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You Have Heard Of New Mexico But What About Jew Mexico?

If you think the situation at the southern border and the issues with cartels in Mexico are bad now, you ain’t seen nothing yet…..

Hoo boy. A chica el presidente? I am sure that will help get the narco-state under control. If you notice the two names in the headline above, one sounds very Meh-he-can: Xóchitl Gálvez and rightly so…

Gálvez is a businesswoman who became a senator in 2018 and has seized media attention with her aspirational story of growing up with an Indigenous father and mestizo mother in Hidalgo state, before working her way through public university and into business and politics.

She is an actual Mexican. The leading candidate though is a “climate scientist” turned politician named Claudia Sheinbaum.


A Jewish climate scientist is the leading candidate to take over as President of Mexico? According to Wikipedia, there are less than 60,000 Jews in a nation of nearly 130 million people, or less than 0.0005% of the population. What an amazing cohencidence! What might we expect from a Sheinbaum Presidency? She was mayor of Mexico City and her signature achievement according to Wikipedia…

In June 2019, Sheinbaum announced a new six-year environmental plan. It includes reducing air pollution by 30%, planting 15 million trees, banning single-use plastics and promoting recycling, building a new waste separation plant, providing water service to every home, constructing 100 kilometers of corridors for the exclusive use of trolleybus lines and the Mexico City Metrobús system, and constructing and installing solar water heaters and solar panels.

That is very lovely but I am not sure that what Mexico needs right now is to ban single use plastics when people are people gunned down all over the country. Mexico has one of the highest murder rates in the world at 28.2 per hundred thousand people, more than quadruple that of the United States at 6.8 (and we know where most of those come from).

If Sheinbaum should win, and you know They want her to, it is likely that policies in Mexico will slant even more toward anti-Americanism and focusing on “social justice” while ignoring the fact that Mexico is a failed narco-state. That will in turn drive even more Mexicans to cross the U.S. border and as illegal aliens swarm the U.S. and move out of the southwest, it is causing enormous strain on other regions. New York City’s mayor says it might destroy the city and Chicago’s O’Hare is turning into a squatter camp: Hundreds of migrants now housed at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport.

We could probably survive indefinitely with our 13% black population. We could also probably survive tens of millions of mestizos. Add them together? There isn’t a way we come out of this without major bloodshed:

black plus brown equals red


  1. saoirse

    A jew cunt in charge of millions of rabid shitskin mestizos – what could possibly go wrong, or is it right? The Zionist/Demopublican fix is already in for the final assault on the entire country via the southern border. This is a plan we can all trust. Major bloodshed will indeed be the only way out. It has been the necessary antidote for quite some time now. Read the many passages in their Talmud to see what they really think of you and your progeny. Then read the Protocols of Zion. Exterminate them or get exterminated!

  2. realwesterner

    There were many “hidden jews” in spain back when they were inquisitioning non-catholics there. Many of them outwardly converted to catholicism to survive, but maintained their talmudian roots, and many of them emigrated to New Mexico generations ago. Joo Mexico is very, very real.

    • Zorost

      “hidden jews”

      Mx. Sheimbaum’s party president used to be named Citlali Ibáñez Camacho, then converted (re-converted?) to judaism and took the name Yeidckol Polevnsky Gurwitz.

  3. Big Ruckus D

    This raises the question: are a significant number of Mexicans race cucks, just as shitlib whites in America are? I’d not have thought there would be that much support for a shebrew to possibly (likely?) attain national office down there.

    We hear about LaRaza, and how mexican culture is heavily masculine (though I have long had my doubts about these characterizations) and all this sort of stuff, but then they go and put serious support behind a silly tribalist bitch so readily, that it looks like they are willing to sell themselves out just as readily as our own class of stupid, self loathing race traitors do here. Well, now diversity can be their strength, too!

    As was already said in a previous comment, bloodshed is the only way out. There can be no orderly, non-catastrophic unwinding of all the social and political dysfunction we are suffering under. The reality is that huge numbers of people will be killed before this all shakes out and reaches some sort of equilibrium again. It matters not that most will find this an undesirable state of affairs; when humans are overtaken by herd mentality, lots of stupid and ruinous shit is guaranteed to happen. That is why we are where we are already. The general public reaction to coivd in 2020-2022 was a perfect snapshot of how large numbers of people can be goaded into doing ill-advised and harmful things not in their own best interests.

    • Arthur Sido

      It is weird that Mexico has such a weird race thing where they are full of swarthy dark people but almost all of their elected leaders are lighter skinned, like a lot of the Latin American nations.

      • Big Ruckus D

        Yes, I’ve noted that very fact for many years now. This present case is merely an extension of the curious observation that there exists a specific and annointed ruling class there.

