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The Harvest Is Coming

Wow, it is picture perfect today for late September. Blue skies and temps reaching the low 80s. The only downside is that it has been incredibly dry. That is helping to dry out the corn and beans but our yards are fried and pasture ground is blasted. The final hay cutting doesn’t look like it will happen, not unless we get some rain pretty quick. The forecast is showing us with potential rain next Tuesday but it seems like the last 3-4 times we had rain in the forecast it didn’t happen. On the bright side I have a barn full of hay and we haven’t had to mow in a while but we sure could stand some rain.

Big wedding next week. In November of 2019 I wrote about an accident that claimed the life of an Amish woman we were good friends with: Just That Fast. Next week her oldest daughter is getting married to the son of some of our closest friends in the Amish community. It has been hectic as it always is, I will have some pictures of the wedding set-up next week, but we have known this young lady for a bunch of years and her soon to be husband is a really nice guy so I couldn’t be happier for the two of them.

The weather is a little deceptive, the ol’ Indian Exploited Indigenous People Summer, but fall is here. The corn field surrounding our place is turning brown pretty quickly and the days are noticeably shorter. The Amish women have mostly cleared out their gardens and you can feel the change in the air as people prepare for the winter. We have had a string of mostly mild winters so I figure we are due for a bad one but who knows what the winter will bring.

Those shorter days coming always fill me with dread, like many people I don’t do well in the dark winter months. I kind of hibernate a little bit so it will be important to make myself get to the gym regularly, a good workout does wonders for offsetting the winter blahs.

Next fall with bring the 2024 “election” and that promises to be ugly like nothing we have ever seen. Enjoy this autumn while you can, things promise to be unpleasant in 2024.


  1. Levi Garrett

    Growing up in Indiana, fall was always my favorite time of year, for several reasons. Looming beyond all of the excitement of the fall season, however, was the specter of the coming winter. It brought with it a sense of dread and uneasiness that I could never quite put into words.

  2. Bobsuruncle

    Art, Im the opposite in the Winter, i hate the long days of Summer. Make sure to get high levels of lanolin based vitamin D. You probably know that, but its a good reminder for all of us, for our immune system as well as helps fight off seasonal affect disorder from the lack of sun and shorter days of Fall/Winter. I enjoy the woods in the Fall very energizing.

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