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The Big Crapple

Cop shows set in New York City have long been a staple of American television. I was a little young for Kojak but I watched Hill Street Blues as a kid in the 1980s. It was followed by shows like NYPD Blue, Law & Order, and Blue Bloods just to name a few. It is understandable, New York is the largest city in America and when you think of “big city”, NYC is the one that epitomizes the rest. It is the home of tough cops with Irish accents and the Mafia.

It is of course also home to a lot of crime, because when you pack that many people in a relatively small area it is a recipe for chaos. This leads to a police force topping more than 50,000 personnel (35,000 uniformed) in a city of over 8 million people. That is a ratio of one uniformed cop for every 228 people. NYC is a scant 300 square miles of land, with a population of 29,302.66 people per square mile. My entire county houses 43,000 people in 363 square miles for a density of 119.1 people per square mile, over 30% living in one town. There is also very little crime in my county, especially violent crime, as we are far enough apart to stay out of each other’s way. I am not sure how many cops we have, not very many.

NYC is also famously “diverse”.

Unlike a lot of America, ethnicity is still a big deal in NYC.

Jews are considered the largest “White/European” ethnicity in New York City but there are lots of other ethnic groups like the Chinese, Puerto Ricans and Dominicans. The largest ethnic ancestry is “African-American”.

Back to crime. Jared Taylor just recently did a deep dive on the “2022 Crime and Enforcement Activity in New York City” report (archived to my Proton drive here) and what he discovered will shock and amaze you (not really).

American Renaissance provided a high resolution chart for your edification….

As Mr. Taylor points out, absent New York’s vaunted diversity, the place would be a far more peaceful city.

Murder would drop by an incredible 90.6 percent, and robbery by 85.8 percent. Rape, felonious assault, and grand larceny would also fall, though not as much. Shootings would practically disappear.

That would really make it tough to set TV shows in the Big Apple. Who wants to watch meter maids giving people tickets and cops scolding White kids for playing stickball in the streets? I noticed that rape in New York City shows an interesting and enraging pattern:

While blacks are the suspect in 43% of rapes, they are the victim less than 36% of the time while Whites are the suspect in only around 10% of rapes in NYC but are the victim in almost 18% of the cases. That tells even the dimmest of bulbs that blacks are raping a lot of Whites, and generally speaking no Whites are raping blacks.

I changed the title of the video when I uploaded it to Youtube to avoid getting a channel strike, the original title was “BIPOCs Are Destroying New York City”. That is true but that is also a great way to get my channel nuked.

There is nothing new to learn here, you already knew the whole deal before you clicked play. Wherever the go, violence, stupidity and destruction follow them. To make matters much worse, with tens of millions of illegal aliens, mostly mestizos, already here and millions more joining them the nation is at a critical juncture and the our social safety net is about to break. Remember my new mantra:

black plus brown equal red

What happens when the free shit the mestizos came here for dries up and the EBT cards stop working when landwhale black women try to buy Twinkies and T-bones for dey baby kangz and kweenz? Chaos. Buckle up ladies and gentlemen, there is turbulence ahead and soon even the media won’t be able to hide it.


  1. Moe Gibbs

    I’d like to know exactly what is meant by ‘Asian’ in the Crime Rate graphic. Referencing the Asian-to-White ratio of 2.8 in shootings, for instance, I really can’t see fey little yellow fellows (Chinese, Japanese) or scrawny 7-11 dot-Indians mixing it up at three times the White rate.

    Having lived my entire life before the past two years on Long Island, just a 45 minute LIRR ride from Manhattan, I am very surprised to see that 42.7% of NYC residents are White. Granted, Staten Island is literally an “island” of blinding Whiteness. But anytime I’ve visited Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, and especially da Bronx, it’s been a sea of blacks ‘n browns. Other than the theater district on Saturday evening, of course, as Broadway audiences are still overwhelmingly White.

  2. Zorost

    Don’t forget that the Regime doesn’t actually believe in anything except power. They don’t really care about the darks, they care about the useful chaos they cause. If the Regime no longer needs chaos or there is too much chaos, they’ll put the boot down on darkies to any extent necessary. Then act puzzled why anyone would question the need to exterminate 1/2 the darks in NYC, or wherever. Or claim they were really White darkies so it was OK, or that it was done by evil neon-nazis.

    They have no shame, and we have no power base from which to push back.

  3. saoirse

    Hill Street Blues was created by two kikes (surprised?) and helped to further the multi-culti PC push through the 80’s. The white men ran the gamut of traits but all of them had flaws (especially being raaycissts) to be exploited in every episode. In contrast, the public defender was a flawless, no-nonsense bitch on wheels. The other females were usually noble, whether do-gooders or downtrodden. The nigs were of course highly moralistic and/or cool. The jews (sorry Jared, they ain’t white), again of course, were on their own professional pedestal as was the laughable nice jewish mama’s boy cop who turned ferocious and never lost a fight with an assailant. Even the sleazy latrino street urchin had a heart of gold and practiced layman’s law like a pro. The highlight of the show was when the SWAT commander always referred to the muds as “basic brown types”.
    As for the Rotten Apple: The ethnicities of the mayors during the last 50 years were 3 likes, 2 nigs and 2 woos. Need we delve further?

  4. Mike_C

    Hey, American Renaissance, great crime rate graphic, but that is about mostly violent crime. Now do an analysis of “white collar” and especially financial crimes. We’ll see the “white” bars shoot waaay the hell up. Even better, do what Ron Unz had the balls to do in his landmark analysis of elite college admissions, and break down “white” into Jews and “non-Jewish whites”.

    • saoirse

      Exactly! Jews figure astronomically when factoring in white-collar crime. They’re also major players in the organized crime cartels. They benefit from hiding in the white category (where Taylor is glad to have them) but should have their own demographic because, by their own admission, they are not white!!

  5. Gryphon

    I’m really getting a Laugh out of the current (dark) Mayor of jew york shitty becoming all Uppity about the tens of thousands of Illegal Aliens being Dumped into it. You can be Sure that few f the Invited Invaders are ending up in the (((better))) Neighborhoods. Of Course, watching the Instigators and Supporters of Immivasion Squeal like Pigs is Fun, too.


    A horrible place, Nig York City,
    It used to be nice, what a pity,
    Thermonuclear Russians,
    Could drop some concussions,
    The state would turn red, ain’t it pretty!

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