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“Someone Stop Me Before I Commit A Crime”

While I am not a “thin blue line” kinda guy, I do feel bad for cops in most municipalities in at least one way. They are in a damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation. If they are aggressively policing black neighborhoods where most violent crime occurs, they are accused of hasslin’ da good black folks. If they don’t show up quickly enough? Well their lack of enthusiasm is also racist.

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. It is almost like the black population as a whole is perpetually aggrieved and dissatisfied.

In July at a “block party” in the projects of Baltimore, a few fun loving black yoofs decided to unload their stolen Glocks into a crowd of people. Two people were killed, including an 18 year old woman named Aaliyah Gonzalez, and 28 more were injured. I wrote about the shooting briefly here: Law And Odor

As of last count, five “teens” have been arrested and you will be shocked to find that none of them are White.

A handful of blacks shoot into a crowd of blacks for whatever reason and the fault….is with the cops.

The Baltimore Police Department continues to face significant scrutiny over its lackluster response in the hours leading up to the shooting. A report released last month found that officers and supervisors repeatedly ignored warnings about the crowd swelling to nearly 1,000 people, including some who appeared armed and disorderly, in the courtyard of south Baltimore’s Brooklyn Homes public housing complex.

Let’s play a little game. If a few patrol cars had shown up and ordered the crowd of almost one thousand people to disperse, would they have done so? More likely they would have laughed in their faces.

If the cops had shown up in force, ordered them to disperse and then started arresting people? The news would talk about the “heavy handed racist police response to fun loving blacks”. Clergy and community activists would have gone on TV to denounce the police for arresting people for “having fun while black”. There would have been invocations of how important “block parties” are to black “culture”.

Or worse, if some of the drunk blacks had started to get violent, the cops are in a worse situation. Either they flee or risk something really bad happening, either to someone they are trying to restrain or if the crowd gets really unruly the cops could get hurt. I get that is part of the job description but the deal is supposed to be that if you put yourself in harm’s way, the department and government will back you up. That isn’t happening, not anymore. Imagine being in the midst of nearly a thousand drunk, belligerent blacks who have been taught to hate you and are emboldened by booze, weed and low impulse control. No thanks, I would also take my sweet time responding to that call.

In basically all of the commentary in the aftermath of a mass shooting with 30 victims there is plenty of blame to go around, mostly at the police. Very little seems to focus on the five black teens who actually committed the shootings. It seems as if the only people responsible for this crime are the cops that didn’t come and prevent blacks from acting like blacks. Like daycare workers, Baltimore police are supposed to keep blacks from hurting themselves.

Why in the hell would any sane person want to be a cop in a city of any size in 2023?


  1. Moe Gibbs

    Lily-white brother-in-law was an NYC housing cop back in the 80s. His beat was the South Bronx. He told me that they would field a call about a ‘disturbance’ in the projects and they would deliberately delay in responding, for the specific purpose of letting the fur fly and the dust settle before getting involved. They would arrive on scene, cuff the last guy standing, and just sweep up the remains. They had no intention whatsoever of preventing a firefight or “de-escalating” a situation that they had no chance of controlling.

    These savages want the zookeepers there, on demand, when they need them, and nowhere around when they don’t. Whites are expected to know when some drunk or stoned dindu represents a genuine threat, and when he is too incapacitated to be nothing more than a mincing clown. If it were up to me, I would put nothing but dindu cops in dindu ghettos and let them sort it out for themselves.

    At some point, White America is going to have to decide that enough is enough, and our parasitic pets should be left to their own devices. Charlie Darwin will win out. The sooner, the better.

    • Big Ruckus D

      Dindu cops in dindu hoods won’t work either, they will face the same no win, bullshit scrutiny and lack of support from the black mayors, clergy and the black public at large, as white cops (or any other ethnic variety one might dispatch) would. Black cops would further find themselves accused of being uncle Toms, oreos, etc. for trying to keep dindus from behaving down to their dinduistic inclinations.

      Not that I give a shit, mind you. My only point is that this is a problem with no actual solution (that doesn’t involve doing things that would subject those attempting such actions to tribunals for war crimes and mass human rights violations, anyway).

      Of course, by leaving the dindus to continue “bein’ they bad selfs”, their dinduism will spill over into adjacent areas and populations, causing much collateral damage. Since self defense against dindus by non-dindus is now a defacto hate crime of maximum severity, we’re just kind of fucked.

  2. Zorost

    “Why in the hell would any sane person want to be a cop in a city of any size in 2023?”

    Most of the answers to this question are why I don’t trust any cop: best paycheck they can hope for; bully; hates White people; doesn’t give a fuck; etc.

    Time to move to where our tribe is.

  3. WDS

    It’s always “Mother” of ________ (insert shit-hole area) shooting victim (aka: increased welfare payment) condemns faulty po-po, gubmint or wypippo. Always.

    Where Papa?


    Baltimore, home of the dindu,
    No decent YT would drive through,
    The dark Baltimorons,
    Drug dealers and street cons,
    And sheboons twerking 2 Live Crew.

  5. Zorost

    TNB +TCopB update from da burf place of Civil Rights, Birmingham:

    A great incident to cheer from the sidelines, as no group I care about is represented.

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