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When Will Whites Wake Up?

Last year I reported on the story of Ethan Liming, a White Ohio teen who was an honor student, star athlete, etc while also being kind of a dumbass as many of us were at that age. He and some friends were out smoking weed and shooting a “water bead blaster” at some random blacks. That is when things went sideways as Ethan was attacked by the feral yoofs who knocked him unconscious and is so often the case were not satisfied with that, they continued to kick and stomp him. Ethan died and his attackers were arrested, initially charged with murder. They looked just as you would expect.

It didn’t take long for the charges to be reduced. From Many Of Us Deserve To Be Replaced:

When last we checked in one the beating death of White Ohio teen Ethan Liming, his alleged killers were in custody and to the surprise of no one they were three black adults: Ethan Liming’s Killers In Custody

The charges have been filed against these three and again to the surprise of no one they have been given relatively light charges given that they beat an unconscious minor to death.

Ethan’s father bemoaned how this could happen to his “beautifully multi-cultural family”

What is infuriating is the response from Ethan Liming’s father. I try be sensitive to a parent who has lost a kid but when you are a dumbass like Bill Liming? My patience wears thin quickly.

In a lengthy statement provided by family spokesperson and attorney Michael Callahan, Bill Liming, Ethan’s father, said he and his family “are grieving.” 

“We are a beautifully multi-cultural family with white, African American, and Filipino family members who share the vision of strength by coming together rather than pulling apart everything we hold dear at the seams,” he wrote. “Rather than become bitter, we are choosing to fall back on our faith.” 

Well that is just lovely.

This is America in 2023 so even those mild charges were too much for a jury in Akron

On Monday, after nearly three days of deliberations, the jury hearing the case found Deshawn and Tyler Stafford not guilty of one count of involuntary manslaughter for Liming’s death in the summer of 2022. The jury was unable to reach a verdict on the other involuntary manslaughter charge against Deshawn Stafford, and a mistrial was declared for that charge.

Deshawn Stafford was found guilty of aggravated assault and assault. Tyler Stafford was found guilty of assault. Both were found not guilty of a third-degree charge of involuntary manslaughter as a proximate result of committing or attempting to commit assault.

Liming died from a head injury during a fight with the brothers after he and his friends shot gel pellets at them from a toy gun while they played basketball outside the I Promise school in Akron.

The editorial board of the Akron Beacon Journal jumped in to claim that “justice” had been served.

Many will find it tough to accept Deshawn Stafford is facing prison when he was just playing basketball, especially after testimony revealed Liming also shot pellets at him a second time before the fight began. Others, including the Liming family, surely see the Staffords’ avoidance of more serious convictions as a miscarriage of justice.

To us, the jury’s verdicts resolved this case as fairly as possible, holding the Staffords accountable for going too far in their self-defense, while recognizing their natural response to defend themselves.

We wonder how any of us would respond to the Liming group’s actions, especially in a time where random shootings with real guns are far too common and “Stand Your Ground” is part of our laws. We’re grateful the outcome was not even worse.

“Just playing basketball”. “Self-defense”. They knew those were just toy guns when they went back after Liming and his friends. It isn’t “self-defense” when three guys gang up on one kid, and it sure as fuck isn’t “self-defense” when you keep stomping someone who is unconscious on the ground and dying. Obviously had the roles been reversed and three White kids had killed a black teen for shooting them with water beads, the Akron Beacon Journal would demand murder charges along with hate crimes indictments.

Pedro Gonzalez weighed in on this case: ‘Hood Justice’ in Ohio

The case sparked outrage in some corners because it seems obvious that if Liming had been black and his attackers white, the outcome likely would have triggered rioting. There would be endless declamations against the racism that has infected society at every level. How could they not be charged with at least manslaughter? Placards would read “Justice for Liming,” an honors student with a 4.03 GPA who played baseball and football and aspired to be a lawyer.

Yet Liming’s case is worse than a cursory view makes it seem, and it already looks bad. According to court documents, when Liming and his friends retreated to the car, Jones began kicking the vehicle, trying to get in, and then attempting to drag the passengers out, pummeling them the whole time. An arrest affidavit acquired by Outkick states Tyler Stafford “beat Liming until he was unconscious, and then beat him more while he was unconscious on the ground. Stafford stomped and kicked Liming in the head multiple times, resulting in his death on scene.” 

The affidavit also states that when Liming’s friends “attempted to come to Liming’s aid by taking him to the hospital, Stafford took Liming’s car and drove it to the other end of the lot.” Stafford’s attorney, Jonathan Sinn, conceded that while his client took the car, it was only to prevent Liming and company from fleeing the scene with the police on their way. But Stafford and the other suspects reportedly fled after driving the car across the lot, which makes that argument seem strange. 

