on over there. It’s tragedy over and over though. And I expect it to visit the US soon.

  9. Gryphon

    The Fact that the jews are crying “This is our Pearl Harbor, this is our 9/11” means that just like both of those ‘incidents’, the so-called ‘intelligence agencies’ were In on ‘setting it up’ for the benefit of the (((war industry))). The Idea that Thousands of Weapons and Ammunition, including Artillery Rockets and Launchers could be ‘smuggled’ into the Fenced, Cameras Everywhere, Open-Air Prison that is the “Gaza Strip” WITHOUT the Knowing Participation of the zionist ‘security agencies’ is simply Retarded.

    (((they))) Allowed and Encouraged this Event, and likely also controlled the Timing – right as their little ‘project’ to establish “greater khazaria” back in the Ukraine has been Stomped On by the Bear – to Distract from that Failure and Cover Up the Grift that their puppets here have Profited from. It appears that instead of a ‘Pivot to China’ (((they))) are Aiming the Golem (the FUSSA Military) at Iran. I fully expect that the Aircraft Carrier now in the Med will be Sunk, with Claims that “Iran Did It!!” blaring 24/7 from the joomedia, and the christicucks will happily line up to support a War against the Eeebil moose-limbs on behalf of “god’s chosen pee-pul”(tm) just like the buy-bull tells them to.

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