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The District Of Congo

The ruling class in America, at least the political part if not the financial sector, rules from on high in Coruscant-On-The-Congo, aka the District of Columbia or Washington, D.C..

D.C. is really a few different worlds. Most of the mandarin class lives in the suburbs, northern Virginia and Maryland, in places like Alexandria, VA and Chevy Chase, MD. They commute into the District or work for various organizations headquartered in the ‘burbs. I have mentioned before but I was in that area during what the rest of the country knew as The Great Recession when the whole thing about tipped over. People were losing their jobs, cars and homes left and right but in the D.C. suburbs? It was still all rainbows and puppies. Housing prices were still sky high, new cars were parked in the driveways. The D.C. suburbs are pretty recession proof because the revenue they depend on comes via Leviathan and whether times are good or bad, Leviathan always has plenty of “money”.

Then there is “official” D.C., the stuff you know. Monuments and museums, the Capitol and the White House, all of those hideous buildings housing department HQs like the USDA with hordes of disgruntled Federal worker bees. There are also the lobbying firms, all lined up to buy Congressmen. Most tourists don’t see those places but that is where the real power in D.C. resides.

But D.C. isn’t just monuments and museums. The Southeast region of D.C. is a whole lot darker and more dangerous. For all of Their highfalutin talk, D.C. is very segregated.

Here is an example:

Dey will steal anything that isn’t nailed down, other than books.

In the coming weeks, a Giant Food market in D.C. will clear its beauty and health aisles of all national labels. No more Tide, Colgate or Advil, only store brands. Shoppers also will have to present their receipts to an employee before exiting the store.

It’s the regional supermarket chain’s most overt gambit against the rampant theft that’s plaguing retailers of all sizes. It’s also a potential last-ditch effort to avoid shutting down the unprofitable store on Alabama Avenue SE — the only major grocer east of the Anacostia River in Ward 8.

“We want to continue to be able to serve the community, but we can’t do so at the level of significant loss or risk to our associates that we have today,” said Giant President Ira Kress.

Even Dollar Stores and drug stores are not immune…

That’s spurred retailers like Dollar Tree to take “a very defensive approach to shrink,” according to chief executive Richard Dreiling. The chain recorded a 30 percent decline in gross profit margin last quarter, largely because of shrink. Now more items will be locked up, moved behind counters or simply discontinued.

In downtown Chicago, Walgreens introduced a new anti-theft store with just two aisles of “low-value” products such as Band-Aids, snacks and batteries, while the rest is kept behind a counter and must be ordered digitally.

Batteries are kinda pricey, it won’t be long before they are stealing AAs. Why did I highlight “Ward 8” above? D.C. is divided into 8 wards….

For example, Ward 2 includes the Smithsonian, the White House and the Lincoln Memorial. On the other hand, Ward 8 includes streets named after Martin Luther King Jr and Malcolm X. Fun fact, there is a Popeyes Chicken at the intersection of MLK and Malcolm X. What else do we know about Ward 8? As I mentioned, D.C. is heavily segregated. While the city is about 38% White and 41% black, the races are not evenly distributed. You can see that in the data below…

If 69,531 people out of 78,513 in Ward 8 are black, that is almost 90% (88.5%). How strange that the only major grocery store in Ward 8 is locking everything up. Ritzy Ward 3 with a 10 to 1 ratio of Whites to blacks probably doesn’t have the same issues.

Meanwhile our nation’s capital is mired in a year of bloody violence, as is the case for most large cities. This is from a month ago…

The District’s homicide count climbed even higher on Monday as police said three men who were shot over the weekend died, bringing to 16 the number of people killed in the first six days of August.

D.C. has recorded 161 homicides this year, a 28 percent increase over this time in 2022. In just over seven months, the city has surpassed the total number of killings that occurred in all of 2018 and is on track for the deadliest year in two decades.

The slaughter in D.C. had faded some since the Marion Barry days but is back with a vengeance. You probably don’t hear much about it and here is why: from the DCist website last year: A Majority Of D.C.’s Gun Violence Is Driven By Small Number Of People, Says A New Study

“In Washington, D.C., most gun violence is very tightly concentrated on a small number of very high risk young Black [sic] male adults that have a shared set of common risk factors,” says David Muhammad, the executive director of the National Institute for Criminal Justice Reform. “This very small number of high risk individuals are identifiable. Their violence is predictable and therefore it is preventable.”