Liming’s father seems to have finally figured out that his son’s killers will get barely a slap on the wrist for killing his son because Ethan was White, the killers were black and in many urban “justice” systems that means that his death just wasn’t all that important.

Last month, Jones entered no contest to misdemeanor assault charges. He was given a suspended sentence and credited with time served.

Liming is upset, angry and frustrated.

“A source who was at the initial prosecutor’s meeting between the detectives and the prosecutors describe the prosecutor’s meeting as being very contentious,” Liming said. “Some of the prosecutors wanting felonious assault charges and murder charges, others basically wanted no charges at all, with one of the prosecutors saying that Ethan received ‘hood justice,’ which was a new term to me. I was unfamiliar with the terminology ‘hood justice,’ I guess implying Ethan got what he deserved.”

Bill Liming is speaking out now but let me say as carefully as I can that while speaking out is great, it wouldn’t be sufficient to just “speak out” if my son had been beaten to death by these three animals. The words “root and branch” come to mind.

No one in their right mind can fail to see that the reduced charges were the result of racial politics. As blacks are incapable of behaving civilly in society, the powers that be have decided that they can no longer be held responsible for their actions. When their victims are White, as they so often are, their actions are now considered justified under the ancient legal precedent of “hood justice”.

Whites are waking up to this reality, painfully and slowly to be sure. Alas it is also far too late as the savage hordes have been and continue to be invited into our nation. All we can do now is to mitigate the damage, avoid the diversity as much as possible and warn others while we prepare for the inevitable collapse. Place no faith in the “justice” system, you won’t find any justice from the courts or the cops.


    • 3g4me

      This. Every time I see or read of a White raising his/her grandchildren – often mixed race – I want to hurl. They f**ked up raising their own kids – who got hooked on drugs or miscegenated or whatever – and now I’m supposed to feel sorry for them? Because they are reaping what they’ve sown? I understand that it’s not all and always due to parental failure – we had/have our own issues with our sons. But they knew from an early age that they wouldn’t be bailed out of jail if they were arrested on drug charges. And they knew they would not be welcome if they hooked up and/or procreated with non-Whites.

      I have my issues with my daughter-in-law, but my blond-haired blue-eyed grandson will have no problem with a mixed heritage or identity.

  1. Exile1981

    I take this to mean that if they can use hood justice then so can we. Assume any group of blacks moving towards you is out to harm you and you will not be wrong.

      • WestWind

        Ummm yeah those 12 would put you in the ground tomorrow, that’s what you are missing. If you go in cuffs now days you will never come out again.

      • Gryphon

        AZFloyd – that trite little Saying has been bullshit for Decades now – Defend yourself against the Feral Apes in any way, and the full weight of the government (((persecutors))) will fall on you, and you will be Convicted (first in (((their))) ) Media, and then in the Kangaroo Kourts (((they))) control.

        • AZFloyd

          Maybe whites should stop being the fucking abject cowards they are and stop worrying about prison. If you are not going to fight, fuck your gene pool.
          If you are more worried about prison than the future your kids grow up in, fuck you. Go extinct and history will record the coward that you are.

  2. Moe Gibbs

    Remember those names of the (barely) accused. Docket them. You will see those names again in future crime reports, perhaps singly, but all of them, inevitably. And inevitably some grieving White will ask the rhetorical question, Why didn’t they lock them up before they killed again?

  3. Sumguy

    You know, this situation that we find ourselves in with the blacks all around us is not unlike living in the wilderness before urban sprawl ruined everything.

    A man and his family living deep in the woods knew better than to go out at night without a lantern. They knew to carry a loaded firearm in case they stumbled upon a wild, agitated bear or wolf. They knew what parts of the forest to avoid, and what parts were relatively safe.

    How is living adjacent the urban jungle any different?

    And when someone gets mauled by a bear, we all shake our heads and say “they should have known better than to be in that area of the woods alone”. We don’t blame the bear, we blame the victim, because we are smarter than bears and should know better.

    Our government is coming to accept that these people are feral. They’re admitting it in a roundabout way.

      • Mike_C

        Also, back then they didn’t have people (add parentheses to taste) filling their heads with lies and propaganda about how the wild beasts were poor misunderstood victims who were just like you (only better).

