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We Wuz Neolithic Britons And Sheeeit!

On a lighter note:

Stonehenge was built by black people, a new children’s history book has claimed. 

Readers of Brilliant Black British History, by the Nigerian-born British author Atinuke, are told the neolithic monument in Wiltshire was built while Britain was a ‘black country’. 

The book, which is aimed at children aged seven and above, also tells readers that ‘every single British person comes from a migrant’ and that the ‘very first Britons were black’.

The introduction adds that Britain has been ‘mostly a white country for a lot less time than it has been mostly a black country’.

Sure, the same people that couldn’t figure out the wheel somehow travelled over the seas to England and then built Stonehenge. Makes perfect sense. Survive The Jive did a related video that debunks the idea that Africans lived in ancient Britain…..

The combination of shamelessness and ignorance that you have to possess to endlessly lay claim to the accomplishments of other people is unimaginable. This is also why I push back so hard when people talk about race as merely being skin color. The genetic differences between Whites and blacks is far more than merely having lighter or darker skin.

When you have no accomplishments of your own to point to besides the art of twerking, I guess you have to try to claim the accomplishments of others.


  1. saoirse

    More Afrocentric bullshit. It’s all so easy to debunk, like the “Cheddar Man wuz black” scam. The alarming part is that all the institutions support it regardless of whether it’s a bald-faced lie. Lazy, gutless, materialistic whites go with the flow. Shitlibs gain a foothold an inch at a time, then take it all.

  2. realwesterner

    What level of cuckoldry does a blatant lie like this represent? How much does one have to hate his own whiteness and his own genitalia to make such a lie? What a bunch of retards. No offense to the Downs community.

    • realwesterner

      The more I think about this, the funnier it gets. Its like the khazarians are to the point that they actually believe they can have their minions make any outlandish/bullshoe alteration to historical truth they please and people will believe them, and that they will be able to quash the contentions that will surely ensue. Arrogance? Stupidity? Hubris? Criminal thinking? Hard to tell the difference at this point.

  3. Ohio Copperhead

    I’m guessing even Orwell would be shocked by England’s history being rewritten by those who never came up with writing on their own.

  4. Harbinger

    And Shakespeare stole the credit for all those sonnets and plays which were actually written by an obscure Elizabethan era homegirl erased by jealous Whites and only recently invented discovered by black-worshipping historians.

    I heard an academic admit some time ago that nobody is fooled by all the history revisionism. But then he asked what harm there is in letting the poor, downtrodden and benighted negro have his little fantasies. After all, their collective self-esteem must be in the gutter, considering how little they have contributed to the world since forever. Low self-esteem. Right?

    • Zorost

      It’s weird how they went to Greece to invent maffamatics and philosophy, Egypt to invent engineering and stone-carving, Rome to invent sanitation, and Britain to invent industrialization. All while none of that exists in African-ruled nations to this day.

      • MN Steel

        Wypipo stoled it all, including working copies, prototypes, blueprints, thoughts about the item and any conversations ever had abput said items, leaving Africa barren of such items.

  5. Anonymous White Male

    “Nigerian-born British author Atinuke”.

    I guess the “I’m a Nigerian Prince. Send me $10,000 and I will pay you back $20,000 after I retrieve my stolen inheritance” thing wasn’t working anymore.

  6. Gryphon

    Ever since that (((comic book writer))) penned “Wakanda”, the ‘groids have been on a Roll with trying to Appropriate White Accomplishments. Of course, (((the usual suspects))) work hard to help them. Whites need to become Belligerent about this – I have for Decades said without hesitation (never mind apology), that the Fact that White Men put the Footprints on the Moon, and No other Race was Capable of doing that, Proves our Racial Superiority.

  7. Xzebek

    The attempted niggerization of history continues.
    I give full credit to africans for coming up with the plate in the lip fashion accessory. Much beyond that, I’m drawing a blank.

  8. Zorost

    “Sure, the same people that couldn’t figure out the wheel somehow travelled over the seas to England and then built Stonehenge.”

    Magic dirt theory meets magic latitude theory. When affikans cross a certain distance from the equator, they suddenly start inventing mathematics and building megalithic structures like pyramids and stonehenge.

    “When you have no accomplishments of your own to point to besides the art of twerking…”

    Please stop spreading such hate-filled lies. Ascribing an invention to 1 group when it was actually another group that invented it is LITERALLY violence.

  9. Jon

    Interesting story for the implications:
    This is symptomatic of the loss of trust in society.
    Story contains no indication that the news org. followed up to verify the woman’s claims that she had back surgery and does have a disability tag.

    There are no actual consequences for breaking these small laws anymore and the guys sees this and all the other lawlessness and knows the cops will do nothing.
    The anger is boiling over now.
    Don’t even need to consider the racial angle.

  10. Mark S

    Oh man on Jewtube a pretty large channel has been going crazy about how the noggs build everything, europe, middle east even south and north america. Then it was all stolen from them.

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