The number one common risk factor for young black males? Being a young black male. From the NICJR…

There is our old friend again: “despite”. A different Washington Post story, , also tells the expected tale….

Nearly two-thirds of D.C.’s homicides this year were committed in Wards 7 and 8, which are situated mostly east of the Anacostia River and include some of the city’s poorest neighborhoods. But there also have been spikes elsewhere, such as Ward 1, which includes Adams Morgan and the U Street entertainment district. That ward has seen 18 killings so far this year, compared with eight at this time last year. Police say the motives for D.C.’s killings have been eclectic, ranging from crew violence to random robbery attempts to people settling petty disputes with guns.

That tells me that the ease of getting around D.C. via the Metro also makes it easy for criminals to get around town, and the ubiquitous masks that blacks still wear makes identifying them even harder.

The people living in Washington D.C. feel qualified with a touch of divine right to tell the rest of the country, places most would never visit under any circumstances, how to run our states, cities and families. They know better than you what is proper and healthy for your children, your local schools, your county. These same people live in a city specially set aside for them where stores lock up laundry detergent and their resident black population slaughters one another without a shred of basic humanity.

Perhaps our overlords in Coruscant-On-The-Congo should get Their own house in order before dictating how to live to the rest of us. We might be hicks in the sticks but at least we can have laundry detergent on the shelves.


  1. Harbinger

    David Muhammad, the executive director of the National Institute for Criminal Justice Reform

    Now there is a confusing name. Does his “David” side feud with his “Muhammad” side, a la joos and palestinians in Tel Aviv? Does he wear a suicide vest to NICJR meetings, or just whine incessantly about being persecuted?

    So many questions.

  2. Bobsuruncle

    A few years ago I was stationed at the Pentagon and dating a women, it looks like lived in ward 6, though tough to tell on that map.I had an challenger SRT I drove, homies like them i see, made me a target, she lived in re-gentrified, new apts by the Redline hub next to housing projects and a DC police satellite station. Yeah, she was a confused women…another story. Never did I travel from Arlington, VA to her place without a glock on my seat, (sorry man, they just work), these mud skins will walk right up on your car in the middle of the street, red light, stop, sign wherever and jack your shit. Its a fucking shitshow there. Dont even ask about the DC VA center. On the way there it literally looks like driving through the movie “escape from New York”. Yes, Art what youre saying is spot on, Ive been in and out of the DMV since 2007 in several statuses. It is recession free. Worst years of my life were spent there. We call 495 the ring around the congo. Fitting.

    • Arthur Sido

      I have family that live in NoVa and everyone in their neighborhood is White and lives in expensive homes but they lock themselves inside even in broad daylight. What a way to live.

  3. Stilicho

    And that right there is half of the jury pool for Trump in the DC “insurrection” case. The other half are federal bureaucrats. Guess what the verdict will be.

    • old geezer

      the next election will be stolen. a fiscal “ emergency “ will erupt. the soln to the emergency will be cbdc. game set match.

    • Arthur Sido

      Between DC and the Atlanta jury pool (42% black), Trump will get convicted in one or more of these cases. A bunch of people polled in D.C. already declared him guilty without having the trial even start.

  4. mike fink

    Rumor Control has it that Fort Pelosi is being put back an place as we speak. You know, the fences and jersey barriers around everything. Between that little tidbit, the renewed Kungflu hysteria, and everything else on the verge of breaking, it seems like they have an interesting Autumn planned for us. What ever it is, I hope the Congo on the Potomac does not make it to the other side.

    • Bobsuruncle

      No one ever talked about it, not one story will come up on an internet search, no pics, nor the alt media or commie media in 2021 covered it, the pentagon had a 12 foot fence put around it over Pelosi show politics. It was done when the fences went up and the military came in to guard the capitol. I know there was no justification, its trauma based mind-control, fear porn show, i did threat management and “hybrid” intel at the pentagon and there were no threats to the DoD/pentagon that justified it. Pelosi politics, Gen woke-Milley and the affirmative action brother, secdef Austin were at the healm and still are. traitorous cunts!

