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You Can’t Make This Crap Up

Pedo Joe Biden, the Child-Molester-In-Chief, has named Kamala Harris to head up the new “Office Of Gun Violence Prevention”.

President Joe Biden on Friday will announce the establishment of the first-ever White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention to help reduce the nation’s epidemic of gun violence.

“He believes that now is the moment to accelerate our work to reduce gun violence, which is why he is establishing this office,” Stefanie Feldman, who will serve as Director of the Office of Gun Violence Prevention, told reporters.

The office that will be overseen by Vice President Kamala Harris and a senior administration official said that adding White House coordination and capacity will have a major impact.

We all know what a bang up job she did as the border czar as millions of future Democrat voters have charged across the southern border. Like her role as “border czar”, this is just a way to give her something to pretend to do while not making an impact as the new office won’t focus on who is actually committing the gun violence, the Democrats most reliable voting bloc, and instead will work to disarm Whites.

The owner of Sons of Liberty Gun Works did a brief video about this yesterday and explained a little about how it will work to suppress gun rights outside of Congressional action.

The odds of a major false flag before the 2024 election are approaching near certainty. Get what you need now while everything is plentiful and cheap, that could change in a hurry. Oh, and practice what you got and what you get of course.


  1. realwesterner

    “The Office of Prevention of Gun Ownership By Patriots, Conservatives and Christians in America” I think is what they meant to say. Or perhaps “Office for the Monopoly of Gun Violence by the Government”. Maybe that’s what they meant.

    • realwesterner

      And its one more little thing with which the communist bastards can agitate/irritate/antagonize The Right. Their eagerness to unleash the gunships and missiles and the full forces of their militarized national police force against patriotic Americans no doubt has them shaking with anticipation.

    • Zorost

      Remember Robert Conquest’s 3rd law of Politics: “The simplest way to explain the behavior of any bureaucratic organization is to assume that it is controlled by a cabal of its enemies.”

      Which would predict that this department will increase the amount of gun violence. From the comments already left here, I’m guessing this prophecy will likely come true.

  2. Vicious Sid

    The office will address nothing more than figuring out ways to deprive law abiding citizens of their rights and how to ultimately try and confiscate firearms. The root causes of violence will not be addressed like mental health, a weak justice system and generational violence prevalent among certain demographics. They actually think Americans are clueless.

  3. J.D. Power

    There it is again … “gun violence” how many times are we going to have to hear that absolute lie? But most of the sheep out there lap it up and cringe in fear.

    Too bad someone couldn’t grab a couple of the black savages that are shooting people and beat them to death with a piece of steel rebar. Then we could switch the conversation to “construction accidents.”

  4. Gryphon

    They can promulgate all the ‘Policy” they want, but at the end of the Day, the Only Thing that will Count is if they are Stupid Enough to talk themselves into “Banning Guns” and attempting Confiscation.

  5. saoirse

    There have been many false alarms in the past but it’s not a matter of if any more, it’s now very close to when. Buy guns and accessories and stockpile ammo NOW! Once they shut it down, however they do it, there’ll be no more chances.
    This goes for everything that’s on their ban-it, cancel-it, confiscate-it, criminalize-it radar; especially books and other forms of media.
    The black swan will indeed be airborne sometime soon. Interesting times, in the form of an iceberg, dead ahead.

  6. Filthie

    Well up here in Canada…our faggot faced prime minister has gone down that road. The results are less than stellar. The response from the gun community has pretty much been….a polite “no”. No guns have been turned in, the cops and courts told Justin to shove it, at least three provinces have legal challenges in… and most gun owners lost their guns in fishing trips where their guns “accidentally went overboard.”

    The cops are already overwhelmed with work. The public is already disgusted with their job performance and if they start grabbing guns from lawful people…a few are almost certain to get shot and no one will comply.

    America has a nigger problem. Canada has a red nigger problem. Nobody has a gun problem.

  7. WDS

    Of course Biden named Mrs. Emhoff to this new department. Look at the job she’s doing as Border Czar and head of the disinformation office. <<< Forgot about that one, didn't ya?

  8. Don Curton

    If the R’s had any hair on their balls (I know, they don’t) then they’d figure out how much $$ is being spent on this new dept and then cut the executive budget by ten times that amount. No tweets, no appearances on Fox news, just cut the damn budget.

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