        I don’t know if the dead kid “shot” the negros by accident while horsing around with his friends (which would be dumb), or if he deliberately shot at them as if they were “friends I just haven’t met yet” who would have responded with friendly humor (which would have been criminally stupid — not that the poor kid deserved the death penalty for it). If the latter, then his parents really really let him down. Any road, even among only whites, you don’t fuck with strangers you don’t know, especially a group of young men. But when it comes to young blacks you don’t know? That goes more than double.

        Instead of the bullshit his parents probably filled his head with, they should have given him The Talk. (I think my dad tried to give me The Talk at some point, but I was way ahead of him. You just NOTICE stuff and patterns, you know? Shocking how so many people don’t notice.)


    We have a strict “No 2G Policy” here at the Cancers pad. Either feral or polished they are simply bad news.

    Tough shit about the dad’s muh diversity appeal to the homo media. There’s a smidge of Darwin in this terrible tale.

  5. Olguy

    ..I got nothin.
    Folks, just don’t want to see it… it what it is… and Fix it.

    But there Sure As Hell are ALOT of Excuses for the Rabid Savage Animals behavior and letting it continue.

    People are more likely to stand on a busy street corner and J.O. before they’ll See….and Say Something (haha..thats fer you DHS..xoxoxox)

    ..I Do Not Comprehend or Understand that Mentality….nor want to.

  6. Xzebek

    Stay away from chimptown. Stay away from groups of chimps. Their lack of self control and low intelligence will always lead to violence. In such circumstances “taking out the trash” is appropriate, but if it’s done in a blue area you are in trouble. Nullification needs to become the order if the day whenever charges are brought against Whites for responding to the black problem.

  7. saoirse

    Wonderful news! Another shitlib family gets it’s nose rubbed in nigger niceties complete with a family member getting rubbed out. Who cares as long as the chimp-outs claim shitlib, normie and cuck lives. Saves us the trouble of having to deal with their weak, worthless asses.

  8. Zorost

    Not only did the father cuck, but his “friends” bitched out too. Note that there were several of them, who just watched till it was over. Then tried to drive him to the hospital, but even there they failed him because the darkies stole the car out from under them.

  9. riverrider

    when? never. i’m content to know that when we die out so too does the whole of the human race, for they can’t survive without us, lol. welcome back to the jungle mofo’s.

    • Bobsuruncle

      Best hope then is the future is Eloi with glocks, switches and extended mags, and they just kill each other off. The Future ends shortly, and the Morlocks starve, or are they the Morlocks and we are the Eloi with no Glock switches and we die like cucks, and then the Morlocks starve? Not sure but I am collecting recipes for when i have to eat my neighbors, seems prudent. Ill take mine not blackened.

  10. Stealth Spaniel

    It amuses me that so called “mixed” families ALWAYS live in the whitest GD neighborhood that they can afford. Shop White. Bank White. Educate White. Go to all of the White entertainment areas. BBbbbuuuutttTTT………they are “mixed race” so they are better than, smarter than, and more progressive than White Folks. Their politicians tell them so. The insanity with all of this is mind boggling.

  11. AZFloyd

    Conservative ( who haven’t conserved anything) American white men are literally the biggest cowards on this planet. You…. We… deserve what is happening.
    Look fellow cowards, there is a code in prison. If they ask you what you are in for and you reply, “well these 2 niggers hurt my little girl so I skinned them alive then hung the remains on a light pole.” You will be ok.
    Pedophiles are hated in prison. People in prison for killing them are almost treated like royalty. Fellow prisoners will fucking give you their commissary.
    Fucking feckless white cowards. Always have an excuse.
    I am an old man who has lived a good life. I have already accepted that I could end the rest of my life in prison. So should you. Fuck your toys and “muh pick up truck.”
    Nelson Mandela went to prison for years and ended up being president of his shitty country. Point being that prison is not necessarily the end.
    If I learned one of Arthur’s kids was harmed by a nigger, if it was within my logistical capacity, I would help Arthur and bring my own shovel.
    Stop being cowards! Otherwise, you deserve extinction: with extreme prejudice.
    And idea that is we go, so does humanity? That is literally retarded. The Chinese have other plans. Retarded, hubristic, cowardly….Christ white men suck.

  12. Steady Steve

    I must disagree with some of you. Do you recall the 2 idiots who were at a zoo taunting a tiger with a slingshot? The tiger jumped out of his pit and mauled both of them to death as I recall. This is clearly a case of FAFO and I just don’t feel sorry for the kid.You simply shouldn’t taunt the feral diversity scum with a fucking pellet gun and not expect them to completely lose control and be out for blood. Avoid the Groid, and if you have to be around them, be well armed.

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