      • mike fink

        We also have the little plot twist that Pelosi is no longer Speaker and no longer controls the Capital Police, nor doe she make the calls about such security measures. That POS McCarthy has been in power for 9 months now and has slow walked or blocked everything from J6 video to impeachment hearings. The return of Fort Pelosi without any obvious justification at this point while the opposition party holds the Speaker’s position is a clear indication that the D.S. Uniparty has something volatile planned for the near future.

  5. TechieDude

    I grew up in the DC area.

    When my sister moved back from the left coast, she earned/transferred to the bar in DC and Va. The ceremony welcoming new members for both was on the same day. The Virginia one was what you’d expect – suits and business attire, very professional. the DC one, that was another story. My sister (a lefty) said she’s never seen so much kinte cloth. She said it was like being in downtown Zambesi.

    I worked for a company downtown, and had to take my company truck to inspection. Oh the stories I could tell.

    I have a file somewhere with quotes from Mayor-for-Life Marion Barry. The only one I remember was “Other than the killins’ DC is a very safe city!”

    There was a couple snow storms in a row one year. The ONLY road that was plowed and salted was the path from DC city hall to the mayor’s residence. Tough shit for everyone else as the snow melted, refroze, and snow was added to the top. We had employees that had enough at that point and moved from DC to just over the border in MD.

    So sure, all the power players are there. But in reality, the city is run like a Caribbean island.


    Owned by the Chinks and Mongo,
    The dirty District of Congo,
    With diff’rent strokes Mitch,
    And his slanty-eyed bitch,
    And Big Mike & Barry Obongo.

  7. Warren e shafer

    I simple and effective way to stop stealing. Have all the items placed as normal, but have a cord attached to them. When someone tries to steal them, a smaller version of a Claymore Mine is detonated.

  8. fucktheglobohomocommiepinkos

    most of the DC crowd doesn’t live or “stay” in DC so what do they care. the ones that do are in 5 star hotels that ARE NOT giving free rooms to illegals and have 24 hour security details and car service to they’re preferred Michelin star restaurants.umm yah also protected by military grade hardware… they don’t pump they’re own gas, they don’t buy there own groceries, not one of them could cook a good meal!!! why arst though peasants asking questions?! though shalt do what thy arst told! mind your district! the “capital” needs your “cooperation” to provide for “the common good”

  9. pyrrhus

    So there would be a silvery lining if the Chinese took over the country! Xi’s methods of dealing with crime would make the KKK look like a pacifist organization….

  10. Zorost

    “There is our old friend again: “despite”.”

    ‘Per capita’ be rayciss n’sheeit. Luckily, blacks can’t understand ‘per capita’, which is why they also can’t be racist.


    It seems like they are becoming more open about it. Which is worrisome, as I’ve predicted for awhile now that we’ll know when TPTB feels secure by their genocide of blacks. TPTB have pretty much been following Bezmenov’s plan, which means once they’ve gotten control of the country comes the ‘Normalization’ phase, where they exterminate all the chaotic elements they introduced in the previous phases.

    Blacks are useful when you need votes and chaos, but TPTB don’t need votes any more and chaos is starting to work against them as they already have most of the control they need. A few slow-acting gun laws should do the trick, like grandfather clauses for gun ownership or harsh inheritance + production tax.

  11. realwesterner

    Well that doesn’t make sense. Being owned and operated by leftists and globalists, seems like DC should be a shining and sparkling utopian iteration of all their promises and ideas. If there’s problems in DC it is surely The White Man’s fault.

  12. Gryphon

    I’m well outside of the “Swamp”, and about as far East of the Virginia Piedmont (a geographic area) that I go is to Gainesville, beside I-66. I am seeing that the Big-Box ‘Hardware Stores’ are starting to put those Alarm Modules on just about anything over $25 in value, especially Tools. Everything has an RFID Tag (actually for Inventory purposes) but they also have an RFID Detector at the Doors, so if one of those Tags isn’t Scanned at the Checkout, it sounds the Alarm. Demographics of this area is heavily White, but there is probably 20% Roaches and other brown ‘mystery meat’.

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