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Stay Away From Crowds

Yet another shooting at our local mall that has featured prominently in prior posts. The Glenbrook Square mall in Fort Wayne is turning into a dangerous place to shop.

No suspect yet but the signs are all there, emphasis mine.

Police said the altercation took place between two men, leading to one shooting the other. Police said the victim is stable but is not cooperating with officers at this time.

A White guy that got shot would tell the cops whodunit but a blaque fella? More likely to seek vengeance later on. It is the standard series of events, a couple of guys with a beef encounter one another, start to squabbling and pull guns. I will post an update when the suspect/victim is revealed but the I would be willing to lay some money down that we already know what they look like.

Stay away from crowds, even the best situational awareness can be useless if two homies start blazing away at each other.


  1. Harbinger

    Was there an altercation between individuals?


    Did shots ring out?


    Are the police unaware of any motive?


    Have the authorities withheld names and photos of perp and/or victim?


    Are we likely never going to know what prompted this tragedy?


    Will this result in a renewed push for more gun control in already tightly gun-controlled areas?

    [Say it with me now!]


    Same as it ever was.

  2. Bean Dip Tray

    Anarchotyranny season is heating up, the Rollerboys are bolshy with the yarbles but the glowies have infiltrated with sissy sodominte sewer swamp slime.
    The armed report taking donut molester poleece minions are busy writing tickets to hard working citizens and don’t want to be called wayciss, this is their greatest fear besides the pension going away. (sarc sportsball announcer)
    Clown shoe size 20 aside, Indiana has several of the most likely to have a violent crime occur per 1000 residents and all are up north.
    The glorious people’s republic of Indianoplace is the new East St. Louis and fully CPUSA (D) occupied as Marion County was the only one in the state to vote for esteemed party member Beijing Brandon of the Long March fellow travelers.
    Stay safe out there, head on a swivel, Situational Awareness cranked to eleven.

  3. WDS

    “while police did not have anyone in custody a department spokesman said there is a possible person of interest.”

    Ahhh yes, the standard spox comment to placate the locals when they don’t know anything. Notice they didn’t bother to issue the usual “Anyone with information is urged to come forward” as it doesn’t work with that demographic.

        • Moe Gibbs

          Right? They want what they want when they want it. Save us from one another, but don’t notice that we need to be saved from one another. Stop the carnage, but do not notice that we are the sole source of the carnage. Clean up our messes without noticing or pointing out that we are lying in our own filth.

          Whypeepo, DO something!

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