        • Zorost

          That’s the answer to your original question. There isn’t popular support for jewmexico, there is a cabal of elites that control who gets put up for election such that no matter who wins, they win.
          Sounds familiar…

          • Big Ruckus D

            Yes, I guess my original question was intended to be rhetorical, without stating as much. The world over (or at least in western styled “democracies” the fix has been in for a long time, insofar as who gets to run for office, and who will actually “win”. We are always somehow given a choice of either dogshit or horseshit. Sometimes a third party goofball who personifies pigshit will throw their hat in. But really, it’s all.shit.

            Mexico, being stuck far closer to a 3rd world country than 1st world, is rife with the sort of corruption that would have made their elections (and those who just happen to be put up as candidates) highly suspect for pretty much the entirely of my lifetime so far. Of course, our little hellhole here north of the Rio Grande now has elections that bear a striking resemblance to their workings of ol’ meh he co.

            In any case, it does appear the particular attributes of the qualifying candidates keeps getting more noticeably…specific, though. A funny thing, that.

  4. Gryphon

    This is a pretty Curious thing – I wonder what connections this kikenkunt has with the WEF/World Bank and ‘judean internationalists’. Clearly, this individual is being Set Up to be (s)Elected, for Taking Control of Mexico for the benefit of the (((cabal))).

  5. Jim Laffrey

    AS IF Mexico isn’t already run by jews. This is just the next step to float an open jew instead of the usual crypto-jews. It’s like open-jew Bernie Sanders being run in the jUSA versus the crypto-jews Bushes, Biden, Trump, DeSantis, Clintons, Obama, … Yes, Obama. His mother was a jew not a White woman. Name: Stanley Ann Dunham. Yes, “Stanley,” after her jew father.

      • Clown car driver

        Cmon man trumpenstein may as well be one. I got a prediction for you; your savior trump is going to do for you just what he did last time, NOTHING Mazel tov my nigga!

      • Jim Laffrey

        The “BFYTW” displays his own ignorance and jew-like mentality with his empty name-calling and factless comment. In my 14 years of truthtelling on the Internet, usually that kind of spew comes from a jew. Therefore, if BFYTW is an enemy jew, it is lying instead of being ignorant.

        My fellow Whites may be interested in some of my history as a truthteller, researcher, etc. I recommend my CREDENTIALS Page:

    • Zorost

      Trump isn’t jewish, but many of his grandkids are. Which is how the jews have historically slid into wealth and power. Sad to say, but I bet his pure goy kids will end up getting disinherited or otherwise not around when its time to inherit.

  6. Mike_C

    “ less than 0.0005% of the population”

    What’s that got to do the the price of tea in China (or of tamales in Mexico)? Their average IQ is somewhere above 160, so it’s not strange at all that they are (seemingly) disproportionately in positions of power and influence. Why, if it weren’t for rampant anti-Semitism, which infests every nation and culture, they’d be even more prominent. Duh. /eyeroll

  7. anonymous

    Maybe illegal aliens from Mexico who choose to “decorate the shores of Texas” with plastic bags, jugs and other sundries is a way to clean up Mexico’s environment. Dump it in the neighboring countries, leaving Mexico cleaner.

  8. J Powell

    Hi Arthur

    I’m off-subject here, but had to put in my 2 cents on this afternoon’s Apple product release and presentation. It was literally 30-35% Greenie bs, with kilotons of DEI insanity. A “Mother Nature” character showed up at an outdoor kinda board meeting. “Mother Nature” was a +200 lb negress who I initially thought was Stacy “the Manatee” Abrams. Just a highly rotund blaq femme preaching the cult gospel of greens and recycling. Numerous of the “board members” were full fledge members of the diversity.

    This led me to wonder – did homo Tim Cook get the “most diverse” members of Apple’s staff to star in these skits, or was this just a cattle call of “typical” white collar staff in Silicon Valley?

    I tuned in to see new products that may aid me in business or be useful for my wife. I did not expect/want to see the typical unnatural forced mixing like one sees in 80% of TV ads now. Seriously, if someone is considering a $1,600 laptop or a $1,200 smartphone, do we really care about the percentage of recycled cobalt in the batteries, or Apple’s drive to “eliminate carbon output” by 2030? [Question: what will the trees breathe?]

    What utter tripe! I wish Blackberry or Motorola (the real company, not the shell Google left after their takeover) were left to save us from the virtue masturbating.

    What a dark joke.

  9. MN Steel

    Huh. I have to go back to that action/adventure/sci-fi that Bracken wrote about the southwest and cryptojews to see what side the tribe is on, I’m guessing Team Freedom in the book.

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